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Under raspberry Sun.

Under raspberry Sun. We fed on, Olives from Iklaina. Tasting sweet honey. On full lips. Waves crash Under the Blue Moon. Secrets whispered. Promises made. Bonfires flame. Bullroares sing. Clapsticks wail. Stolen kiss. Then returned. Can honey, Be any swee...

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Why do I long to hear the sound of your sweet voice,See your ever-loving image before my eyes, The smell of your heavenly fragrantAnd the feel of your touch?Why…Because you saw me.You saw me when I was invisible Trying to hide from the world.You saw me fo...


Everyone made fun of the deaf kid.

It was just a stupid joke. Everybody made fun of the deaf kid. He talked funny. And he did! We weren’t mean about it. He couldn’t hear us anyway, right? He was frikkin deaf. All we did was make fun of the way he talked. We said he sounded derpy. It’s not...

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I thought you were the one.The one who would love meAnd take care of my heart. Love denied once again. I still feel the pain, hurt, and sufferingFrom past and present relationships.Where time and time and time againI exposed my mind, my heart, my soul… On...

Finding Me?

A draft from last year. I'm now they/them, but I'm still finding me every day, so thought I'd share.

Labels.There are so many labels now.And it's confusingAnd scaryAnd amazingBecause I finally know where I fit These didn't exist when we were all finding ourselvesThough I paused finding myself to hide myselfin the identities of others. We, not me. I'm sti...

Enough. Hearing screams. Tired of talk. Blah blah. Can't stop, Finger pointing. Never change. Leaving only, Broken souls. Bloody teddy's One more school. As we all, Look upon. Fresh Graves. Anyone listening? Enough. Say it. Enough.

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This is not an escape but enlightenment.

The ocean has ears.It has heard me.I am a mermaid.Do not listen to my songAs you will wallow in deep sorrow.I can't be with you. The cloud has eyes.It has seen me.I am a wanderer.Do not follow my pathWhen you can't handle your wrath.I mustn't be with you....

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That Moment

Elderly man uneasily recalls an incident from his youth

Just that—a moment. Not a life resolving, world changing event. Trivial, you will think it. But for me, a just-turned-sixteen, raw, callow adolescent with little knowledge of the way of the world, it was a mind stirring, almost upsetting moment, recalled...

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I Hate It When We Argue

I got the idea for this poem from a dream that woke me up in the middle of the night. Thankfully, it was only a dream!

I hate it when we argue, it always ends the same.Both of us spit venom, as we try to place the blame. You scared me when we had that tiff, by storming out the door.You told me that you hate me, don’t love me anymore. Why can’t we just agree, to never scre...

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 30 – The Main Event of Motorsport

With the biggest finale in sports entertainment around the corner, all bets are off...

23rd of May – Season 3 AT NGELOSI CITY HALL Mandla wasn’t sure what he was going to say but he knew what he had say. He was currently sitting outside his father’s office in Ngelosi City Hall. There was no sound except the clicking of a keyboard as the Dep...

6th Street Stray

Hunger her only home.

Born at night.Tossed at first chance.Alleyway to stoop.Hunger her only home.What is love?Or smiles to keep.Head hung low.Matted fur,Stumbes on.Frozen paws,In the falling snow. Brow eye girl.Born rich.No mothers love.Raised with whispers.Told her fault.Eve...

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 29 – The Rivalry Diaries

As Touch Mkhize and Solo Magubane's rivalry heats up, one F-X reporter looks to follow the intensity...

17th of May – Season 3 Dear Diary, For the past three years, people have told me that when I signed up to become an F-X reporter that I was flushing an otherwise promising career down the toilet. And who could blame them? Unlike my fellow resident reporte...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 28 – Anger In Absentia

Journey back as we find out what has been going on with the missing F-X racers.

9th of May – Season 3 Temper hated this part. But he knew that it was necessary as he stood up in front of the anonymous group of people and prepared to speak. “My name is Themba Kunene and I am angry…” The session had gone on how it usually did which lef...