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Fuel Season 1: Episode 7: Burning Bridges

On Monday Night Fuel, friendships die hard and betrayals are a way of life...

14th of October – Season 1 Penny Potgieter had never really had many friends. She never needed them. Growing up, people had come to call these ‘trust issues’ as she never seemed to find ones that she could get along with, at least after a while. One way or another something would part them, bring them to differences of opinion, have them not see eye to eye. Instead, Penny had...Read On


Dirk's Demons - Ash Blowing in the Wind

The Dirty Dozen plus One

Dirk sat uncomfortably outside of the boss' office.  Nat pretended to be busy with a report.  They both sat in their chairs in silence until Nat could not stay quiet any longer.   "I don't think he is going to let you go Dirk.  We are all worried about her, but she broke all protocol and left the team.  It will be a trap, you know it will be.  Why even ask?  He is going to lose his cool,...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 10: And Then Some

Doug finds himself in hot water after uncovering a secret of the Human Resistance

TWO HOURS LATER November 7th, 2040 - 12:18 Doug walked down the darkened corridor as stealthily as he could. He’d been exploring the compound all morning for all the secrets that they hadn’t told them.  If this was the future, then there had to be some cool gadgets lying around somewhere. On the south side of the compound, Doug came across a locked door. He used a hammer he had found...Read On



From a newborn Then growing up from a child Being taught from examples and life I learned to copy Listening to the voice of reason Feeling the self-worth Smiling as I see smiles Learning and understanding What is not always right Punish me for doing or Becoming like you and Not like your dreams Judge me As you would yourself For you taught me Very well    ...Read On


Hiding Ma's Shoes

Ma declares a play day afternoon

Sissy was fourteen and a force to be reckoned with. She was the oldest girl on the ranch, but not known for being the busiest. Truth be told, she drove her Ma nuts. Sissy and her siblings did not pay much attention to what year it was, as they lived in a time before electricity was in their parts and maybe even invented. Most days were full of work and some nights included times for sleeping....Read On


Oops, The Bastards Got Me Again

Why didn't I learn my lesson?

Some of you may remember, a few years ago, I had a heated battle with McDonald’s over a coffee coupon. I was told that I was one of the select few randomly given a grand opening coupon for free coffee for an entire year. Seven months into it, that same McDonald’s location said that they were no longer honouring the coupon. They said I was mistaken. And yet, their staff honoured it for...Read On


The Fur Coat

Why would it be advisable not to wear this fur coat?

As they drove away, the expression on their faces darkened and became serious. In the rear-view mirror, they watched as the Riordan country stately home slowly became smaller, until a turn on the path took it from their sight.  The party continued there, but other people had left, and some were getting ready to leave as Mr and Mrs Stockton approached the open gates to leave the estate.  ...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Nine

  She continues to scream but not for much longer for she realizes that the pain coming at her and going through her is doing so no more. Something else momentarily is to occur. The pain was never her own, moreover, it was a sharing the evils imparted by he who has come to her. Majella Smith at sixteen years of age has been reunited with her biological father and one of her sisters after...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 6: Touched by Ingelosi

Last week saw a love affair get sensationalized. This week, a racer tells misfortune to take a hike

7th of October - Season 1 Touch Mkhize had never been one for believing in luck. He didn’t believe in divine interventions or any other such. What you see is what you get. That’s why he didn’t end up hating God when his parents died when he was nineteen-years-old – that awkward age when you weren’t young enough to be considered a child but also not old enough to take on the world all...Read On


Wrapped in Ribbons and Bows

A Gift and a Tease

After a long day at the office, tired and beat down, he returned home. No greeting at the door, no food on the table. Instead, there was an arrow on the floor. He looked at it, baffled. It was made of cardboard. A man of education, he deduced it was meant for him to follow. It led to a rarely closed door. He turned the knob to discover it locked, but taped to the door was an...Read On


Love & Affection Challenge - Karma's My Mom

Treat your girlfriend well but always treat your dog better...

It was hot. I was late. She’d be ticked. I raced home. KFC rode shot. Cold beer awaited. She didn’t even greet me. I quickly showered, changed to shorts, turned on CNN, sat in comfort, and ate my chicken. The dog didn’t whine, she only stared. “Mine, go away,” I said and offered her none. She left, tail between her legs, but vowed revenge. I then bit and swallowed, but something...Read On


To love and dream

Taking the time to know Things are not always as first thought Lips speaking without words Heat in the strength of arms Eyes burning with knowledge The joining of two That become one Twinkling stars smiling In the darkness Nothing can separate Nor come between The strength to love and   See with your heart and mind Desire without sight or sound Only to love and dream      ...Read On


Arbour Games - A Fuel Story

Like adrenaline-filled racing action? Then don't miss out on this one.

30th of September - Season 1 Moodswing swore. They were behind schedule. The event was set to start at 6 pm and his first two racers were nowhere to be seen. A bead of sweat travelled down his brow as he looked. He looked at his watch again: 5:50. Dammit , he thought, where the hell are they ? He looked up and saw Penny Potgieter and Brenda Koek. Well, at least they're here . They...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Eight

7. Father and daughter Tom and Lisa Smith no longer have the home they had lived in at a time when daughter and sibling Majella had last been with them. A wife, a mother gone so long since before a complete family could become fully complete and be a five-piece in that home. Lisa in her own head can only see brief images of her mother, she had been so young then that she can’t have any...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 9: Meant for a Purpose

After the events of the previous episode, Ripley now faces the justice system of the Resistance

FOUR WEEKS LATER November 7th, 2040  – 08:57 “Don’t worry,” said Sam.  “I’m sure they’ll rule in your favour. “How can you be so sure?” said Ripley. “Because Eduardo’s in one piece,” said Selena.  “And according to Sommer, she saved his life.  That means you were right.  So you have nothing to be afraid of.” “It doesn’t change what she did,” Selena.  “She attacked you and...Read On

Recommended Read

Crazy Cat People

It has been another long and miserable day ferrying scrap metal and hazardous materials across the state and I am tired. I don't complain much, as it still it beats driving over the road because I am home every night. I activate the remote for the garage and slow the Harley down so I don't have to come to a dead stop to wait for the door to open. The absence of my wife's car reminds me that...Read On


Love and Affection Challenge: Buck's Bucks

Even Buck’s friends considered him a tightwad's tightwad.

