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“I’m sorry, I wish I had better news.” The doctor wears the face all doctors wear when delivering news no patient ever wanted to hear. “Do you have any questions?” I nod, then smile politely, unable to find the right words. How am I supposed to react? Wha...


Taking the sun, the moon, the stars and every thing good in me.

I am sitting with my morning coffee. My girl walks in and says "it's over." And just like that, she is gone. I watch from our kitchen window as she drives away. Taking the sun, the moon, the stars, and anything inside of me that is good. I am left a shell...

A shadow of screeching silence in a silhouette of all my fears a nocturnal coronation of widow wax dark as the ferries of night of my fleshless anatomy dragging my melting crayon wrapped in loneliness listening to the agony as it drips my forgettable


Working through feelings on unexpected affection-ship.

I never expected to feel this close to you. In fact, I wanted the opposite to be true. I thought you’d be cold and let me go Maybe treat things like a joke. That's what I was after; a quick and easy fling An outlet of escape while I was healing. I know I...

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In a tin can is a letter I penned, On the Tennessee River near Shiloh, While laying mortally wounded. Shot by a Yankee in a uniform of blue, In a peach orchard... 1862. As I cast my eyes on Heaven above, Waiting for the last cord of a harp, I feel your br...

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Sunday Afternoon

Enjoying a sunny day in our backyard.

Cotton candy clouds Above a sea of blue umbrellas Ripples dance across the water Specks of sand shine in the sun Fish fall prey to loons and gulls But outsmart the fishing rods Couples walk, and children play While music fills the humid air Afternoon bree...

Trigger Happy

Escape is a mere missed calculation away.

She thought it but dared not speak. Marie leered at her daughter instead. She loved Tammi, but at that moment, Marie didn’t much care for her. Her child’s actions angered her. They embarrassed her. They reeked of weakness, failure, and regret. “Why, Biscu...


Blurring the line between allegiance and subjugation

Her dark heart smiled Beckoning them forth Her name dancing On silenced tongues Hail ye! Hail ye! Row upon blue row they stood Far as the reach of an eagle’s eye Loaded carbines on their backs Allegiance to her their hearts’ tempo To war! To war! Their ch...

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I come from hell a naked Amoeba to enter a cell called flesh it is my tomb with some growing room through the eyes of my muse and the laudanum fumes pale as pewter eyes of dark's covenant the veil is rent I see her true my tendrils corrupt the heathen wom...

My Dearest Friend

Even online, friendships can be made

It began innocently enough, Two people saying hello. What starts as flirty banter, back and forth, Becomes endless chatter, with hearts a-flutter. A timely request, thoughtfully sent, Starts the journey of new friendship. In time, as the conversations gro...

Buy me a song of tomorrow holding hands with memories listening to the winds in the silence of a rainbow before the breath of dawn kisses the dew on your lips a shadow of my beloved as time becomes, another tomorrow.

There lives a dog who is six pounds and quite accustomed to many names, but none serve her more suitably than Pepé le Pew! Pepé le Pew has ears misporturned to the size of her tiny head; did I mention one ear flops? No, no I believe I did not. She chases...

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Solar whoa

When the lights go out

Our power went out this morning. We received a text from a friend asking if we had power. No, ours is off. The friend said his went off mid-perk on the coffee pot. I said to my husband, "he has gone solar; how is he out?" My husband asked, getting the rep...

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