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Protection Stories


Angel High Tea

Till the horn blows

as we mortals wakelucky someunlucky some tooAngels abovewatching downboiling waterteapot singingAngels gathersipping tealaughing as Angels cantill the horn blowswhite wings flexAngels circleon guardas only they canas we mortals wake    

Her Freedom

Then Megan remembered the nine millimeter.

Megan sat cross-legged on her bed, the math book for her master's program open in her lap, when she heard the gunshot and Freeman's yelp. He had no time to protect or react. Not even the slightest growl. She sprang up from her position and shook uncontrol...

This hurtsAgainI wish it were gone It hurts againNo matter how long I thought it was betterBut it’s bested me Unable to hideIt tracks when I flee Focus on somethingSeal off the pain Wrap around and aroundIdle thoughts in my brain Distract with white noise...

Draw a circle round meLet me look awayProtect me with EnchantmentProstrating what you say Invoking now the barrierA cloak of crystal steelCascading all around meWith no infirmity Your words approach, empoweredBut weaken when they meetMy shield of pure Enc...

The Nurses. Chapter 3

Six yars on and how times are changing

Berlin. April 9th, 1939     Katarina yawned and stretched out her arms. Although today was Sunday, she had to work at the hospital. She checked the clock beside her bed. Five O' Clock.   Her shift began at seven so she threw back the covers and sat up, tu...


from stories my mom tells about a dog she once had...

The brown eyes steadily watched Eloise from under a plain wooden chair. There was a silent growl filling the border patrol office. Eloise stood at the counter and filled out paperwork. Several uniformed men talked about the Cathoulian in Spanglish. With a...

Protecting Jessica

Jessica's cute tender face peeked out from under her sheets as Hannah...

Hannah looked out the window of her high rise New York apartment over to Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty was delicately lit as it stood gracefully in place, protecting citizens. The haze of the cool night drifted around the grand lady giving her a h...

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Abandoned by his people, Liam's resurrection rests in the hands of young, inexperienced Merrith.

Liam was beyond hearing me, trapped in a world of touch, scent and taste, but the liquid sloshing around in the stoneware jar I carried was just a temporary state for him. Each touch of the misty air and dew on the grass drew a faint glow from my skin and...