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5 years ago

Time Traveler

Traveling, into the dim reaches of reality.

Venture back into the past I do.Times long ago, I can't undo. Back in time when I was a kid.Eons have past, heaven forbid. Places that I have visited before.Spaces not wanting to re-explore. Bruises, scars, some are painful.Matter of fact, many be baneful...

7 years ago

Queen Of Emptiness

She does exist...

Squatting in the shadows Bloated and seething With bile and ancient hate She sits as cold as stone Weaving webs of malice From strands of her misery Hidden fangs dripping despair She waits patient as Death While twisted minions held in thrall Spun about w...

It hurts Agony, Anguish, Disappointment, Devastation, Frustration, Humiliation, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Pain, Destruction, Only that you left in my soul, My soul is broken into a thousand pieces. Love, Goodness, Compassion, Hope, Passion, Happiness, Life, S...