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Black Dog - Chapter 26

The following day, Olivia woke up just enough to call in sick: flu, so sorry . She wanted to lie down and die. Instead she padded to the bathroom, grumbling and berating herself for allowing Verity to lead her off to the vampires' den and forcing her to choose between sleeping in a nest of monsters or walking through town alone after dark. Verity shouldn't have left her alone with the...Read On


Hope in a Barren Wasteland

After WW3, Humans take refuge inside a hole in the ground called a vault

It is the year 3065. The world as our ancestors knew it will never be the same because of the last three World Wars, spanning from 2993 to 3025. The greed of resources was the catalyst of these malicious acts that resulted in an all out nuclear war, stripping the planet from its abundant life and replacing it with a toxic, barren, wasteland. Very few life forms were left, and if they...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 25

Grace had assured Olivia she'd be no more than twenty minutes away by train, but the house was lonelier for knowing she wouldn't be coming back. Olivia listened to it echo every step she took as she paced up and down the hallway. More than once she thought about getting out of the house and going for a long walk or even a run, but without Grace for company she couldn't muster any enthusiasm...Read On

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Parlor Tricks

An old man ponders the past and what he learned there so long ago

Uncle Jeff called them bear berries. That hadn't sounded right to Terrance. Now, so many years later, he recalled that long ago moment and curiosity finally lead him to search online. It didn't take long to find a picture of them. They were salmon berries. That was the succulent fruits he had found growing thickly and profusely on the briars out in the woods so long ago. He couldn't...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 24

There was one place Olivia hadn't even considered when choosing a bedroom to call her own. Late the evening of the secret funeral, she stood before the door at the far end of the first floor hallway. She knew the house reasonably well from her childhood visits, when she'd been allowed to run free, mostly. She remembered trying to get into whatever lay behind this door a couple of times, but...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 23

Up at the top of the graveyard, close to the woods, a low wooden fence marked off a corner of pitifully small plots with far more flowers and messages, bright and jarring in contrast to the sombre graves on the lower slopes. A small procession headed towards them as sky darkened to a deep royal blue, moths looping and flitting in the twilight. Verity, at the fore, picked her way through...Read On


Little Red Wagon

It was many weeks ago, in my dreams. A recurring dream of my sister. God had called her home when she was but a child. I still remember her little pink nose and her freckles that glowed when she smiled or laughed. I was her best friend and so was Wally Bear, an old sock doll she had tea parties with when she was but four years old. She would often ask me to pull her in a wagon, a wagon...Read On


Feeding time

A cowboy plumber is left in a victim's house alone, but what's that sound?

The van pulled up outside the house, its driver switching off the engine. Mrs. Lyson watched from behind a net curtain in her upstairs bedroom. It’s about time, she thought, watching as the plumber rummaged in the back of the van for his equipment. He was soon heading up the path and ringing the doorbell. She opened the door and allowed Bill Hollis to enter. They exchanged pleasantries,...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 22

Even though Auntie Imogen had initially promised to stay out of the way of the clearing, she appeared several times a day 'to see how things are going' and it slowed the process considerably. Finishing clearing the first room was a cause for celebration, in Olivia's opinion. "But of course," Verity grinned. "Something to mark the occasion. Smile," she instructed, producing a camera from...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 21

The following morning Olivia woke before dawn, readying herself for another run, looking forward to it in spite of herself. By eight o'clock, though, she was beginning to wonder what had become of Grace. She had to give up the idea and get ready for work, and she was just grabbing her coat when she heard a knock at the back door. "It's open, she called. "Did you oversleep? Grace?" Grace,...Read On


By The Harbor

... life sometimes

"At the bus station by the harbor, I'll wait for you there." he said She has been waiting for hours. Feeling sad, telling herself to wait for another hour. She will leave if he doesn't show up. The bus driver first saw her this afternoon. This is his last trip for the day. Her phone keeps ringing, 58 missed calls when she saw it. She calls back "Where are you? I have been waiting...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 20

Olivia's burst of enthusiasm quickly faded again. She'd planned to finish decorating the guest bedroom (her own bedroom, as she ought to start thinking of it) but that prospect became daunting when she looked more closely at the full extent of the damage. Instead, she moved on to the next door along the corridor. The door wouldn't budge, and she stood there rattling the handle and poking...Read On



when all of our attentions are ...

The sun is turning to dusk while sitting alone at the bus station. The truth is, I am waiting. Ding! Notification on my screen that makes me scurrying to look. Ding! Flashing messages from the unknown sender, makes my heart falter Ding! Grinning from ear to ear, this excites me. Ding! Nervously opening the unknown messages as I got shocked at what I've read. Ding! All...Read On


The Circle of Life

But that's not what I said



For Moonbeam

The girl with the fair hair And soft brown eyes that liquify, Loved horses of Palomino design.   Artist, daughter of the Sun who loves To draw and create myriads of  Stars that light up the skies so clearly.   Gentleness runs through her veins, Fine, delicate hands shape magic That flows as swiftly as a river.   Beautiful Moonbeam, a radiant angel who Walks in silent serenity ...Read On



