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Horror Stories

Stories in our horror category are dark and filled with suspense, with plots intended to shock and elicit fear in the reader.

This genre includes themes such as psychological horror, demonic forces, zombies and urban legends.

If you enjoy a good scare or would like to share a frightening story, please submit your work to this category.

Tams 5 days ago


Everyone has felt it, most are just too scared to admit to it.

“I really despise this couch. Everything about it. You need to get a new one, or I’ll stop coming to these little chats.” “Focus, Daniella,” the therapist’s voice is low and colorless, like a forced kind of calming. “You were going to tell me about...

"Day today, with the darkness choking and soaking the sheets. Slitting the throat of the dark with indelible squid coating the tongue. Hats off to the moonlight living in the darkness of my mind with a sluice from the inkwell's cul-de-sac."

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AnnaMayZing 1 week ago

A Matter of Time

"This mess is down to me. I caused that accident, and if we don't sort it out, and quickly, we are both in big trouble!”

“Hi, Mum!” “Jeannie! How lovely to hear from you. Where are you?” “I am on the motorway. I'm finally coming down to see you at last! I hope it's alright at such short notice.” Jeannie Powell had not seen her mother for nearly two years...

The little apple lady gave me a wink as I entered the establishment. To my friend Sherlock Holmes, I was a bit eccentric. We had recently dined together at The Whitechapel Business Man's Club. He was a private detective hooked on crime and I was an...

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Everything was as before with the sounds of the house. There was the same smell of wood and pine. There was chatter behind the walls. As an amateur writer of child fiction, I returned home. My soul was in limbo, but I heard the angels. But some...

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My bladder was full and I had to relieve my Jack-in-the-box. I had just returned from a long winter spinning tales of the macabre. But the webs wouldn't let go. Up a flight of stairs from the maw of the dark. There I had spent months sharpening my...

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It was a dark and stormy night. The rain fell in torrents, like sheets of glass. The lights were not lighted. The beams not rising. In night's obscurity of a wandering shadow. Like a chameleon lost among hapless souls. Beneath the pillars of a fog, sce...

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She turned, scrutinised her profile. Dressed head-to-toe in designer couture, she was a vision of smooth accentuated curves with long, slender legs and breasts a supermodel would be proud to thrust on the catwalk. Stroking her contours, her smile widen...

My drink of choice, the inside of a coffin of a gothic poem, tequila served with nightmares yet the dark has no teeth but screams with a voice, "What the Hell am I doing here?" teaming with riddles unspoken livid nature come...

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It was haunted. It had to be. How else could it be doing what it was doing, stealing her soul bit by bit? Evil. Sadistic. It was incessant and invasive, convincing her that the world outside was not what it seemed. Pitting her against herself, that...

Ping 2 months ago


Can we ever escape our dreams?

“Boy oh boy, it’s a hot one,” my wife exclaimed as she gave the sweating pitcher one last swirl before pouring each of us a glass. Exhausted and relieved, I sipped my iced tea while slowly rocking in the hammock of our screened porch. I savored my rewa...

verbal 3 months ago


What makes a monster?

My grandmother tried to kill me in my crib when I was two months old. She’s dead now. Did I kill her? I don’t know. It’s not a simple question, and there are no simple answers. All I remember is being covered in blood, her blood, as I lay in m...

London, 1642. In the docks of Tilbury, East London, stood The Lords Tavern. With a name like that you could be forgiven for thinking it was a friendly place. Far from it, this was about the most unfriendly establishment as was possible to find. Filled...

Lev821 5 months ago

First Born

Getting to see his child grown-up in the future is something he'll wish he'd never seen.

He squeezed his eyes tight and placed his palm over his ear in a vain attempt to shut out the noise that felt like a hammer blow to his brain each time it ricocheted into the bedroom. He lay in his bed, in the darkness, facing the window, the warmth of...