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Random Stories


My Seven Deadly Sins

Have I Found The Sins?

Lust  I finally found the one, who brings the lust out of me. Oh and he loves me, and wants me, he plans to keep me! I’m everything he wants, and he is everything I want. Our Lust burns deep for each other. Who am I to blame, look at you. You’re gorgeous,...

Just Thoughts

I had to write something, this is the result. Thoughts and stuff happening.

On Tuesday, I went out for a walk. I hadn’t been out for three days - I don’t go out at the weekend and couldn’t be bothered on Monday, so went out on Tuesday. I was really just wanting to get out and take a walk, to nowhere really. I had to clear my head...


This isn't a story, it's a mewsing *mew*

My laptop screen is too bright, but I can’t be bothered turning it down. I’ll just live with it. I decided to get some food to quell my hunger but all that did was make me even more hungry and thirsty. I have a notification on Facebook, which has turned o...

Writing, Internetting and Listening to Music

The result of my mind not switching off. No idea what this is, really.

Purple nails, they clack along the keyboard.Typing this tripe, listening to Metallica,Chatty chat, I go. My replies may be slow,You know? Running out of rhymes, so I’m not gonna.I’ll just type stuff, no idea of what’s coming,Quick change that loathsome tr...

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Quotes are from The Murderer by Alesana.

“You should know I’m dangerous…” -Alesana, The Murderer.  His stare pierces her, Embedding itself in her mind. The knife was hidden somewhere, He told her that much, Didn’t tell her where, Just if she found it, she would live. He found it, Dripping red fr...