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Field of wildflowers

peaceful place a special friend made for me.

A dream so real, my eyes shed tears A field of wildflowers in hues of sapphires and sky blues Such a glorious riot of color The smell of heaven floating in the atmosphere Sun shining down in a soft vermilion haze The breeze brushed my skin A gentle breath...


Another from a different account..

I just ... Just want you to hold me. To hold my hand as we walk through the park. To hold me tight when I wake from a nightmare. Just want you to hold me. ... wish ... Wish for time. Time to talk. Time to laugh. Time to smile and breathe and be . Wish for...

Country Boy's Wish

Wish that after death, I not be entombed.

A country boy I have always been,crowded places make me cringe.Open spaces are where I thrive,away from the city's fringe. Out where not many dare to venture,is where I always want to be.Walking mountain trails cool and crisp,or deserted beaches by the se...

Let Us Occupy

A different way of viewing the Occupy Wall Street movement

Let us occupy the hearts of our enemies and take the streets of their minds, so they will follow us to the places they’ve forgotten. Let us occupy their hair so they can feel the fierce wind and foul weather blowing and know the storms coming to our lives...