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Fantasy Stories

Our fantasy stories are for those who enjoy escaping to a world filled with magic, wizards, dragons and sorcery.

Stories in this genre have an underlying theme of good versus evil and may be based on fairy tales, myths or legends.

Characters, places and names are often pulled from the author’s vivid imagination and descriptions are usually highly detailed.

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In which Bear gets an eyeful…and Girl gives him one!

When Girl awoke the second time, she stretched, then quickly got up. “Are you okay, kid?” Bear asked. Girl stopped, looked at him, and said, “Yes, but I really need to pee!” and hustled out of the store room. Bear gave his deep, rumbling laugh, then got u...

Girl’s Story

In which we learn about Girl's life before Bear.

Girl watched Bear disappear into the woods and felt terrible about hurting him. Clearly, she had touched a deep nerve. She waited for him to return, even sitting on the edge of the rocking chair for a time. Finally, she sighed and went back into the cabin...


In which Girl grows closer to Bear – and begins to learn something of his past.

Girl was rudely awakened by a massive BLAM and an incredibly bright flash of light. She jerked upright, hand to her mouth, quivering and afraid. She was confused as to where she was, having been ripped from a sound sleep. Her head whipped around, quarteri...

The Fall

Girl is forced to confront her past.

Bear and Girl had hiked up the ravine as Bear wanted to show her the waterfall. The spray from the falls made the glade seem foggy, with clouds of mist rolling through all the time. It made the air cool and the glade refreshing, plus there was a rainbow....

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

How does one answer this age-old question?

“Have you chosen yet?” Warrick asked, curious as to his brother’s decision. “I have, yes,” answered Zarrack. “Yes, brother, but have you chosen wisely?” “That depends on your definition of wise, I suppose.” Zarrack paced pensively. He knew that his decisi...

Sketching Snowflakes

She was seeking something in the frigid flakes

Snow danced and swirled, driven across the lake by brisk winds. Jenn looked out her cabin’s window and sighed. She put more wood on the fire. The cabin was small enough that a wood stove was sufficient for heat. Sitting at a table by the window, Jenn leaf...

The Healer's Spirit

On a quest to free her mother’s spirit from a wicked pact, Tana faces a final confrontation with her past.

The Princess’ Grief Princess Artanna of Tan Kolar watched her mother sink to the ground and lie still. Litanus, the acolyte of her father who had done the deed, released the garotte from around the woman’s neck. He knelt and confirmed that she was dead. T...

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Bargaining Part 2

My first encounter with death

In my experience, most people don't believe in death. Well, they don't believe in it entirely. Some believe that death is a portal to another dimension. A dimension that is dictated by your actions on earth. If a higher being deems you worthy, you are wel...

Alyss felt restless. Dawn was fast approaching and she couldn’t contain her excitement. She slipped out of bed and tiptoed past sleeping bodies to the window on the far side of the room. Once she arrived, she peered upwards. The high-up wooden sill beckon...

It's always when the dust settles that another gust of wind blows it back up in the air. Just when I thought I was barely okay, I received a text from an ex. This wasn't necessarily uncommon for me but not for the reason you may think. I've always felt th...

The Healer's Power

Tana must call on her father's teaching to save another healer

“Almost there, Anta” Tana called out, “Just keep pushing. I see the head.” The healer was kneeling before the young woman’s spread legs, watching carefully as the baby’s head started to emerge. Anta’s mother knelt by the girl’s head, holding her hand and...

Dragon Rider

Zale does something no other dragon rider has done before.

Zale adjusted his brown, leather riding gear in front of the mirror. His eyes flicked to the top right corner of the mirror and his gaze was pulled to the vacant stone dragon bed near the room’s huge arched doorway. For six years, he and his dragon Sasha...

A'an never let his mother's words drift too far away when he wandered through the Lif, though she was right there cradling his head between her breasts. The heady mix of clay, sweat and musk always accompanied her. It wasn't often that she could sneak off...

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The Promise

We surely must keep our promises

You glance around the room, noting that the clock on the wall indicates midnight is approaching. You will remain until the new year starts. You feel the need to reboot yourself. To look forward to some sort of awakening. But you certainly have no wish for...

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