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1 year ago

Christmas Whoopee

Father's major Christmas Worry

A lot of tinsel Kids wanting more Queues at the check-outs In every store What is the reason? Another season Another Christmas   Dad is defensive He knows the sign It's all expensive, The gifts, the wine. But Mom's not stopping She's gone out shopping Ano...

Anonymous 5 years ago

Art of Bargaining

A memory I reminisced recently

“How much?” he asked the vendor pointing at the pile of tomatoes with an authoritative tone. “It’s 30 Rs a kilo, take it for 25 Rs” She says, as she arranges the pile of tomatoes, also luring the customer. “Too much, let’s go son,” without turning he walk...

Chapter One Formal dresses hang on the walls all around the shop. I stand on a pedestal trying on a silver floor length halter neck dress. I thought it was a beautiful dress, but want to try on a couple more before deciding. “I’m going to try on the next...

7 years ago

Employees of Walmart

Ever wonder how Walmart is able to keep their prices so low?

It wasn’t exactly a festive Saturday evening for Ben and Ellen Garner. He needed to pick up medicine for his wife, who was suffering from a nasty cough, fever, and runny nose. Ben wasn’t feeling so hot either. The couple, originally from sticky, humid Sou...