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Weather Stories


What weather brews?

An unexpected storm changed everything

What weather brewed behind me? I knew not. Maybe snow? Could fog be rolling in? Then thunder clapped. Lightning skittered across the sky causing me to turn toward reality. The wind -- she -- embraced me. The rain -- she -- filled my heart. The fire -- she...

Warm breeze from the westDark clouds formingTrees bent eastLightning lights the skyClap after clap of thunderFarmers look to the skyMothers gather childrenOff to the cellar do they flyRain to hail and back againNorth to WestFunnel clouds formingBlack tail...

 I think of you oftenI care about you alwaysIf a kiss was a snowflakeI would send you a blizzardA hug would be the sunTo warm your heart and soulThe rain would wash away the bluesBecause I love you soAs you travel down the road of lifeKnow I am not far fr...

I feel the wind upon my face The lush green grass all over the place The trees are dancing like Southern Belles I cannot decide if this is Heaven or Hell A strike, a bang A bright light I see Watch Out! For that falling tree! The wind doth howl The fleeti...

The Creek Without a Name

A tiny dried up creek comes to life after a storm and becomes mighty

  Right now it’s dry, a bed of stones, but when it storms, this tiny creek roars and rumbles, rushing like a river, twisting and swirling as it comes to life again, awakened by the weather to be what it’s meant to be, its brown green water overflowing its...

Rainbows End

Come on cheer up, the sun's coming out!

Raining stair-rods, quick watch your head, Cats and dogs, they’d end up dead. Hammering it down, that must be Thor, God of thunder bashing at my door. Big umbrellas with a pointy spike, Spear me in places that I dislike. Wellie boots and waterproof coats,...

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