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Love & Affection Challenge - A Bibliophile's Sonnet

Is it love, affection, or a vital need

We walked a lane in Wales one morn in MayOur eyes took note of blooms on shrubs quite near.We sniffed some sprigs near Hay on Wye that day,Each bush had scents and smells both clear and dear. A whiff was like old books on stands and racks,  Each big thick...


"Enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time." ~ Peter Townsend

Strong heart is beating in a harmony,Each movement set angelically with pride.  So subtle that it matches musically,To center stage exquisite form does glideOn pointe, on tiptoe, swaying with the tuneThe wind caresses, gently singing free.So calm her soul...

Their cunning voices coyly soothed his fear.Their whispers damp and cool, a subtle treat. They tempted him with pledges, in each ear, To sate his every bliss, most welcomed feat. The charms of ageless beauty drew him nigh.Pervasive sparkling visions swell...

The sky is bright'ning as the night retreatsThe meadows and the fields still hide in mistThe dewy grass is waiting to be kissedBy sun's first ray that orange heaven bleeds The sunlight strengthens until it defeatsThe darkness with its never yielding fistR...

She Lies With Me

No momen shared is ever gone

She lies with me and we are still Yet in my mind, forever moving, images of her, so many fill my senses; exciting, soothing, and I forever see and smell and feel: her eyes, her hair, her skin, her smile and every place and time with her is real inside my...

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"I'm sorry." "I don't care." "I wrote you a sonnet." Now he has her interest. "A sonnet?" "Yeah, like Shakespeare." "Why a sonnet?" "I don't know." "Is it a good sonnet?" He looks at her, his chocolate eyes meeting her icy blue. "I don't know." "Then, why...