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Fantasy Stories

Our fantasy stories are for those who enjoy escaping to a world filled with magic, wizards, dragons and sorcery.

Stories in this genre have an underlying theme of good versus evil and may be based on fairy tales, myths or legends.

Characters, places and names are often pulled from the author’s vivid imagination and descriptions are usually highly detailed.

Downhill All the Way

In which Girl is introduced to a new sport – and pushes Bear into it.

The two friends were out for a walk. The day was so–so–overcast and dull, but the temperatures were warm, and the wind was soft, so they decided to escape the cabin for a while. They were just ambling along, not going anywhere in particular and enjoying i...

Mother’s Nature

In which Girl is told something unexpected about Mother Nature

The next morning, the two friends were quiet with each other. After saying good morning, and after both had foraged for breakfast, each in their own way, they retired to the porch, Girl to her rocker, Bear to his favourite spot at the end of the porch, lo...

“Once Upon A Time…”

In which Girl discovers treasures at the back of the store room.

“Bear…” Bear lifted his head from the rag rug in the great room, but said nothing, then put his head down again. “Bear!” Sighing, he got up. It was a cold, wet, windy day: dull, drab, and bone-chilling, and all Bear wanted to do was to lie by the fire. Bu...

Henry Again

In which Girl shows Henry who's boss…

~~~~~~~ Instead of a rabbit hopping away, it was Henry, sitting off to one side, smirking at Bear. Bear relaxed. “Did you warn them off?” he asked. Henry just nodded, then patted his tummy. Bear settled back down on the meadow grass, then started a bit wh...

The Spirits of Tan Maldrin

A priestess’ mission to an abandoned palace uncovers powerful spirits and dark sorcery

Lorn Elera stared up at Tan Maldrin. The ancient palace loomed above the priestess of the Denith Lorn, crowning the hill on the West side of the ruined town where she stood. A shadowy figure stood atop the central keep, silhouetted against the light of th...

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Henry And The Rascally Rabbits

In which Girl meets another of Bear’s friends. At least, she thinks he's a friend…

Bear came rumbling into the great room of the cabin, muttering to himself. He threw himself down on the rag rug in the center of the room, gave a huge sigh, and closed his eyes. Girl, who was making herself some lunch, said, “Is everything okay, Bear?” Be...

Life Among the Stars

In which Bear and Girl discuss the possibility of life among the stars, and Girl gets a new name.

Bear and Girl were lying in the grass on the meadow outside the cabin, enjoying the warmth of the Summer evening and waiting for the stars to smile down at them. “Bear?” “Girl.” “Do you think there’s life on other planets?” “No way of knowing,” said Bear....

Girl’s Nightmare

In which Girl has a nightmare, and Bear intercedes

Bear had settled onto the rag rug in the great room at the end of the day and was starting to drift off to sleep, when he thought he heard something. He perked his ears up. There it was again. He lifted his head and turned towards Girl's room, and this ti...

The Owl and The Porcupine

In which Girl meets two of the more important persons of the forest

It was a lovely day in the Rockies. Bear and Girl had broken their fast, and were sitting in their favorite places on the porch, watching the mountains age. There was a light breeze, and a leaf blew onto Girl's lap, where she sat on the rocking chair, wit...


In which Girl is hunted – and gets help from an unexpected source.

~~~~~~~ Bear stopped, sat, and turned to look at her. “Okay, now listen to me, Girl, and listen carefully. Mother Nature is not a ‘person,’ she is a ‘Person.’ And you must speak of, and to Her, with respect, understand me?” Girl wasn’t quite sure what to...


In which Girl meets another of Bear’s friends – and learns something important.

~~~~~~~ “I’m sorry I shouted at you, Bear.” “I’m sorry you shouted at me, too, Girl.” She chuckled, crossing her arms on her chest, and leaning back on him. The two friends sat there, staring at the fire, and listening to the rain pounding on the roof ove...

Fireweed, And Rain On The Roof

In which Girl sees astonishingly beautiful flowers, and she and Bear endure a rainy day.

~~~~~~~ He gently laid her on the bed, pulled the covers up over her, and said, very softly, “Good night, Girl. Nothing but good dreams, okay?” Her smile deepened, “Night, Bear. You, too.” He padded out to his place on the rag rug, slumped down on the flo...