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Stories in our horror category are dark and filled with suspense, with plots intended to shock and elicit fear in the reader. This genre includes themes such as psychological horror, demonic forces, zombies and urban legends. If you enjoy a good scare or would like to share a frightening story, please submit your work to this category.


The Legend Of Arthur Abbott

How many of your legends are actually true?

“Your parents are crazy.  Did they really tell you that?”  Patricia said and laughed at her best friend. “Yes,” Amy said. She felt defensive at her friend’s mocking attitude.  “Come on. You expect me to believe that your parents made up a whole person to make you and your brother behave?”  Amy shook her head and thought, not for the first time, she wished she hadn’t told Patricia. They...Read On

The Visitant

Who (or what) is in Halston's field?

The call came in over the scanner that sat on the corner of Sheriff Rockwell’s desk. It was a little after 2 AM.  “Tank...this is Sam…you got a copy?” Sheriff Tank Rockwell pushed back in his chair. Thick hands were folded over the perfectly bulbous belly that his wife always said looked like a swallowed watermelon. His eyes were shut and his chest was raising and lowering in the...Read On


Something was outside her new house

Something flew past the bedroom window as Shannon closed it for the night. The dark shape went by quickly, so quickly that Shannon could not really see what it was. Startled, she jumped back. “Probably just a bat or bird,” the young woman muttered as she quickly closed the window and curtains. She did not quite believe that. The shadow passing through the night had seemed too big for...Read On

The Last Train

A Halloween tale

Lydia placed a meagre collection of coins into the taxi driver’s outstretched hand. “I’m a bit short,” she said. “I’m terribly sorry.” He sighed but closed his hand around the money without counting it. “Thank you,” she said quietly and fumbled with the door handle, eager to escape before he changed his mind. Outside was freezing. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, a bitter...Read On

Recommended Read

Dolls In The Dark

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought.

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought. She was sure she heard the delicate sounds of pitter-patter across her hardwood floors.  With a shaking hand, she grabbed her phone and prayed to God that nothing had touched her. Emma’s fingers slid silently along the now lit screen and unlocked it. Every movement was stiff and deliberate. Fear and panic had seized her muscles.  She pressed...Read On


Asylum Part 2

Series: Asylum

The next morning Eric was escorted to his cell under strict watch after completing his three hour therapy session, with the same results as day one. Not a damn thing had changed in his behavior or his way of thinking. As they neared his cell he could smell an unusual stench to say the least. He couldn't quite describe it, but it made his nose curl in disgust. The guards stopped their march...Read On



Series: Asylum

He spat in the guard's face and managed to shove him to the ground before two more restrained him. While he struggled and thrashed violently, he slammed one man against the wall and the other against a filing cabinet. You'd think they would learn not to try and take advantage of him. He may be crazy, but he sure as hell didn't bat for the other team. The warden's voice boomed through the...Read On


Beast of the lake

What does he have to do to summon the beast of the lake who will grant him immortality?

Immortality. That was the reward, that was the promise, and he knew it was his. Soon he would live forever. Nobody would have taken it seriously. Nobody who thought rationally that is. He knew that should he have told anybody of this belief, then they would either have laughed at him, or politely made their excuses and left. Yet, he was convinced that it would happen, and soon he would no...Read On


Like A Lamb

Day One She smelled like strawberries. He didn't know if it was her shampoo or perfume or just some natural mysterious scent from her skin, but she smelled sweet and hugged him so hard that he could feel her heart racing against his own. And right before she pulled away he couldn't help but try to remember the last time someone had embraced him like this even though they were very familiar...Read On


The Fur Coat

Why would it be advisable not to wear this fur coat?

As they drove away, the expression on their faces darkened and became serious. In the rear-view mirror, they watched as the Riordan country stately home slowly became smaller, until a turn on the path took it from their sight.  The party continued there, but other people had left, and some were getting ready to leave as Mr and Mrs Stockton approached the open gates to leave the estate.  ...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Nine

  She continues to scream but not for much longer for she realizes that the pain coming at her and going through her is doing so no more. Something else momentarily is to occur. The pain was never her own, moreover, it was a sharing the evils imparted by he who has come to her. Majella Smith at sixteen years of age has been reunited with her biological father and one of her sisters after...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Eight

7. Father and daughter Tom and Lisa Smith no longer have the home they had lived in at a time when daughter and sibling Majella had last been with them. A wife, a mother gone so long since before a complete family could become fully complete and be a five-piece in that home. Lisa in her own head can only see brief images of her mother, she had been so young then that she can’t have any...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Seven

5. ‘Are you ready champ?’ ‘I am always ready. You know this.’ ‘Then let’s go.’ Paul Malone, with his trainer and manager in tow, makes his way out to a ring for the latest defence of his lightweight championship. The venue is packed to the rafters with approximately eight thousand people filling every available seat between them. The undercard for the night had been considered an...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Six

  In the dulled white brick common room of an asylum like facility for women and girls, mostly girls, some of whom as young as just nine years old, most of whom are held against their will, Majella Smith has an inquiry to make. This place is anything but kind to her, still, there are at least two individuals here with whom she can … confide in. Away from the steel mesh-covered windows and...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Five

