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Thoughts from three in the morning.

The hurt washes over like the ocean.Calm sails capture the windWith their chests puffed out, Rulers of the great blue seasUntil a storm arrivesOf doubt and regret The spray stings my cloudy eyes.It seemed fun at the timeBecoming Co-captain of my own ship....

I lost my smile today of Gumby in clay and gave away my tears for the death of booksnow gathering dust  without a word to shed  in remembrance of the paper-mache shadow of Winnie-the-Poohcoming of age    

Lost in ale and hairy horehound'sfrom the menagerie houseof exaggerated self-worthas harlots soothe my beastin dreams of glory with tattoosand avatars with little emojifrom my puffed-up teapotsending you kisses of mefloating in Manischewitzas my mind deto...

My soul knows what darkness holds. Politicians, bureaucrats, and gutter rats. Playing lotto with our future. I detest both ends of the mouth. But tonight,  I hear a virgin's cry. From a window of broken sky. Rising from her restful sleep. Holding her hand...

Just A Glimpse

What's the harm in a little happiness

His picture is among a lot of images I store here on this site. His happy, furry face 'smiling' at me. One ear flipped up the way it often was. He was my Sparky boy. Just a glimpse is enough to make my eyes moist. What is it about the simple things that b...

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Friday The 13th

Yesterday was Thursday the 12th

Friday the 13th?! Other than a series of semi-scary movies (one through five actually terrified me once upon a time) today is just another day. Right? I don’t understand all the hokey “bad luck day” nonsense. I’d ask Google if my internet worked. It went...

Sunrise, Sunset

Swiftly flow the days

The first sunrise I lived through was in Arkansas. I was born in a small clinic in a small town called Mulberrry. My mother didn't live there. My parents had a rental house in another small town named Alma. But she was lucky enough to give birth to me in...