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Supernatural stories include themes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, myths, paranormal activity and ghosts. Spine-tingling, chilling tales can revolve entirely around mythical characters or depict non-human creatures interacting with mortals in everyday life.


Vampire Justice Part 34

Carlo gets captured again and the trials start for Molly and Sebastian

Leona sat on the bench and called court back in session. There were three cases on the docket for the evening session. The VJS had all cases decided by the presiding judge. Leona sat stiff and formal, as she scanned the courtroom. Molly with Raven, her lawyer, sat on the left side wall of the bench. Sebastian and Carlo waited in a holding cell behind a closed door to the right of the bench....Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 11

An icy breath awoke Verity. She lay still, her eyes closed. "Would you like a cup of tea, dear?" asked a familiar elderly voice in the dark. Verity opened her eyes to see Imogen looking down at her. The cheerless watery light of morning shone through big French windows. Verity sat up, wiping her bleary eyes and trying to remember why she'd gone to sleep curled up on the sofa in the icy...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 33

The trials start with Molly and Sebastian first.

As the sun set, Leona awoke from her sleep, ready to take on the role of judge and jury in the cases of Carlo and Molly. It was a position her brother usually held, but he was in Europe on vampire business with Andrei. Leona went to the other casket and woke her consort and creation, who was formerly Slade's police partner. The women entered the VJS squad room looking for Slade and Eran...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 32

Carlo gets captured with Molly staying in the background.

Carlo drove around the city, thinking of where to go and what to do. He knew he was alone now and any fae who helped him would face the same punishment that he would get. He needed a place to hide and gather his thoughts for the future. Carlo thought, "All my things are in my special area at the tavern. If I can get there, I can plan my departure from this city. I can take a few faes with me...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 10

By evening, Imogen had fallen into a doze in the chair by the fireplace, her nerves worn out, and Eli had vanished without a word. This left Verity practically alone, to examine her surroundings at her leisure. At the mantlepiece, she investigated the curious assortment of ornaments: a collection that ranged from ugly worthless knick-knacks to objects of considerable beauty and...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 9

Lockwood House is back in Imogen's ghostly hands, but at what cost?

First of all, Grace wanted a room with a sturdy lock on the door: the werewolf's victim must be secured in readiness for her painful and disorienting first transformation. They chose the guest bedroom which Olive had already cleared of most furniture and other obstacles and got Eli to move Olivia again, careless as if she was a sack of potatoes. Then Grace sent Eli out to find chains, and...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 8

Events begin to spiral out of Imogen's control.

It all happened so fast. Eli grabbed the dog by the scruff of the neck and the animal wilted into submission at once, whimpering. Olivia lay in the grass, still and silent. Imogen hung back, not daring to look. "Is she -" her voice wavered. Without touch, taste or smell, events were passing unstoppably before her, like a nightmare she couldn't wake from. She couldn't hold back the tide of...Read On


The Secrets of Another -- Part 4

Jennifer is haunted by a dream that perplexes reality.

  IV     AND THE DREAMS COME       “ Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary . . . ”     —Edgar Allan Poe   The rain had not yet ceased, even as the sun fell below the horizon. Many of the town’s residents turned in for the night, and the shops began to close due to the lack of business caused by the gloomy weather. Streets were empty, with the golden...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 7

Olivia is far closer to the ghosts and myths of Lockwood House than she realises.

Olivia, despite warnings from her mother, intended to carry out as much of the redecorating as she could by herself, and had decided to try her hand at stripping the wallpaper in the guest bedroom. This latest flurry of activity fascinated the cats: several of them overcame their misgivings about Olivia enough to stalk and harass the falling curls of paper, coming over to rub against her...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 6

A visitor interrupts Olivia's work on the house.

Olivia woke to slippery blood on her thighs, her nightdress clinging. She got up, the cradle of leaden pain between her hips making her slow and clumsy as she stripped the sheets to see that she'd bled through to the mattress. This was not an auspicious start to her plans. Even before entering the house, she'd noticed the weathered and cracked paintwork, the slates missing from the roof,...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 5

Olivia's first night alone at Lockwood House.