3. ‘Packed house tonight, as expected, as the most anticipated rematch in recent history is only moments away. Can the challenger get one step closer to gold after the epic performance he put in last time out? Before our live broadcast goes in ring for the main event introductions I can tell you, if you didn’t already know, there are rumours that the champ is still reeling from that...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Four

2. How often a gift is misperceived as a defect or an illness that needs to be treated rather than being something which could and should be nurtured, encouraged even. The darker a light is, the more it will be hidden or misused or punished. Why is it so often the case that when something very difficult to understand comes along that it almost immediately is perceived to be evil or bad?...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Three

It begins … SIGHT We can’t always see what may come our way and that is if we can ever truly foresee anything coming that might actually one day come our way whether that one day be imminent or it be one that is a long way off. We can work towards a goal, acquire wealth and admiration and even attain success though nothing in life is certain, except death that is. There can be times...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Two

From out of the shadows … a darkness emerges …   ‘… You can’t fight me. You are of me. You are of my flesh and you are of my blood. I am your father and I have given you life. I have given you and each of your sisters a gift, a gift worthy of an immortal soul, a gift that many others would kill for, die for, love for. Some of your sisters have been with me since the moment life began and...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part One

Nine times over nine days the Devil lays his touch, when nine months come to pass there will be nine daughters. Each will have a unique ability gifted by their creator. When eighteen years come to pass he will bring them all together and unleash a true Hell on Earth …   Evil … it hides in the shadows, waiting, ready to pounce, ready to put into motion what it has been building towards...Read On


A Nightmare on Christmas Street

One, two ... soon he'll be coming for you. There is a darkness with which we are becoming accustomed to, and it returns every once in a while whether we want it to return or not. No matter how often it comes, or how long it lasts, we never really get used to it at all, now do we?   Half-past six on the morning of Christmas Eve and Christine opens her eyes. Such an odd way to wake,...Read On


Footsteps in the Snow

What do weather people know? They predict the weather for a living and generally get it wrong more than they get it right. They have been predicting big snow in Castletown for the past four winters and no real amount of snow has stuck in that amount of time, well apart from the winter just gone that is. The winter before last it snowed for a couple of hours but it didn't last much more than...Read On


The Elevator

Annie Nevins has been working as a nurse in the same hospital for almost six years and in those six years she had never come across anything particularly strange, unusual or out of the ordinary, well that was or is until right at the end of one shift in particular. Having made her way into an elevator so she could then make her way out of that hospital she had been working in for almost...Read On


Halls of Amenti

An American fortune hunter finds more than treasure in some ancient desert ruins.

Then for a dwelling place, far 'neath the earth crust, blasted great spaces they by their power, spaces apart from the children of men.  Surrounded them by forces and power,  shielded from harm they the Halls of the Dead.                                        - The Emerald Tablets of Thoth      I was once told by a friend that the desert was a terrible, unforgiving...Read On


Five simple questions

Five simple questions can release the insane back into society. Do they walk amongst you?

My name is Dominic Melvyn, and I am a criminal psychologist. Today, I am at a criminal medical institution where of five patients I was scheduled to meet, I have seen three of them. All the inmates are, I suppose insane. They are in here for their own good, kept away from society as they pose a danger. I am helping in their reformation, pointing them in the right direction until they are able...Read On


Vacant citizen

Don't take advantage. Sometimes this is learned the hard way.

David Thompson was the type of person whose IQ was nowhere near three figures, who came across as someone who was not quite a simpleton, but oafish, who fell for any scam and con that came his way. Ask him the time, and he would stare at his watch for a while whilst he worked it out. Directions were also a problem when he knew where the place was. Yet, to this day, he always managed to be...Read On


My near-death experience at the cottage

This is a story of my near-death experience at the cottage

My parents were on a business vacation and we children were not eager to accompany them. My father convinced me to stay in our cottage where we have been spending our summer since the beginning of first grade. The cottage was located in northern Sweden, in the middle of nowhere. Our nearest neighbour lived 40 minutes away and there was not much to do either. The wildlife was the...Read On


Lost and Found

Certain places in the house held shadows within them.

The basement didn’t show up on John’s radar until about a year after they had lived in the house, though other spots did, and much more quickly. His daughters took note of the upstairs hallway before they even moved in. Em said it felt weird. John felt it too, and even Alice, who did not put much faith in the supernatural, said she thought of the countless footsteps of previous lodgers...Read On


Silent streets

This torture can clear the streets.

He was deep in thought, contemplating the dilemma before him. He walked back and forth, trying to figure out how he could light five fireworks without the first one exploding before he could light the fifth. These fireworks, or bangers, made in Japan, were not average bangers. Each one was like a miniature bomb. These ones were strapped around the head of Carl Gershan, who was tied to a...Read On


Growing Old

They’d grow into old age together, all of them, the dead and the living.

The girls had been getting along pretty well together in El’s room, El playing teacher, Em playing student (they always played the same roles without variance), but then Em had turned rebellious on her teacher and was threatening to not do her assignment until El shared some of her apple. Now they were fighting. John and Alice knew this because they were on the first floor of the house, in...Read On



Something terrible lay slumped in the corner of the room.

In retrospect John blamed the incident on his own suggestibility, and on the scrapbook. The previous owner, Henry Stode, considered himself to be a bit of an amateur historian, at least when it came to the house. He had inherited an overstuffed scrapbook from the previous owner, who had inherited it from another previous owner. The book was not organized in any way; it had originally been...Read On