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Flash Fiction

Flash fiction stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of flash fiction is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Stories in this category can cover any of the fiction genres, the challenge being to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.



Reflecting, and trying to come to terms with the past and future.

    Dear Sam, I watch the June bugs crawl around as the fireflies float and light up my porch. It makes me want to let go, give in and be free. Part of me wants to tell you, you do light up this tiny space, my world. Your humor and compassion, that coolness and great love for music make me feel like I’m back in our hometown, but I’m not. I did escape that world and left for college to...Read On


My New Man

I’m going to tell my husband today. I’ve been putting it off for weeks. How do I tell the man I love that I’ve found someone else? I still love my husband, I really do. I’ve spent most of my adult life with him. In all that time we never argued. Well, we’ve had our disagreements, of course, nothing bad though. I made a vow to always love honour and obey him. I didn’t take that vow lightly....Read On


Growing Old

Oh my, as I put my makeup on, I don’t recognise the woman looking back at me. When did she get so old, when did her hair get so grey? Not like you Albert, you never seem to change. Your hair is still light brown, your eyes still sparkle like the first time we met. I really don’t know where all the time has gone. All the lipstick and eye shadow can’t hide my wrinkles. Who is that old lady in...Read On


Philena - Everybody Gets High

She's not the best influence but what did you really expect?




  She saw him from far, he stood tall among men, circumstances, and life in general. He had always done so. The years had chiselled his features, there were no wrinkles, and his body seemed as lean and firm as ever. She looked at him, loving every cell in him, worshipping him from far. She was so pleased to see he was as beautiful as he had been the day she had met him. She followed...Read On


The Haunted Ghost

The vacant, old house at the end of the lane beckons me. They always do - the dilapidated and forgotten. There is an appeal others overlook. Unable to resist its quietness, I settle in, deciding to call this place home. The wind blows through the window cracks, but it doesn't bother me. Oddly, I feel comforted in the chilled corners of the room - a warm welcome of sorts. Dust adorns...Read On


The Proper Way to Eat Spaghetti in Edinburgh

Americans need training to dine out properly

Dining out in Edinburgh would not present an overwhelming challenge I did not think. We had left our hotel on Prince's Street and strolled down the hill towards the harbor. My lady was on my arm, a spring chill in the air, so we both wore long coats. Mine was a tan trenchcoat and matching Trilby. My wife wore a raincoat in anticipation of dampness from the evening skies. As we passed two...Read On


The Old Couple

An old couple meet at a coffee shop. “Harry! How are you doing?!” “Hilda! I’m doing well.” They hug and Harry pulls Hilda’s seat out for her, removing his hat and putting it on the table. “Can I get you something?” Hilda asks. “Just my usual two cents,” Harry smiles, the love obvious in his eyes. The old woman calls out for two coffees and a slice of bitter lemon cake for both of...Read On


The Little Boy With The Big Heart

On a Saturday morning, just one week away from Christmas day, six-year-old George Mackie awoke to find that outside his window a blanket of snow covered the ground. He couldn't wait to go and wake his nine-year-old sister and go outside to build a snowman with her. Dora had been up for over a half-hour already, she wanted to be ready and able to go play with her brother. Being not so well,...Read On


All My Love to You

I saw her again today and my heart leapt into my chest.  I need to know that she'll be a safe place to land when I fall to pieces and that I’m not wasting my time and energy on her because I don’t give out my heart freely anymore. She’s been there when I have needed her the most, and all I want and need is to be able to do the same for her. I know that loving her is unconventional and, to...Read On


Dear Whoever You Are by Angela Carlton

Rising from turmoil

              For that is the question, isn’t it? I don’t know who you are anymore. Once, you were the guy, my carefree man with those sea-glass colored eyes and that laugh. Oh, the way you could make me laugh. We used to sit outside on a blanket in the plush grass with the berries and the gouda, the white wine and lay there looking up toward the turquoise sky until that dark day, the one...Read On


Somewhere Only We Know

I remember it well for I will never forget. That park was just eight minutes away from home if I walked quickly or five if I ran. Follow the footpath by the river right around almost to the end, cross a field and down a hill then it was through the trees for a moment or two. No one ever came down there, no one, not ever; there was only ever you and me down there. I know it should be you and...Read On


The Freshness of Life

The Greengrocer washed his hands in cabbage juice every morning; It gave his skin that crisp yet supple flavour one looks for in a father figure. He had hoped this would improve his, frankly, dismal yam sales, but alas it only hastened his metamorphosis into "that woman." You know the one. Regardless, he clung to the hope of better days, neglecting his duty to open the store from 6 AM...Read On


The Finest Hand

I came the quickest way, across the glaur, when I was called, my heart almost clearing my body in my haste. Too soon, yet. The family is up-stairs, the ceiling weighted by them. I keep where they cannot tell my presence or its dread import. The Bible lies poised here, by guttering candle.  What cruelty: a month past the same Book lay joyous open on this same table. That day, heads canted...Read On


The Canvas

Jacob calls me in the afternoons, around three to make sure I am out of bed. On this day, I am groggy, but I still answer. “Let’s go have a margarita at that Mexican place by the gallery tonight,” he says. “Not yet. OK?” “Oh, come now, Jane! They have great fajitas, killer salsa. Besides, margaritas are your fav!” “I’m not up for it. Not today,” “Have you been able to paint?” “No.” ...Read On


“I think that’s enough for tonight, Nobuo.” The young boy’s father had stood in the doorway for thirty minutes, moved by his son’s unwavering focus and diligence. He knew he would have continued through the night if he was allowed. “Just one more, daddy,” he responded, his tone respectful but determined. Nobuo turned his head to give an almost pleading look; his father simply nodded.  ...Read On


While waiting at a train station, a man contemplates the state of not just his nation but the world.

