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I know what it means to stand alone,to be of the faceless and unknown,one of the unwanted and unloved,the condemned and shunned To stand on the precipice of your own demise,with nothing to hold but your own hopeful lies,a disease or your ruin or your own...


Choice is Yours

Life is all about choices.

"Laura, Lauraa, Where are you, my child?" mom was yelling at her."Yes mom, I am here," Laura's voice was heard from a long distance. She was running down her way to respond to her mom.The little girl was full of mud all over. She had a good time with two...

I choose for you, you're still the oneThe true love of my lifeI want, I wish with all my heartThat we can end this strife I will regret that fateful nightAs long as I shall liveAnd hope, with everything in meYou're able to forgive That you'll once more ac...

How Can I Choose?

Is making a choice ever easy?

Is it possible to cope simultaneously with the torment of choosing whether I will to stay and accept less than I desire, or the agony of wanting to walk away because I know you'll never be able to give me what I want? Something that means everything to me...

The Perfect Wave

Waves are like our so many ways.

Laying on my board feeling the water move beneath me, my arms stretched out moving gently across the rippling surface with my chin on the board watching the reflections dance on the surface of the almost perfect glass surface. Perfection...yes, now, but j...

From Morning Songs: Reading the News

Sitting in my isolated cabin in the woods reading news from around the world on the internet

Yesterday, I read about a bomb that killed a family in Afghanistan twelve hours ago-- four children, their parents and another man, a friend, perhaps, or a grand-parent who, just before their house exploded, was eating soup, talking, maybe laughing. In th...

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Some take us where we desire to be

Some are short Some are long Some turn left Some turn right Some lead up a hillSome lead down Some appear bright Some appear dark Some lead straight throughSome lead to dead ends Some must be back trackedSome must be re-traveled Some take us where we desi...