Twilight had surrendered to the full dark of night before Olivia remembered to call her mum and let her know that the funeral had proceeded without incident (mostly) and that she was settling in. "Don't forget it's only a couple of weeks before you start at the library," said her mum. "I haven't forgotten." "It's a good job for you, and I don't want you wearing yourself out over all...Read On


The Secrets of Another -- Part 2

When Jennifer returns to an old habit, she's confronted with something sinister.

  II     UPON THE EDGE OF REALITY     “ The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. ”   —H. P. Lovecraft   The forecast called for heavy cloud cover, with a high chance of rain into the evening. The overall temperature slightly increased as the week went on, and averaged somewhere between forty and...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 4

Conflicting plans for the house are in the makings.

A black cat almost tripped Olivia before she'd even crossed the threshold, winding around her shins in enthusiastic greeting, no doubt hoping for food. Auntie Imogen had always collected cats. China cats, to begin with. Cloth cats, carved wooden cats, cats of every workable material. Later on, after her mother's death had closely coincided with the death of the family cat, and the last of...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 3

A messenger follows Olivia to the funeral.

As the mourners filed into the pews, Olivia shuffled in amongst them, head down and focused on reaching her seat. She jumped when she felt a tap at her elbow, and looked round to find a small, pale young woman leaning over the back of the pew from the row behind her. She was perhaps a couple of years younger than Olivia, wearing a pretty black dress and resting a lacy black parasol on the...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 2

Imogen Lockwood is anxious as she attends her own funeral.

Great soft snowdrifts of white roses filled the church. It looked more like a wedding than a funeral, made worse by the fact that on the morning of the big day, Imogen had found her clothes transformed into a wedding dress without her consent. She could only guess it stemmed from some embarrassing corner of her subconscious, and she grumbled to herself as she talked back and forth between...Read On


The Therian: Chapter Four: Abel

"Welcome to the apocalypse. Ain't she pretty?"-Jess Brady

He stalked through the forest, eyes missing nothing. He'd been hunting for most of his life, stalking the beasts who stalked the world. How little everyone knew. How blind humanity was! Abel stopped believing in God a long time ago. All he believed in now was himself, his mission, and the fact that the apocalypse was on its way; and that it would be started by what he hunted.  They were...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 1

A young woman inherits the long-sleeping family curse along with her aunt's house.

Dear diary, I am dead! And working through a medium, hence this dreadful handwriting. The girl is very young The pale wisp of a girl holding the pen stopped, sitting back from the writing desk. "I'm not that young," she said. Her voice, light, and chirping like a bird's, didn't help her case. "I'm just not used to this." She pushed back the unruly black curls of her hair and folded...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 31

Carlo runs away. Molly watches him.

Carlo went silent after bragging about his exploits. Sebastian sat quietly as he surveyed the fae carefully. In Sebastian's mind, he saw Carlo as someone not to be taken lightly. He was as deadly, as he was meek. It was a good thing Carlo did not recognize Sebastian. The men sat quietly looking at each other waiting for each to speak. Neither one did. Sebastian stood signaling the guard...Read On


The Therian: Chapter Three

Stay wild moon child.

Lily couldn't remember a time when she felt so bored. She made her way into the kitchen to get something for breakfast, trying to figure out how she was going to pass the time when her Father spoke up. "Lil. We need groceries and some other supplies.Go and pick some up." He handed her a wad of money. She blinked at it in surprise. "No problem. I'll need the keys too." "You can walk."...Read On


The Therian: Chapter Two

"I am a wolf and will not be afraid."