As Sam sat at the bench in the train station, reading his newspaper, waiting for the 6PM train, he thought about how ridiculous it felt to be sitting all alone yet wearing his face mask. He had a mind to slip it down his face which was hidden behind the pages. The fact that the mask was fogging up his spectacles only served his motivation further. But Sam fought the urge as he stared at...Read On


After Me...

After him would be nothing

"Attention! May we have your attention?" the voice whispered hoarsely. "Can you hear our thoughts? We are here. We must reach you. Greetings. We are friendly." The man started up from his dead sleep. "What! What the hell! Who's yelling at me?" He jerked his head around and saw nothing, just the glow of the security light coming in through the grill in the door.  "Did you hear us? We are...Read On

R(a)ising Son

They will remember his son

The living room television plays in the background as Sol inspects his son, Mikhail, one final time. He kneels down to polish his boots with the cuff of his sleeve till they shine. As he stands, he ensures the belt is secure and then moves around to the back. He attaches the cape and unfurls it. A shimmering golden cascade flows down almost to the ground. Sol turns Mikhail to face him...Read On


Danny turned and ran, hiding behind his father. To a three-year-old, it was all rather frightening.

Little Danny was excited as he stood and stared at the locomotive and its rake of nine carriages. He thought it looked like a dragon with the plume of steam rising from its chimney and from the cylinders either side of the front wheels. Suddenly, there was a loud hiss as another blast of pressurised steam shot upwards from the safety valve on top of the long boiler. Danny turned and ran,...Read On

Recommended Read

The Apology

After a humiliating experience, a son has to face his father and the impending consequences.

I'd always found it odd seeing my brother as a father. I still remembered when we were kids, running around on the playground acting a fool. And now,  he  had a kid. When John had asked if I wanted to come with to pick him up, I'd said yes. Any chance to see my favourite nephew. Unfortunately, the storm brewing up above seemed to have found its figurtive counterpart as both John and J.J....Read On


Typewrite Repairman

A true story.

One of the first jobs I held after quitting school was working at a TV antenna manufacturing plant where I worked with a very tech minded man named Jim. Despite holding a degree in electrical engineering he was unable to find work, so we wound up together helping to build design and test outdoor TV antennas. These antennae were usually mounted to the chimney and were a necessity back in the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Night

There is something utterly mesmerising about the River Thames at night.

The water flowed swiftly beneath my feet as I looked down from the parapet. There is something utterly mesmerising about the River Thames at night. The lights of the city reflected in the fast-flowing water have a beauty all of their own. Even on a wet night such as this. No, especially on such a wet night. The reflections are brighter, more widespread, somehow. When darkness falls, the...Read On


If you could see the future, would you really want to?

She wakes with a startle, groggy as if hungover from some overindulging celebration . Though, it isn’t liquor that has her brain so foggy.  Fumbling for her pen and pad—now kept diligently on the bedside table—she begins to scribble, no time to even compose herself.  For a moment, images flash in her head like broken fragments of a flip-book animation. They don’t last long and her pen...Read On

Editor's Pick


“Ah, yes,” she says, taping the old photograph, “that’s my father’s shop. The awning was green and, look, you can see Bevan’s Greengrocery painted on the window. Those boxes outside were heavy but I used to stack them and arrange the display.” “When you were a child?” “I wasn’t afraid of hard work,” she says proudly.  “And do you remember the shops either side?” “I remember the...Read On


Anarchy and Thumper

You're asking about Thumper's court case? He's a gladiator: battle scars, tats, muscles. Obviously, he’s a winner. You don’t find losers by the Olympic-sized estate pool with zinc oxide sunscreen slathered on a flattened nose. His white-belted red swim trunks yesterday reminded me of the ones he wears in the ring. He has a boxer's stance when he's on his feet. The announcers call him...Read On


Jayne at the Sea

The dull "pop" rings muffled in my ears as Thor's hammer sends my body flying through the air, landing in the dirt near my vehicle. I try to sit up, ears ringing, as Jonesy bends to shake me. "Ma'am! Ma'am", he says. I see his parched lips move but don't hear the words over the humming in my head. I realize someone has just turned my body inside out as I lean forward, half-slumped over,...Read On

Recommended Read

The Legend of Lover's Lane

Ignore it, it's just the wind

They drove out after the Halloween drive-in movie. They didn't have dates. They just cruised by the lover's lane along the railroad tracks, slowly passing by a car or two to ogle and razz. Wilmer flashed the headlights of his convertible Mercury. Bored with that the boys stood beside his car looking down the railway line. The moon was in and out behind clouds. They discussed it. "It's so...Read On

White Water

Three minutes on the Zambezi.

They had encouraging, cosy names, like The Gnashing Jaws of Death , Terminator,  and  Oblivion. “If you go in, don’t let go of your paddle! Swim left, away from the wall,” yelled the instructor as we approached. This one was called Morning Glory. Paddling furiously, we entered the rapid, launched into space, and... Bounce! I was in the water. Sucked down, and surrounded by...Read On

Just Another Day

“Detective Boyle? The forensics team is here. They’re outside examining the scene now. Coroner is on their way.” The detective stood looking aside in the living room and nodded. “God, I hate days like this,” the officer sighed, then headed to the front door. Boyle remained unmoved, expressionless. She had long forgotten how that young officer felt. Today was just another day; the...Read On