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2 weeks ago


To twilight's core

With wings alluring, obsessive, and hauntingdecadent to the twilight's coreembracing breath of the lonely in deathkissing your shadow with erotica's scentof patchouli flames, dripping ashes of love with a beautiful valence of night tonesof gothic frescos...

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2 weeks ago

Simply the Best

A rose is forever

Moving into our bungalow over thirty years ago we found that the front lawn had a variety of standard willow as a centre piece. For the first three years, the tree developed vigorously, its head getting wider and wider. No flowers, just musky green leaves...

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2 weeks ago

Crimson Red Overhead - with KristinaX

In the grove, carpets are spread

A leaf trembles like someone's heart Succumbing to autumn in a moment Twilight casts a beautiful glow Somewhere over the horizon Maple put on a crimson brocade In the grove, carpets are spread Variegated from multi-colored leaves Cold breath a sweetish ta...

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2 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 10 – New Girls Day

New girls Savana and Plain Jane Deyi look to show the fandom what they've got tonight.

8th of November – Season 3 Jane Deyi – or Plain Jane Deyi as Moodswing had renamed her – was excited! How could she not be? Last week, she’d won the Duchess of Drag title on her debut episode! She’d been excited all week long, having gone to bed with the...

3 weeks ago

The Blue Boy

Those eyes seem to follow me...

My sister Sally and I stood in our grandmother’s darkening living room staring at the wall. Staring at the painting to be exact. The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough or as I referred to it Nightmare Fuel.Our mother used to send us to our grandmother Rose’s...

3 weeks ago

You Need To Get A Grip On Things

Not even your neighbours can help you!

A pensioner went to the surgery for a sperm count test. The doctor gave him a jar to provide a sample. Next day, the man returned with the empty jar. Curious, the doctor asked why. "Well, first I tried with my right hand, then with my left, nothing. Then,...

Four seasons of allegro Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter With a tempo as birds shadow the mantle Heralding carols of God's meadows Over heaven's Espirito Hallelujah bound

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3 weeks ago

Empty Nest

Staring down the same wall of darkness

Birdie’s son left in the Spring. She rarely saw him in that last six months he’d lived there anyway. He'd worked full time at Domino’s, came home after midnight, went straight into his room in the basement. She heard the TV. She heard the trips to the fri...

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Always a car-sleeper as a young girl, I would awaken to the sound of gravel beneath the tires. To this day, that sound excites me, bringing back memories of simpler times. One week each summer, my twin sister and I were transported to what seemed like a d...

Pretty Boy

Pretty boy, pretty boy, why must you tease me so?

Pretty boy, pretty boy, Why must you tease me so? With those chocolate eyes Staring into my soul? Pretty boy, pretty boy, Are you even real? Did I make you up While in the land of dreams? Pretty boy, pretty boy, Take my hand in yours. Lead and I will foll...

If I could,I would paint the rainbowthe color of Easter eggsand put them in a scrapbooknext to the autumn moon's flambeauIf I could,I would sing you a song of sixpencerepresenting the sun and moonby singing you a songIf I could,I would blow the wind happy...

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3 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 9 – Enter the Dojo

The Saharan Knockout makes her magnificent debut as the first North African racer in the series

1st of November – Season 3 “Yami,” shouted the karate instructor. “That’s enough kumite for today.” “Oss Sensei,” said Savana and her sparring partner in unison. “Savana here still has a big night ahead of her,” said Sensei Jannie as he came up to Savana...

3 weeks ago

Cry Wolf

Who is the predator, who the prey?

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, bluejeans, and a red hoodie. That is, she would have seemed so to everyone in the room, had they bothered to pay any attention to her. Or even just to see her, register her presence...

The Wonderful World of Wally Weasel

Not everything is parmesan at the pizza party place...

We all make poor life choices. Mine just happens to be pizza. You’d think working at the nostalgia-laden Wally World would be a dream come true. Maybe for kid me, with all the arcade games that spat out tickets like confetti, ball pits, and colorful chara...

Gone are the paper mâché shadows that hung by my window. Now dust motes in heavy coats of memories. So long time ago in my sleep. Where dreams are made, sewn with bows. And my old stuffed socks with buttons became my best friends. Now the circle has close...

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