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Ode to the Outhouse by kscorn080 (pete)

The outhouse will remain imbedded in people's thoughts

Ode to the Outhouse by kscorn080 (pete) Do you remember The little house out behind Where you had to go out And clear your mind You sat in there With the critters and bugs Bees and spiders Maybe even some slugs It was an oven in summer And made you sweat...

I wonder

I wonder

I wonder, Wonder how.  Wonder what.  Wonder why. I wonder,How did I get the hottest woman on earth? What made her fall for me?Why did the hottest woman pick me of all people? I wonder, How can she love me so much ? What does she see in me? Why does she do...

Ride No More

The sun keeps him company.

The sky’s blue-gray – opaque and oppressive. The clouds can’t even seem to stand up to it, because they’re ghostly – unreal – their dark bottoms devoured by that steely background. Heh. Have to remember that. Sounds like a good opening for a story. I’ve g...

Call Me Beautiful

Inspired by a couple lines in Megan Nicole's B-e-a-utiful

I hear it all the time, the guys walking down the hall. All these vulgar sayings and words for the girls. We aren't called gorgeous or pretty or even cute. Half the sayings I won't even type, because it's insulting- granted, if I liked the guy, if we were...