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This is about struggles in life

we struggle to have meaning  in this world which we all know we try but yet we wonder  where we all should go hidden in the questions  which we can not find the answers are all hidden deep inside our minds hidden in our soul is the life we try to hide but...

It's an uphill fight to Heaven, In every path that's chosen, A cold and broken world we dwell, Hell has finally frozen. There's nothing ever wrong, But nothings ever right, I am a not a quitter, But I need a break tonight. I used to be a good man, Is ther...

Mirror Mirror on the wall, oh please, oh please can I have it all? A white wedding dress, a large picket fence, two carat wedding bling, or a trip to Beijing? Ha-ha, no way, try again, thanks for playing... Mirror Mirror on the wall, oh please, oh please...

Lily in the graveyard.

lily,lily,lily,lily, lily what else

I walked alone in the graveyard of my own dreams, And stumbled upon memories in time. Over my shoulder I could see, The moments passing by. I walked on pebbled lanes and bylanes And a wild lily in the way caught my eye. It seemed to have grown in the grav...

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The Race

We all run the race.

My entire life is a mere shadow of my own existence. My struggles, my sadness, my pain, my happiness and my achievements all making the shadow taller for those who want to see it. To understand me you got to live my life and be with the people I encounter...