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Stories in the thriller genre are filled with tension, excitement and clever, intricate plots. The hero often operates under a constant fear of physical threat while battling wits with an ingenious villain. Suspense is always an underlying theme in this category, with a feeling of imminent danger staying with the reader from the beginning through to the gripping climax.


End Of The Line

As he pokes his nose into other people's business, will he end up regretting it?

The book on speaking Italian was of no interest to him, despite looking at it with apparent interest. He was in fact, surreptitiously looking through the shelves of books in the library at the computers where he had a good view of what people were looking at on the internet or just in general. Michael Booth was 62 years of age, and looked quite a few years older. He had grey, wavy hair, and...Read On


Daddy's Little Princess

She was just a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time

Never in my life did I imagine that I would get caught up in a crime, let alone a robbery. kidnapping and now, possibly murder. How the fuck did this happen! Why me? I'm not rich, I don't work for a bank. I'm just a girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time! I needed to go to the bank to finish my application for a small business loan. I did all I could online, but they said I...Read On


The Break

They had planned it as the holiday of a lifetime, but Jen had known all along that it was her final attempt to save their marriage. She'd had very little help from Alex, as usual, other than a few affirmative nods and grunts over his evening bottle of Scotch. Now here they were in San Francisco, in a lovely boutique hotel with a balcony and a magnificent view of the bay. It had cost and arm...Read On



Everybody wants this invention. What is it, and why is it so dangerous?

I have become suspicious of everyone. It is not something I particularly wanted, but it has become this way. I’m an inventor, you see, and I have invented a machine that everybody wants, especially corrupt, paranoid governments and dictators. They all know about it, and all want what I’ve got. Even normal people want it, from teenagers to the elderly. It can make me rich if I knew how to...Read On


Within The Thoughts of Insanity

A devastating short story about a schizophrenic teenager going through high-school.

The rain seems so soft and friendly. Comforting; as if its entire meaning of existence is to engulf you like a child in a blanket. Simply reassuring you that everything will be alright. This road is beaten and brittle. The cracks quietly outline the years of torture that this road has witnessed. The withered leaves yawn as they try to cover up my mistakes, tired of knowing I won't listen....Read On


To Own the Wind

They own you, the masters of whispers, always listening. How can you hide from the wind?

I watched my copper mailbox dangle from the door of my bar through the blurs of my windshield wipers. The rubber gripped the glass, not a forgotten drop or streak. They were new. The car was new. The mailbox was rusted and tarnished.        It was Sunday, I’d just gotten out of one of those fancy Catholic Cathedrals I’d found in inner-city Moscow,  and as I trudged through the rain, I...Read On


The White Sutcase

evil lives in everyone. some people just let it out

This is part of a story I wrote for the writing group.  I was left the unenviable task of saying what happened to Alex when she was 15 years old,  what had happened to the young innocent girl that day ten years ago. I hope you enjoy it; I will be incorporating this into a larger story at some point.     I lay down on my sofa, my Analyst pulled up a chair and started making notes.   I...Read On


