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Mystery Stories

Mysteries focus on puzzles, unexplained phenomena, crime (including murder), where clues are cleverly disguised throughout the story.

Both the reader and the mystery-solver will be led toward a suspense-filled ending that culminates in the solving of the mystery, often with surprising results.

The Beautiful And The Dangerous - Chapter Two

Chapter Two: The murdered house-keeper and the missing wife

The murdered housekeeper and the missing wife“So I ran your victim’s identification and cards through the system, and I found some interesting things,” said Alec, who was the resident tech genius of the Spring View Police Force. He had seen  some  action...

The poisoned cradle

Is this seemingly abandoned village really unoccupied? Perhaps it is best to turn back.

A weekend in the Lake District sounded like a reasonable suggestion, but James Morton and his wife, along with their two daughters found it to be quite an ordeal, as their simmering, disordered marriage had only lasted for four months, and already the cra...

Just Five Pounds

A reporter needs a pen, but woo's pen is it.

Do you know that Elvis song “Do you ever get one of those days when nothing goes right from morning to night.” I won’t bore you with the details, but they include a broken iPad screen, a dead phone battery and wearing the wrong jacket among other things....

Dead on arrival part 5

Back on the job.

Chapter 9 As it turned out Mom and my sisters left me alone, and didn’t rake me over the coals regarding Gerry. They were more interested in the current events in my life. They had given up on me having a man in my apartment –let alone a dead one! I told...

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Chapter 2 I got in my car, and stopped at Timmy’s. When in shock there’s nothing better than an extra large double-double and a sour cream glazed to put things right. Okay, so in this case, there were a lot of ways things could be improved, but coffee and...

Dead on Arrival Part Four

Let's get serious

Chapter 7 Sunday morning came along, and I found myself cocooned in Gerry’s blankets with chipmunks buzzing around in my head. I swore to myself that there would be no more beer—until of course the next time. Somewhere in the apartment the phone was ringi...

Dead on Arrival Part One

It all started with a body in her living room

Prologue May 15, 2005 / Delivering the Goods “C’mon man, can’t we just leave the package on the balcony?” The short stocky youth was trying to drag an item off the rental truck. “Nope, we have specific orders to deliver the ‘goods’ right to the apartment...

Tick Tick

Annie Windsor, a young adult in the 1930's starts work at a mental asylum.

"A mental asylum!" Sam's eyes grew wide and concerned at the thought of my new job offer. "Annie! You said no of course?""No, I took the job.""Annie! So you are as crazy as you look," he teased. Sam lightly nudged my arm and my heart leapt. I couldn't hel...

Sitting in the bar is a man. He's never been seen before. Questions expressed by everyone's faces. "What to drink?" Asked the waitress. "Water will do." The man replies quickly. Away walks the waitress to the bar.  The man rises from his seat. Silence fil...