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Wild Stories


THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESSI saw her face, a crowded place.I have reached the point in my life where I have to start my journey. Time to stop ‘trying to’ live life and live it for once. With my vision blurred and a problematic iris, I found myself in the mi...


Cursed (part 2)

Eris, 15 years later

“My dear, come away from the window. A cloudless night like this will cast an illness upon you before you know it,” the maid instructed ushering the girl away from it and towards a fire. She rolled her eyes and took one last glance at the moon as the old...

Sound II

I am scared!

Sound III’m scared!I’m lost in the midst of these dramas,I search someone, but never near. I want to flee from these cultured pretensions Of social class and status. I flee every time but they catch me each time. I'm in the midst of plenty, but lonely! I...

Sounds Within

sounds from within formed in to words.

Sound. I envy them, for they wander. They live in deserts and woods, And they wander. They know the language of the desert And of the woods, For they live their lives the way they design. No one calls them back- Home, parents, peers, And no one. They live...