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waves crash, I trembleThe world around me begins to crumblea volcano erupts, hot lava everywhereThe veil between reality and dream meltsa gust of wind blows the cloudsno more sun, I'm in the darksomeone find me, someone come,I cannot find my way out.

The Circle of Love

Love is a strange thing between two people. This explains my observations in my life about love.

In the 1990's, I worked for a small company that had a worldwide reputation for computer software excellence. I became the Manager of Software Support a few months after I started. It was a nice job but fraught with thankless problems if solved happily. P...

By the time her song weaves The lonesome road to happiness, I learn the art of listening to blue waves. Walking together we see flowers accompany us, Clouds, one or two, get distinctly impassioned. Colors mingle with fragrances as we leave our foot-marks...