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This is a true story

Anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I hated high school. I have only a few happy memories of the time I was forced to spend there until I quit, and one of them concerns the school wrestling team. This was an old school, and the wrestling team pr...

Mission Report From the Soul Sleuth

Slithering Heartbeats in the Sunrise Makes the soufflé of life begin to rise

Heaven repents from the cell I put you in My beautiful soul Does it hurt to trust me again? Is that why you keep me so afraid to begin…. …anything? Heaven Repents from the cell I put you in And Hell mourns the loss of your company The comforting swagger o...

The pain I have Please go away Let me rest Come again no more I wish to be clear Stop and let me be I am tired I need to sleep While I rest I will have peace When I awake will the pain be gone Then once again my life goes on Is the cancer taking over my b...

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I remember when winter came and you would come inside Your hands would be as cold as ice You would put them so close to the heater I could see the pain as the warmth would slowly return You never let on that they were hurting The whippings as a child you...


A man wishes he had a better memory

I went to the doctor’s recently, and after hearing my symptoms he diagnosed that I had Age Activate Attention Deficit Disorder. These were my symptoms: I need to wash my car. As I head towards the garage, I notice the mail on the hall table. I decide to g...

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“Why are you wearing that, Grandpa?” The little girl pointed to the golden squirrel pinned to my shirt. “I wear it in memory of Matty,” I replied. “I’ll never forget Matty,” she said. “To honor Matty’s memory then,” I told her. Matty had loved squirrels a...

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Tried to take away your dignity Tried to take away your pride Now you’re dancing with the spirits Beneath a watercolor sky How far Did you walk that day How many Did you lose along the way The sky’s gone grey With winter’s frost Break the chains At all co...

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Neath winter's snow bones fasting silent moon and its coffin eyes with pennies in my cap weighing down the bogs of twilight's stares listening to the winds as they whittle from the wagging tongues of the willows a stone-cold breath of Mother Nature's gown...

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I was reminded of you, for the first time in forever. Why- no, how could I so easily forget? But I reminded myself it wasn’t easy. And it wasn’t quick. I had put up a fight. Yet, you watched me from the sidelines. I would’ve fought forever. But I had to s...

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Beneath the coyote brown canopy of trees the hummingbird moth dance to the winds blushing in the moonlight a moment's will captivating the soul hidden in shadows a cousin from Heaven in summer's breeze of willow jumping jacks in my mind's quill a fragranc...

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