Folks always claimed ‘Buck’ Granderson got his nickname because he still had the first dollar he ever made. It wasn’t true, at least not the part about his name. I had it on very good authority that his parents, two otherwise sober and responsible individuals, named him Buckalew Lavelle Granderson. While few knew about his full name, those who did all agreed it must have been a long and...Read On


At the Fair

Retired postal worker goes to county fair to relax, but finds something amiss.

Gus attended the county fair for some well earned leisure time and an afternoon filled with relaxed thoughts. He was a recent retiree from his career as a U.S. Postoffice mail sorter. He had spent long, painstaking hours accurately sorting mail, and packages into slots and trains of canvas-bags. He took personal pride getting every address precisely sorted to expedite delivery. He once got...Read On


Pizza Identity

I was sitting inside at a table with a few children, and we were doing puzzles. It was so hot that we, the teachers, had made the executive decision to bring the kids inside and just chill out. We had Netflix for kids on the TV and some of the children were sitting on the mat and watching. Three of them, actually, had fallen asleep, all in the same position, all facing the same...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 5: The Family Man

The 1st PPV might be behind us but the aftermath continues only on Monday Night Fuel

30th of September - Season 1 Heroes didn’t lose when it counted most. That was how all the movies went, right? Back in the dark ages, the fairytales always had the bad guy bite the dust in the end. So, if that was the case, then how the hell did he lose to Jim Kieck at Arbour Games? Just as John Kloof contemplated his failure from last night, a voice boomed on the P.A. system. ...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Seven

5. ‘Are you ready champ?’ ‘I am always ready. You know this.’ ‘Then let’s go.’ Paul Malone, with his trainer and manager in tow, makes his way out to a ring for the latest defence of his lightweight championship. The venue is packed to the rafters with approximately eight thousand people filling every available seat between them. The undercard for the night had been considered an...Read On


A time to harvest.

Reaping the harvest was no easy task, but hard work was always rewarding, and today was a special day! The people sang new songs and were full of joy! They bundled the grain and lifted it high as they carried it back to the store houses. They laughed and joked with each other as they took long drinks from the well to quench their thirst on the cool fall day.    No labor on this day was lost...Read On


Love&Affection Challenge ~ Puppy Love

Pets love us unconditionally

Pets complete our families. We had a tradition to always rescue animals from the shelter or donate food to the shelter.  We liked to help people keep their family pets when they were down on their luck. We would give them pet food or do whatever we could to help. We would even pet-sit so they wouldn't have to leave the pet alone for hospital stays or if they went on vacation.   We...Read On


A Prayer for Each One

She wanted him home safe



Fuel Season 1: Episode 4: Playing with Fire

When you play with fire, you're gonna get burnt... or will you? Find out tonight

23rd of September - Season 1 Bang! The slap stung, sending searing pain through his face. But as Jim Kieck stood there on the receiving side of this “assault”, he couldn’t help but think, okay, I deserved that one . He wanted to smile at the turn of events but didn’t. He knew better. He’d been here before and things usually went smoother if he acted just as disappointed in the turn...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Six

  In the dulled white brick common room of an asylum like facility for women and girls, mostly girls, some of whom as young as just nine years old, most of whom are held against their will, Majella Smith has an inquiry to make. This place is anything but kind to her, still, there are at least two individuals here with whom she can … confide in. Away from the steel mesh-covered windows and...Read On


Not Goldilocks

  Annie married a city fellow. She told her husband about kinfolk in Tennessee. She wanted them to meet. After their wedding, they set off to drive down. They went through the Great Smoky Mountains. Cars were stopped for a black bear on the road. Annie’s husband urged her to get out and get as close as possible for a photo. Annie stood in front of the bear, cute little purse over...Read On


Heroes Of The Revolution

Because Viktoria wanted to keep her occupation a secret, she travelled seventy kilometres each morning to work.  Today was the first of November and the familiar landscape lay covered by a fresh fall of snow. Gazing from the bus at the uniform whiteness, her thoughts turned to husband, Ivan. He had changed  since she started her new job. Often in a bad mood and forever criticising...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Five

3. ‘Packed house tonight, as expected, as the most anticipated rematch in recent history is only moments away. Can the challenger get one step closer to gold after the epic performance he put in last time out? Before our live broadcast goes in ring for the main event introductions I can tell you, if you didn’t already know, there are rumours that the champ is still reeling from that...Read On


Dirk's Family - An Introduction

An introduction to Dirk's Team and Family - The Dirty Dozen

Dirk was in his bunk listening to his dark country mix when Devin came in and smacked his boot hanging off the bed and said, "The boss wants you." He took out his earbuds and sprang out of the bunk and dropped to the floor and pumped out 50 pushups, stood up and then slapped Devin in the shoulder. "Any idea why the boss wants me?" "No, I'm just the messenger dude. He looks bored as usual and...Read On