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BillyNew 3 minutes ago

Midnight Blues

Diary of a Fabulous Dreamer part 8 (final part)

There’s a drink after work tomorrow night. That’s what they’re all saying at work. I’m sitting in my corner of the office and everyone’s talking about it. Am I going, they ask me? Kevin – aka “Mr Bryant” – seems quite keen for me to be there. I...

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Beesting 1 day ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 3 – All That Sparkles

Stevie takes one final step towards achieving her goal of sitting on the Formula-X throne

20th of September – Season 3 As Darcy Stevens looked over the edge of the pier, looking out at the ocean watching the sun set, she thought about the night ahead and how nervous she was. She only had one shot at doing this right and it was all riding...

Pirouetting on a cloud of crimson roses In the silence of a fluttering butterfly. Dripping pollen of scarlett rainbows Through a prism of glass, Suspended in the air. As lovely as a tree of a painted sky Echoed by a golden harp of drea...

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WriterGirl 4 days ago

A Mother's Love

Prayers are answered, but in unexpected ways...

Each month, I prayed for him. Then, tears fell.  She birthed, but couldn't keep, what my empty space desired.  Three lives converged through love as she placed his tiny hand in mine, writing new stories for us all.

I have the distinction of shooting Liberty Valance with a taser as he came across the television screen. I had recently checked into an all-nude (colony) colonoscopy. A retirement community for old redneck radio jocks and knick-knacker...

Her story. She knew their time together would be brief, she knew he would one day join the evanescent group of lovers that had once visited her life, she knew he would give all of himself in the spiraling madness of orgasm and take it all away once...

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BillyNew 6 days ago


Diary of a Fabulous Dreamer part 7

It’s a shock to the system, starting work. At the weekend, I’m in the mood for a big blowout. So that’s what we do. We go round the flesh pots of the town, The Queens, The Red Lion, and the rest, and end up going clubbing to Lux. I’m used to the p...

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Touched by the breath of God as a valance of night comes down in silence of the nightingales reflecting memories as a valance whisper, Ave Maria

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verbal 1 week ago

Ground Zero

Echoes of grief, the same footage over and over, a bad dream returning.

In dream my skin has been charred soot-black, not all over my body, but on my arms, my legs, my penis, my chest. In dream I only notice the burns if my eye happens to fall upon that area of skin. There is no pain. No pain, but a deep, shuddering f...

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Beesting 1 week ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 2 – The Semi-Finalist

Its the second leg of the Royal Tourney and one racer looks to finally rise to the top.

15th of September – Season 3 Styles crossed the finish line and swore. As he took off his helmet, preparing to get out of The Cursed Conundrum, he noted the approaching mechanic and gave him a stern look. “This isn’t working,” said Styles. “There’s s...

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TheShyThespian 1 week ago

A Lover Lost...

This is a story of loss and bereavement.

My dearest Darling, You’ve meant so much to me since we’ve been together. You’ve been a beacon of hope, allowing me to express myself in ways I didn’t know I needed. You may not even know it, but you encouraged me so much. You’ve helped me have the...

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Verity 1 week ago

Never Be Late For Mass

A grandmothers golden rules

Never be late for mass, that’s what my grandmother always used to say. She was such a punctual lady, always on time. Not like me, I’m almost always late. If I do arrive on time it’s only because I got the time wrong. According to grandmother, the onl...

CuriousAnnie 1 week ago


Last Sunday was Father's Day down under

Hey, little one, don’t be coy, Take that alpha step, my boy. You’re luxuriating in my womb, Can’t stay, it’s not a catacomb. You do know what tomorrow is? I thought not; for that day is his. Didn’t think you’d bring a gift, Hopefully focused...