A calling of the darkness. fell a snow. Deposited in escrow, where bones burrow. With songs of granite, the interest rise. A dark shade of pale, shadowing eyes.   "I am the man with a carrot for a nose, and wisdom for a tooth." People are silent, when it comes to rain, but bite off my nose in-spite of pain. "But I watch with a black-coal eyes, as the sun turns my fears into tears. Becoming...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 19

On the Monday, Olivia started her job at the library as planned. She might have been apprehensive but after the turbulence of recent events the library gave her a rock to cling to. Olivia spent the day dealing with pleasantly dull people and things she could easily understand, surrounded by books and order. She made tea for the two librarians, a middle-aged married couple equally quiet...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 18

Getting everyone into one room was like herding cats. Grace had disappeared into the kitchen to chat with Auntie Imogen and clean up the mess Verity had made, and Siobhan had followed. Hoping for scraps. Siobhan had the dirty, hungry look of a stray, and though Olivia did her best to dismiss that uncharitable thought, she found she didn't much want the company of a zombie. The ghosts came...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 17

Imogen was flitting from room to room, chatting giddily with Lizzy and the other household ghosts, when she encountered the first of her guests. She found him snoring in a chair in the corner of the drawing room, where he'd been for who knew how long. "Oh," she said, flatly, having been deprived of the little thrill of meeting her first guest at the door. "Am I to take it this is...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 16

The hour of the tea party loomed large on the horizon. Olivia had contemplated hiding in her room for the duration of the event, but she ventured downstairs to see how the preparations were coming along, at least. Auntie Imogen had worked herself up into a flutter of happy nerves, rushed off her feet with a hundred last minute details to attend to before her guests arrived. She might have...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 15

Cutting through the churchyard on her way back to the house, Olivia stumbled upon Verity's plan to make everything better: she'd arranged a picnic. The day might be overcast but the air was still and dry, probably no colder outside the house than in it. Only Verity would have chosen this particular site, though. She'd taken the blanket from the back of the sofa to spread it out on the grass...Read On


The Bench

A young man learns that life isn't always what we have planned, but what we are given

Any time of year in the south is normally hot, but the summer I turned eighteen, was as if Hades himself had come up from his depths and brought with him the skin scorching, water vaporizing torment to lay to waste on our little South Carolina town. I remember that summer with vivid detail as it was the summer my life would be drastically changed forever, and find a different course then...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 14

Olivia wallowed in the rapidly cooling bathwater, slipping slowly back towards sleep, knowing that she shouldn't sleep in the tub but too tired to care. Her thoughts tumbled like autumn leaves, in gusts and drifts of vivid-coloured dreamlike images. Downstairs, she could hear doors open and close, people coming and going. It sounded so normal, so every day. She'd listened to the distorted...Read On



"I'm looking for a pair of shoes." "How about just one achoo, with a gesundheit!" "Do you have loafers or sandals?" "Yes there are a pair at the water fountain but if you want a handle, call a bicycle shop. " "Something in flats or boots!" "We're on a plateau where the owls hoot." "How about something with laces?" "Owls don't have teeth."  ...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 13

Verity found Imogen in the kitchen, standing and staring in bewilderment at the kettle. The ghost sat carefully down at the table, folded her arms, put her head down, and burst into tears. Verity's first impulse was to put her arms around the old woman's shoulders, but of course, she couldn't. Instead, she stood there awkwardly at a distance. For the most part, Imogen had coasted through...Read On


Carry A Song

I felt the urge to carry a song to the top of a mountain. It was between a valley I climbed, as I felt the touched of shadow's palm. As the shadow led me to a pine tree with rungs of ladder hung. Climbing the ladder, a pine cone became my beacon to a tree house. In this house was a rocking chair, a sewing basket, and Bible. Opening the cover and between pages, I found a negative of my...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 12

Olivia woke with her head pounding, her vision blurred as a dark shape loomed over her, sickly-sweet floral perfume stifling her. Voices washing in and out like waves crashing on the shore. Fragments of memory exploded in her aching head. An impulse came over her, to run and run until her legs gave out. Heart bounding, she threw herself out of bed, tearing at the sheets that tangled around...Read On


Little Miss Know It All

A mother tries teaching her daughter about being an adult

She sat opposite her daughter, hands tightly clasped in her lap, “You don’t know everything,” she said, sitting forward so she was eye level with her daughter. “Being an adult, isn’t as easy as doing whatever the hell you want, goofing off, taking advantage of people and shirking your responsibilities.”   “I know mom, yet you still lecture me,” her daughter Brooke said, crossing her legs...Read On


The Biggins

It was the biggins that startled me from sleep, in their nightly visitations. Sometimes a voice in the bath room and flushing the commode. It may have been the biggin that stomped on the stairs. Singing choruses of Johnny Cash. "Don't Take Your Guns To Town." Perhaps it was the biggins riding wild horses into my room and screamed, "yee-haw!" Boot scootin' something  called a boogy. But...Read On


After the Rain

For those who love the rain

It’s raining outside, I can see through the living room window.  With my eyes closed, I imagined how it would feel on my skin so cool and refreshing making me feel clean again after it washed away all my worries and fears. As I’m watching the rain fall hard in places and the rain pounding on the window making everything look dreary.  I am amazed to see how gentle the rain falls on the...Read On