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Among the dead, we are curious. We are haunted. You scream for ice cream, and we scream out of loneliness. Walking the halls of death leaving no footprints or shadows. At times tossed out with the trash, once scented, now lost. As ghosts, we have no pedig...

The Humming Bird and the Squirrel Cage

Pregnant and homeless, Ivy naigates the backalleys of Skid Row, Los Angeles.

Morning stiff air flowing through a heap of dense trash, segregating the bygone needles with broken glass pipes. Coiling and cycling by the strong gusts, a garbage and substance whirlwind, revolving the matter of excesses rubbish. Consuming in the wake, a...

...with cello strings in nature's woods in the silence of an unspoken tree to the edge of forever, I see drinking deep the inevitable the aroma of coffee and only me and patience in living in nature incorporating life into prayer and myths listening to wi...

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Henry Again

In which Girl shows Henry who's boss…

~~~~~~~ Instead of a rabbit hopping away, it was Henry, sitting off to one side, smirking at Bear. Bear relaxed. “Did you warn them off?” he asked. Henry just nodded, then patted his tummy. Bear settled back down on the meadow grass, then started a bit wh...

Listening to fool's chatter the hypocrisy of dark's inquisitor "my God, what has happened, with fire over the waterfall?' name brands deceiving pedophile roses and politicians lying and skeleton stems of man and beast food for carrion look for the shadow...

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Breaking through the clouds Illuminating the fields of wheat Warming them with pleasure Maple spreading out for the winged Nesting high up into her leaves Then underneath

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Artie And The Letters

Next in "The Artie Stories"

Early morning. Eleven o’clock. It’s about the time I usually make my entrance into the world. I’m coming downstairs in my bathrobe and the letterbox clatters. Two letters fall through onto the mat. I go over and pick them up. They’re both for yours truly....

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The Spirits of Tan Maldrin

A priestess’ mission to an abandoned palace uncovers powerful spirits and dark sorcery

Lorn Elera stared up at Tan Maldrin. The ancient palace loomed above the priestess of the Denith Lorn, crowning the hill on the West side of the ruined town where she stood. A shadowy figure stood atop the central keep, silhouetted against the light of th...

Henry And The Rascally Rabbits

In which Girl meets another of Bear’s friends. At least, she thinks he's a friend…

Bear came rumbling into the great room of the cabin, muttering to himself. He threw himself down on the rag rug in the center of the room, gave a huge sigh, and closed his eyes. Girl, who was making herself some lunch, said, “Is everything okay, Bear?” Be...

All my addictions Wrapped up inside my brain You want to take a run at this disaster You'll only have yourself to blame The door it's locked The windows wide open That closet is full of pain Take it to heart Run for your life It's a hard falling rain Wher...

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Life Among the Stars

In which Bear and Girl discuss the possibility of life among the stars, and Girl gets a new name.

Bear and Girl were lying in the grass on the meadow outside the cabin, enjoying the warmth of the Summer evening and waiting for the stars to smile down at them. “Bear?” “Girl.” “Do you think there’s life on other planets?” “No way of knowing,” said Bear....

Gas Station Cheeseburgers

The taste of life

I like gas station cheeseburgers Those red hot burritos too The sun coming to shine on my backyard Got a woodpecker and squirrel, they think they own the place I suppose they probably do I like getting high in my basement Listening to Davis Byrne and John...

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