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Honour all that have been taken by Cancer.

My heart is stone My heart is empty Not a single crack Nothing will ever grow No more pain to endure Never another wake No more loss to bear My heart been turned to stone

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The whiskey and rye bring back memories. When we were but ghosts living among mortals. As documented in your memoir. We lived in dreams, now the past lives in me. You were a translucent glass-winged butterfly, and I was the twine as we danced in shadows....

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Beyond a veil of twilight as night comes calling so dark, so deep with a whisper from a broken mirror over the Rubicon with albatross at my feet capturing the darkness of my sins

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I'm not afraid of dying, letting the invisible screws in my body just rust and break that kept me running. They won't be repaired anymore, nor shall I speak of unheard promises that fall upon deaf ears. If I die tonight there won't be a reciting of any re...

My Embarrassing Story

This story happened in 1990, when I was in my twenties

My name is Leila. I'm afraid of earthquakes since childhood. One night I was alone and getting ready for bed. Suddenly I felt an earthquake. I was so terrified that I ran for the door as fast as I could without thinking. I made it to the stairs, and then...

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A boy's secret

Edward sat at the head of the table gazing at the Christmas feast before him. A succulent roast turkey with cornbread stuffing. A basin of mashed potatoes just to the left of his grandmother’s antique tureen of gravy. Fruits and vegetables spread glorious...

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Last night I tried talking to ghosts. But my parents are weird and ignored me. They appeared to me as shadows in the mirror trapped between death and dreams. Lighting matches that didn't glow. The background in the mirror was like a moving montage of memo...

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It started off like lava on my back, my fever. Trickling down as I felt like a cat, coughing up hairballs. I could feel phantom hair come up, but it wasn't really there. My throat tickling, my teeth grinding, but no appetite. * I couldn't eat , I wasn't h...

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I love you, between shadow and soul my winged butterfly now gone to pale. Waiting for me at eternity's gate as the dew has turned to honey on soft leaves of velvet grass. With your smile and carrot angel nose as winter's snow has gone to shell. Taking my...

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A silent promise Never to be told Eyes that stare In the winter morn As the winds sing A gospels prayer To feel your touch That I am not alone Learning each day And stronger than before To believe a little more

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In dark's adrenaline of your hari-kiri dripping from the cold moon's bleary touched by twilight's pulse weary in the nave of the gloom's presbytery feeling the breath of death's theory tasting blood on the tip of your query in shadows cast of Caron's ferr...

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