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Molly 1 week ago

What Gives You The Right

My rambling thoughts...

What gives you the right to assume I’m DTF? That’s Down To… Well, you can look it up. I assure you I’m not. Perhaps after some time, some long time, and a bonding friendship built of courting and a heavy dose of flirting. Yes, I said courting. People...

Dreamcatcher 1 week ago

Number 10

loving pets

Epilogue to “Cedar Boxes” Once again, for the last time, we await the return of Cedar Box #10. Just a simple rectangular wooden box full of ashes and an interlocking lid with a brass plate on top bearing a name. "Gimley." I guess it is a headstone...

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She turned, scrutinised her profile. Dressed head-to-toe in designer couture, she was a vision of smooth accentuated curves with long, slender legs and breasts a supermodel would be proud to thrust on the catwalk. Stroking her contours, her smile wid...

verbal 1 week ago

Magpie House

What is a crow that's not a crow?

“I fucking hate magpies,” said Tony, passing the pack of cigarettes to his friends gathered around him in the dark of the basement. “They’re mean,” said Bobby, as he took a cigarette and passed it down the line. “I hate the way they swoop. They’re sc...

With a sweet ardor of rose and a thorn I compose the sting, the salt, the blood of ink's concubine deep in shadows of the equinox in the vine's divinity of breath a delirious shade of twilight with hallucinations in the dark crypt then a dream...

Beesting 1 week ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 1 – All Hail the Queen

After winning the Formula-X Crown at the Formula-X Grand Prix, the New Queen makes her Fuel debut

6th of September – Season 3 Devì had never really been shy about being in front of the camera. In fact, the word shy wasn’t part of her vocabulary which was why she was currently dressed in tight leather pants and matching cropped leather jacket ov...

His eyes were curious, his ears inquisitive. I wondered if he was a fan of Taylor Swift or if the sound of the ukulele touched at some primal memory. Or, maybe like me, he just liked the sound of the small waterfall that cascaded down the smooth tim...

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I accept I did my part The vows I keep A lifetime of doubt  Never to rest I gave my all You took wanting more Leaving me stripped  Still you want more I keep on giving  A nobody I am Locked in With no way out

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Goyse 1 week ago

Just Be Honest

people may imagine things or even lie but the best way is simply to state it a it is.

As the reader may see from my prior posts, I went through a separation and a divorce. It was a shock to me so I tried to understand why. But each time I looked for an explanation I ran into a brick wall and even statements such as, "what did you do f...

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As I tootle-foot along the wayover coastal dreams and streams through meadows of yesterday and marigolds of butterfly wings bubbling life's champagne crickets fiddle fantasia's quadrille overstepping stones and 'morrows where love covers eve...

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Goyse 2 weeks ago

It's Time To Let Go

Separation is difficult but life goes on.

My previous poem, One To Four For Naught is a poem written following a marriage break-up. But life goes on and in time I met another woman. It was time to start a new life. This poem is written on what I would say to my ex when I realised that there...

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Shadows dancing before your eyes Strange sounds in the stillness Expecting to be suprised Heartbeat racing  Waiting for the final blow The shock does you in

The occult intersects with spirit worlds, with ghosts and ghostly happenings, but for the purposes of this story I’m setting the topic of ghosts to one side, except to say that what happened was real. I call it, Peter rabbit and me." I open my sho...

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Kavyansh 2 weeks ago

Through Misted Panes

Regretful memories of lost love

A dull ache,That’s all it is, A half-remembered pain From long ago, But still very real, Inescapable. That is all that remains, A nagging remnant of love, Faded, dull, yet sharp As a splintered shard of glass, A fragment of iridescent joy, Pricking...

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In a seance  with an angel Touched by the smile of love With whispers in my ear  Like a fine-tuned piccolo  As soft winds blow  Far away yet so near With memories of thine  On a bed of potpourri snow  Dripping ambrosia&n...

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