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

How I wonder what you are...

````````She carefully surveys the sleeping street from behind the wheel of her royal-blue Honda Civic. It’s the perfect hide, parked among the other late-model cars lining both sides of the road. The modest houses beyond lay dormant. No flicker of televisions from behind curtains hint that anyone is still awake. There’s no movement outside either, except for the dozen or so moths...Read On


The Murder Scene

Everything is more dramatic when you are about to die. Even your breathing becomes more dramatic...

I held the phone tightly in between my hands as my body trembled in the closet. I could feel my lips shiver as I waited for what was to happen next. I could feel my heartbeat, heavy in my head. Death was coming, I was certain of it. I heard the door slowly open, and I pushed myself hard back to the wall like I wanted to penetrate it. I could hear his footsteps. He closed the door and locked...Read On


Murder She Wore

As always, a twist in the tale. A personal favorite of mine.

MURDER SHE WORE When one goes on a date with death, one must know what to expect, how to behave and most importantly how to dress. Always dress to kill…. I don’t normally do this, but I put myself on trial, mentally. Where I try and justify my past actions. My conscience is the defendant, judged by idk, the bipolar/multiple personas in me. And usually, if I lose the case, I’m sentenced...Read On


Reset Tomorrow

I turned around and looked up just as an arrow seared the air next to my face. I scanned the mountain side, looking for the projectile's owner. But in the dense woods, it was difficult to see. My heart began beating rapidly within my chest as the fear I would soon be killed slowly sank in. There was nowhere left to run, and nowhere left to hide. I turned and started half-running,...Read On


Just Another Summer Day

It's a lazy summer day for Jeff - until a wrong turn takes him to an old barn

It was going to be a typical late July day. Rather than spending the whole summer stuck in day camp, Mom and Dad had offered that I could stay most of it at my grandparents’ house. Their house was an hour and a half away, and I’d been told it was right on the border between the suburbs and rural farmland. Just about every time we were there, grandma or grandpa would talk about how the...Read On


You Only Live Twice

I hit play and watch myself in the recording. But what I see isn't what I remember. All I can remember is being knocked down after seeing a wide shouldered shadow following me. Was it a man or a woman? I can't even tell. I sit back in my living room, curled up on my couch, trying to catch my breath after what I just saw. I re-watch the video, hoping that it will help reality sink in. The...Read On


The Almshouse

One house, two fires, and a town full of ghosts

THE ALMSHOUSE Chapter 1 I remember my last day at St. Margaret’s. It had been snowing, as it did every winter in Ashford, Pennsylvania. The roads disappeared under blankets of white, and businesses closed, slowed by the weather and the Great Depression. From my window, I watched people hurry home to their families, breathing on their hands to keep warm. Everyone had somewhere to...Read On


True Monsters

Who are the real monsters?

A silent scream in the dark, muffled cries echoed in hollow halls. Sounds amplified, making the quiet still and more painful. Wooden floorboards creaked with each step, years of abuse warped the floor beneath. Screened lights above flickered a dull yellow dimming to dark amber. Some areas submerged in the dark, for the popped lights now littered the floor. The walls were sticky and wet,...Read On


Highway 10: The Girl on the Road

Monica is about to find out the terrifying reason why a little girl is all alone on the road.

It was about a year ago when I first met her. She was a strange girl wandering by herself on Highway 10 in Arizona. I was traveling back home to San Antonio from a trip I took to California. While I was cruising across the asphalt I could see the open desert for miles all around me. That’s when I noticed her. Her ragged and worn down body was moving like a living corpse. No other people...Read On


Jonathan - Part 1

Chapter 1 of Jonathan

The evening sky was bleak, darkened with thick black clouds that dumped sheets of rain on the icy ground. The fall air was chilled by the monsoon that had taken the city in its grips. Jonathan sat just inside the bay door near the front of the shop. His chair propped up on two legs as the roughshod leaned back against the wall. Flashes of lightning revealed the features of a man who had a...Read On



The child sobbed softly in her arms as she tried to reassure him that everything would be alright. The shattered glass crunched loudly under her feet as she and the boy moved slowly through the otherwise silent building. Noticing a slightly opened door at the end of the corridor, she made her way towards it. Pushing it gently with her shoulder, the door opened to reveal an empty...Read On


He Can Always Find You

