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Forgotten Stories


The Cool Side of the Pillow

Sometimes, overloaded senses can be forgotten in a simple gesture, just for a moment...

This poem only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.Languishing dreams where a heart grows still,Slowing tick of the clock drives distraction toDeath's resurrection inGrey of the dayWhere the sun has lost hope an...

Every Little Thing

She couldn't shake the nagging feeling that she'd forgotten something. But what?

Cheryl rifled through her purse yet again, racking her brain to figure out what she had forgotten. Cell phone, check. Wallet, check. Keys, check. (Duh. She couldn’t have driven to work without those, now could she?) Gym card, check. She opened the wallet...


What happens when the puppet master dies?When there is no one else to pick up the strings.What becomes of us dear puppets?Now that nobody wants to play.As dust gathers upon our still frames,As termites, eat away at the forgotten stage,Will someone please...

My days seem to mesh together. Nothing changes, nothing gets better. It's a continuous fight, a fight to renew our once but forgotten love. How could it slip away? How could we let it go? You were my absolute. You were my home..


I was alone, and I do not fear it. I can live apart comfortably. Will it get lonely sometimes, yes it more than likely will. In the end, will I care? Yes, I want someone near. Will they allow me into their lives? No, because they cannot see me. I am the g...

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Like a tree,watching its last leaf throw caution to the windand break loose from the only branch that it's ever knownto fall to the next stage of its existence,I have watched you blossom,only to stand by while you leap,without looking to see where you wil...