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Lev821 2 hours ago


Why is a journalist fearful of interviewing a famous recluse?

I don’t know why I am apprehensive, I must have interviewed hundreds of people, but this person for some reason causes fear to flow through me. I am Duncan Clifford, 47, a journalist working for a local free newspaper, and I am to interview Edward Mill...

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JamesPBear 1 day ago

The Road Not Traveled

It was a dark and stormy night … which led to a surprising revelation

The Road Not Traveled I know it’s an awful cliché, but it truly was a dark and stormy night. The rented car I was driving didn’t make it any easier, either, as the defroster didn’t work worth a damn. As a result, I was almost driving with on...

AaronArcher 2 days ago

Forgive Me


In my dreams, I know you are there. Silently whispering tolet you go. Beyond the dreams white as snow where angelsdance Adagio. In fluidity as I feel your breath touch mysoul of memories, watching you fade to a shadow of pale.As I take...

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In my qualms of finishing this comprehensive labor, I ask the mind to not astray. For a cognitive wanderer will find war in the lands of the unknown A slave, trapped in a superficial limbo of mental anguish. Not a thought, but rather a presenc...

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I started as a piece of northern ash to make baseballs bats but was rejected and auctioned off to Hasbro. It was there that I met my marbles. "I can hear them roll in my head." I graduated from Willy Wonka medical school and did my internship at Mat...

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yurigagarin 5 days ago

Time Stands Still For No One

Thoughts on growing old.

I am related by marriage to one of the big old Birmingham UK families, and at any family event, there are always aunts and uncles, cousins, and nephews, and nieces to catch up with. This afternoon, I attended a family funeral, and as is always the c...

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Listening to midnight before I snore fingers lingering on the keypad from gothic's dark aquatic shadbeyond the reach trying to restorewith the blinking cursor as before only letters and nothing more shaking me to my core

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BillySoho 6 days ago

Red Shoes

A short slice of Mod with a supernatural twist

I’ve got my headphones on and the music’s blasting round my mind, courtesy of the wonders of Spotify, as I stand in the shop and look at the clothes. I’m listening to a Small Faces show from 1966 in Belgium, newly discovered they’re saying. It’s the...

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Beesting 5 days ago

Quicksilver: The Alpha Awakening – Prologue

Every hero has a beginning, but for Jedidiah Bridger, his start was dark...

Jed had never seen so much chaos in his life. Then again, he was only fourteen and hadn’t experienced all that much life. But this was still something out there. All over the city, there was rioting. Police everywhere and more notably, people attacking...

redwriter 1 week ago

Finding The Lady

Young man is enchanted when he meets an attractive young lady.

When Harry met Sally, he thought, ‘Somebody up there likes me.’ Totally bewitched at finding her among the bridesmaids at her best friend’s wedding, while he was best man. Laura, his favoured pretty woman, went, but he managed only a brief encounter w...

"Assuaging a mea culpa a fortnight before the gibbons end my last rodeo."The dark art of my analysis is all BS unless London Bridge is falling. E-I-E-I-O." With conversations, with my friend Mad Hatter. It dawned on me that Alice wasn't coming back...

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