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Married Stories


A Married Man

Why did she choose a married man?

“A married man?” my sister asked. “Yes, a married man.” “Why a married man?” my nosey sister asked. “The married ones are the best.” I told her. “I suppose so, they usually have some don’t they?” she persisted. “Yes, usually they do.” I replied. Sister si...

Bored, Suburban Style

Lucy was so bored, she felt like a robot on auto-pilot.

Bored, Suburban Style Lucy was so bored. Every morning, she got up at 6:30 sharp when the alarm went off. Then she padded out to the kitchen on the freezing cold parkay floor to make her husband Jerry a cup of strong coffee. She also refilled Tootsie Roll...


Read the lines of Dog

Every night I walk into my house He attacks me with his fearless paws And those fierce teeth He scratches my flesh and he barks vulgar words I see wickedness in his eyes When he has done Trampling on my lifeless body He sticks out his tongue to show victo...