After night had fallen and Lily was certain that her father was sleeping, she pulled out her cell-phone, and the card in her back pocket. She ran her fingers over the raised numbers and then dialed them. She was a little surprised there was any cell service out here. "Hello?" She recognized Klaus's voice. "Um, Klaus? This is Lily. We just met today if you remember?" There was a surprised...Read On


Rise and Fall Ch 18

And the hardest part of this is; I don't think I know my way back home ~The Grey

"Let's run away, far away from here," A face blurred out but feelings undeniable, that was what she wanted as Fatima gazed over the horizons of Hell. They were alone, or so she thought, no one else ever paid her much mind, just as if she were a ghost in the background. "I don't remember how I got here," she muttered letting her face furrow in confusion. The figure with her sighed...Read On

Recommended Read

The Therian: Chapter One

"Above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you."

Lily jerked awake, barely registering the chorus of the song playing on the radio, and the white noise sounds cars made while on the move. She was dreaming about running through the forest. Something was chasing her, and she was all alone. She shook it off and looked around to familiarize herself with the here and now. Next to her in the driver's seat was her Dad. His familiar bearded...Read On


Rise And Fall Ch 17

So you have a little faith in me just close your eyes and let me lead ~where the lonely ones roam

Jacob scaled the jump from rooftop to rooftop followed by Tommy and Jake, as they took on the ghettos on the outskirts city, they didn't bother taking on a human body as it would only slow them down and waste time as they trailed after Dia's energy. It was odd when the initial search started, it was as though Dia was all over the city causing them all to split up to cover more ground, so...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 30

Raven works to save Molly, while Carlo is free.

Raven looked up at Slade, "Can I help you with some information that may seal the case for you?" Molly looked at Raven wondering what her lawyer meant. "That would work for us, but what do you want in return? Molly will have to plead guilty to some crimes. I will not have her walk." Slade weakened but held back his thought. "Give me some time with my client, please?" "Okay, but be quick...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 29

Molly's estate searched. Carlo captured.

Raven followed Molly into her office and quickly closed the door firmly. Curiosity appeared on Raven's face as she looked at Molly. Before Molly could speak, Raven asked, "What will they find in the rest of the estate, Molly?" Molly turned and stared at Raven. “You will just have to see for yourself. I did not build what is there. It came that way with the estate when I purchased it. And, yes...Read On


A Ghost Story

This is a true story.

I only did a short run last night. The day had been hot, and I had already run almost every day this week. Also, I was on call for work. Technically I'm not supposed to be more than 15 minutes from being able to get online in response to some technical issue with Nordstrom's credit card application system. Normally, this isn't a big deal. In the absence of some new software being pushed out,...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (12)

Ch. 12 *Sakura* It was Denjo’s idea to wait until sunset to proceed with any plan of action due to the fact that he couldn’t stand the light and I couldn’t take much of the Earthen summer heat. That seemed perfectly logical until I realized that I had to linger around Denjo’s strange, barren mansion hideout for the rest of the day. I hadn’t lingered around and twiddled my thumbs for an...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 28

The case gets tighter against Molly and Carlo. The estate is under close watch.

All activity in the estate ceased as they waited for Raven. Slade and Leona returned to the main floor outside Molly's office. Eran and Kevin joined them. “What do we do now?” asked Eran.  A search and seizure warrant  never involved her presence before. Bitterly, Slade answered, “We wait until Raven arrives and show her the warrant. She reads the warrant and explains to Molly what we...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 27

The criminals are gathering. The VJS closes in.

Carlo sat smiling in the back of the limousine driving back to the city after the VJS stopped him. The knowledge that Molly spirited away the kidnapped men safely to the estate made his heart flutter and relax. Molly called Carlo earlier and told him the property was safe. Carlo's limousine drove through the city toward the estate and Molly. Carlo anticipated that his victim was ready to...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 26

Time to get Carlo and Molly trapped into an illegal position.

The two VJS cars formed a V shape across the entrance with the car's front ends pointed together facing the estate. Any attempt by a vehicle to leave the property would not happen. Eran and Kevin watched the grounds. The building lit up as the men moved into the upstairs area. Molly moved them to one of the spacious spare bedrooms. As Molly walked through the estate, she sensed that she was...Read On