"Why?" Pat was wondering to herself. Why had she ever posted that picture? It was only a photo of her face, not anything sexy or like that. But it must have been enough to cause something bad to happen to him. Now she was continually watching, always aware that he might be there watching her. This was no way for a teenager to live. Her parents had given her hell, but it was done. Nothing...Read On


A Dish Best Served Cold

An abused housewife gets revenge on her husband. (Part of a short story still in progress)

Clarissa was an abused housewife. Anyone who saw her could tell that. Not that anyone ever saw her anymore these days. No, her husband, Shelton wouldn’t allow that. He barely ever let her step foot out of the house anymore. He said no one would want to look upon such a pathetic little waste such as her. They used to be a happy couple once. At least she thought they were. They met at...Read On


Let's Do It

Philip entered the airport café and slowly slid his gaze toward the people sitting at the tables. At first he didn’t notice anything interesting but just as he thought luck would abandon him this time, he caught a glimpse of an interesting object — quite interesting from the viewpoint of an experienced macho in search of a woman. The girl was sitting alone at one of the corner tables and...Read On

Famous Story

Tight Place

I pulled out the note from my pocket and looked at the address my colleague had jotted down. It turned out that I’m about twenty meters from the place. The building was old, with crumbling stucco walls and a richly graffitied entrance. It was obvious though that it had once looked beautiful and memorable, probably sixty or seventy years ago. The entrance door creaked pitifully as I pressed...Read On



Lock your windows, ladies...

It was a cold, lonely Friday night in a small town in Indiana (Friday the thirteenth, to be exact). The wind howled with a cry like an anguished wolf, and made the bare limbs of the trees tremble like feverish invalids. It was the kind of night that foreshadowed a chilling fate. Alissa Sawyer was lying in her snug, cozy bed, safe from the elements that raged outside. She was having an...Read On


Love Impossible

Two beautiful green eyes were staring at her from the mirror, eyes sodden with sadness. In these eyes the sadness always, even in the merriest moments, somehow managed to crawl in and take its proper place. And the present moment wasn’t a merry one at all – she had realized she was head over ears in love. Yes, for Belinda the infatuation meant only more and more sufferings, because she...Read On


De Mon Desespoir

Mute, hung the valves from its cemented ceiling; It's knob cranked with a decibel of metal shriek.  Rained, with its acidic glow - the echo liberated his sigh; the flashing of pin-needle teeth that tear flesh from about the mouth, of him.  The repercussion caught by her ears, and eyes that open to liquidation.  She sits in this room with no awareness of how; It is not where...Read On

Editor's Pick

Lynette's World

The World of Light and Dark

Lynette Baxter was born a beautiful child with light brown hair and blue eyes as most babies are, one of thousands born that same day. Not an unusual birth, except, of course, to her parents who were completely enthralled with her arrival. She was a cute normal baby. If she had stayed that way who knows what would have happened or wouldn't have happened. Lynette advanced normally through...Read On


Washington Heights

A family

Washington Heights Two men met on Bennett Avenue, New York City, a dark and dirty street on the shady side of town. One’s purpose was to purchase drugs, the other’s purpose was to sell. The buyer was a young man, dressed moderately and clean. The seller was an older man, poorly dressed, and dirty. They had been client and clientele before so there were no suspicions on this night....Read On



A golddigger gets her comeuppance

Carine Blanchard sat quietly in the passenger seat of her new Cadillac. She hadn't said a word the entire ride home from the hospital where her husband, Michael, was staying. As a matter of fact she hadn't said anything since her visit with Michael's doctor about the diagnosis. Carine checked Michael into the hospital almost a week before for the third time in four months. Lately...Read On


Mallen's Bridge

look out who you piss off

Mallen's Bridge irishmik60 Tis a little known fact that there are literally hundreds of stone circles and mounds throughout the British Isles. Stonehenge being by far the most famous. Their arches and monolithic structures have astounded mankind from earliest recorded history. Some say space travelers built them thousands of years ago. To others, they they became the place of worship...Read On


Happy Christmas

That's when he saw the body

Author...Alan Taylor. Chapter 1 The End. Al had always believed those who beg for mercy the most probably deserve it the least, that’s why Nemski was laying on the floor now. The smoking gun still in Al’s hand and Nemskis heart pumping blood out of the three bullet holes in his chest. He smiled grimly, when it came to the showdown Nemskis bodyguards and thugs were no help to him...Read On