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Hopelessly I fall again and again In and out of love with you Put a spell on me is all I ask of you Electrified and magnetized Entangled with you My heart aches to be yours Close my eyes I need no one else but you Put a spell on me and make me yours Give...

Woman On The Bridge

Young investigator seeks truth after death of entrepreneur

At 3.23 a.m. on the 27th of November 1998, the body of 64 years old Norton L. Broadbent was found on the quayside beneath the old Cosborough Bridge. Given the extensive injuries there was little doubt that he had fallen the twenty feet from the bridge. Br...

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Eve's Children

A mother gives her children to the universe

It was the most complex creation ever built, in space or on Earth. It had been designed by the most sophisticated mind the Earth had ever known, Eve Eden, the AI, Goddess, and Empress of Earth. She had dedicated herself to its construction for the past de...


Finding traffic lights to prove I’m not a robot.

Last month, I paid my electricity bill over the phone using one of those automated payment systems. First, I was prompted to tap in answers to various security questions, including my password and the first and fourth number of my PIN. Then, to prove I’m...


Erik talks to Eve and ponders the world She has created

“May I interrupt you, Father Erik?” Erik looked at the young disciple in white robes standing in front of him. He wasn’t sure why they all insisted on calling him Father other than he was old. Grandfather would probably be more appropriate. Erik had been...


Julian and Petullia face a trial on their wedding day.

Petullia gently kicked the sand along the shore of the small lake. She stood in a lace long sleeved wedding gown with a crown of pastel dahlias that rested atop her head. Waves of light brown hair flowed to the middle of her back. The flower she held clos...


Young man has first lesson in infatuation

Strange, isn’t it? Those small things that get listed in the memo pad of the mind. Brief, inconsequential in their setting, and outcome, yet noted, sharp and clear as any major incidents that give our lives direction. A lifetime ago, drawn by the music, I...

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The Third Formula-X Grand Prix - A Fuel Story

Honor, Greatness, Glory... It is the greatest racing event in the continent of Africa.

29th of May - Season 3 When Angela Moodley heard her phone ring, she knew who it was before she saw the screen: TERRANCE. She ignored it. While she knew that there was no way he could know, there was that part of her mind that betrayed her, suspecting tha...

Like most three-year old’s, my daughter accidentally drops food onto the floor. A friend suggested I introduce the three-second rule. Providing I pick the food up within three seconds, and give it a quick blow, I could safely assume it’s not contaminated...


A pact is about to reveal the answer to one of the mysteries of science.

Turning the key in the garage door, there was a satisfying click as it locked. His left hand held a claw hammer which was swung at it. It took three swipes to break the key. He nodded in satisfaction. “There, now we’re locked in,” he said, dropping the to...

Daniel's House

Erik finds out more about the history of Evelyn Eden and Clear Chip Corporation.

“Why not send someone else,” Laura asked, “like the sheriff or the police?” “I just have a feeling this is something I need to do myself,” Erik said. “I think that is what Daniel intended. There may be some information at Daniel’s house that could help us...


There is evil in the world.

Ed Johnson’s son, Ben, had been shot in the driveway taking a bullet to the chest and a second to the back of his head as he lay dying. His blood had soaked into the ochre gravel of the road staining it nearly black. Large blue-black flies were swarming o...

Town Meeting

The town pulls together.

It had been two weeks since the Big-Shut-Down, or BSD as people were calling it, had taken out anything connected to the internet or satellite systems including cell phones, about half of the cars, and most computers. The banks, electrical power, and phon...