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Angel Stories


Rise and Fall Ch 10

Mirror, What's inside me, tell me can a heart be turned to stone? ~Mirror mirror rwby

The television buzzed in the background flipping through various channels before just landing on some movie no one cared to pay attention to. Dia busied herself on her laptop hacking into the wifi and investigating all the residents in the housing complex...


Rise and Fall Ch 9

And it's torture in me, but I can't break free ~Silent Scream Anna Blue

Dark watched the sky turn from the endless black to grey and then soft hues of pink and orange, as he walked down the empty streets of the city. Occasionally, he would pass a vagabond or two muttering nonsense to themselves. These mortals not only disgust...

Angel of Mercy

One man's shame leads him to be pulled from an Angels grasp and sent down to Hell.

When I look in the mirror what do I see...A face of ugliness, a freak staring back at me...I ain't pretty, or handsome, or anything special to look at...I hide away my face, my body because I look like that...When I look at myself, I see what you all see....

The Only One He Couldn't Have (Chapter 1: Creatures of Lore)

The vampire took hold of the necromancer, taking it away to Karmathor.

Chapter 1: Creatures of Lore"One day you too will take your place as the elite of our keepers. One day, I will not be here, and you will have to take my place," Gyais smiled down at the small child that stood before him, hopping from one foot to the other...


Rise and Fall Ch 5

And the storm is rising inside of me, don't you see that our worlds collide ~Anna Blue

Fatima snapped her head up. The intense focus on her craft blurred her eyesight. With aching fingers, she flexed and shook out her wrists to prevent cramping and any of her knuckles from locking. She pulled off her headphones and heard nothing. She rose f...


Rise and Fall Ch 4

Be that pretty little perfect princess, but I'm not that type of child. ~Silent Scream Anna Blue

Chris waited patiently outside the door, well trying to be patient. He tried to listen in on what was being said, but couldn't over the sound the others were making. Tommy and Jacob still argued over the TV while Steve played devil's advocate and added fu...


Rise and Fall Ch 3

Your wanting me to show more interest, to always keep a big bright smile ~Silent Scream

Fatima unlocked the door to her apartment complex, after having to catch two metro trains and a twenty-minute walk. She just wanted a hot shower and a good morning meal. She silently shut the door behind her and tiptoed to her room, peeking into each one...


Rise and Fall Ch 2

But I'm causing you so much frustration, and you only want the best for me ~Silent Scream

Dia jolted awake as a blood-curdling scream echoed through the house. Her immediate reaction was the boys didn't listen and decided to screw with Fatima. She bolted from her bed and threw the door open. She rushed into the main room to see Fatima holding...

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Rise and Fall (Official Ch 1)

I'm caught up in you're expectations, You try and make me live your dream ~Silent Scream

Unlikely friends as they might be, a delightful light-hearted story was always how it started. The dark haired beauty Dia and the cute blonde Fatima, in what might seem to them a mere coincidence that they happened to meet in that bar that day. They would...

Star Angel

Making a wish for an angel

I wonder whatYour home is likeUp there in the starsWith the other angelsLike yourself. Watching you rushAcross the sky,With your love trailingBehind you so lovingly,Wondering how sweet you look,So innocentSo pure of heartSo... deliciousIn so many ways tha...


Broken smile, frozen tears. What's left of the lost angel, Besides darkened doubts and fears. Hands tremble, eyes wide. Helpless as her wings were stripped. Bound and chained, sadness flooded her heart. Dead inside, puppet held by string. She'd never see...

The Little Angel

This is about a precious little girl that became ill and passed away.

I was only six years old,By now I'd be eleven,But I got very sick,Now I live in Heaven.I watch over my sisters,And my little brother,I watch that sickness kill,One child after another.Since I have been gone,My Mom and Daddy weep.It's okay Dad, I'm in Heav...

I am the Angel of Destruction. People don't like me, And with good reason, I mean, Who can blame them, When I take lives with the swipe of my hand? People have different names for me, Death, though they're wrong, Death just travels with me, My close compa...

The Little Boy

my fiance was taken by ambulance to hospital today I said there was a little boy holding your hand

He must have been an angel,He wasn't really there,Riding in that ambulance,I wasn't even scared,You're going to be okay,There's nothing to fear,You're not needed in heaven yet,God still needs you here,I knew you would need me,That's why I was here,Your gr...

A Wonderful Year and Life

what a wondrous circle of friends I have

A Wonderful Year and Life October 2012......... As I continue on my journey, I am reminded of my wondrous circle of friends that watch over me. Just last year I was with a dear friend, I jokingly call her my sister and she said "let stop by the local danc...