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Laugh? I almost broke a rib!




Not all fields are pleasant, especially when you hate.

He hated his boss, ‘hated’ her. He always felt oppressed in his job, psychologically bullied because she simply took a dislike to him. He seemed to be the type of person whom, to her, was instantly dislikeable. It was not her who had hired him, so she had no choice but to accept him as an employee. He wondered if she was trying to find a way to dismiss him but then thought that perhaps...Read On


Dinner Time

It will get better



Dark Rum And Coke

This happens every time...

While standing in a shelter behind the starting line, I watched the timed, illuminated lights descend the Christmas Tree. In a rubber-tired chirp, my son rocketed away in an older model, black Mustang with dragster slicks. His first race - a 9.92 at 136.45 mph. I felt immense pride. We then moved over to the make-shift, open-air theatre in one of the university’s empty, mature elm...Read On


The Little Things

It's the little things of the job that make everything worth it. All the stress of working in education, all the meetings with the big bosses, the paperwork, the endless staff meetings, professional developments, the weekend-long courses, all the after-hours work we have to put it to get work complete, that all just seems to melt away with the little moments that happen each day. Those...Read On


What Is It Good For

Absolutely nothing



Love Story


The hurts,  the words are blurry to read, and it takes long to finish a page,  but the never ending pain lingers.  The love,  the chapters come to an end unnoticed,  and the memories keep flashing back, but the never ending pain lingers.  The breaking,  the romance didn't make sense  and doubts starting to build a home,  but the never ending pain lingers.  The healing,  the never ending...Read On

Recommended Read

Going Steady

Sunny days, drive-ins, and the way it goes

Old enough to drive. Old enough to own a car. Old enough to go steady. The first Saturday after Jake Terwilliger turned sixteen he went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get his license. He struggled a little with the written test, but he passed the driving part with no problems. It was a sunny spring day in the Ozarks. They drove his family's old '52 Ford during the test. Jake was used...Read On



Where do we go from here?

I want to fly somewhere. Where my heart will feel happy, and it will make another heart happy. I want to swim the deepest sea. Where my heart will feel like about to explode of too much happiness and will make someone heart explode because of too much happiness. I want to run into his arms. Where I can envelop in his loving arms, to feel the warmth of his body with mine. I want to dance...Read On


The Fisherman and the Mermaid

Do you believe in Mermaids?

    “Mermaids, Kelpies, Harpies,” he muttered. “Superstitious fools.” The old fisherman was motoring his dory out of the harbor. “They blame the lack of skill on make believe creatures.” Fishing had been down recently. Soon the fisherman had his 200 hook line baited and laid out. He laid back under a tarp and the stars to sleep. Waking, he started to retrieve the line. A club in...Read On


Housing Shortage

Hunting for a new apartment is a hassle for everyone



In the Closet

Things get weird in the closet and out.

The phone rang as I was locking up for the night and I thought about leaving it ring. Then I thought about my bank account, went back around the desk, picked up, and said: “Conde.” An older man’s voice came on the line, dry as a desert bone. “Ah yes, Mr. Benjamin Conde of the Conde Detective Agency I presume?” “The same.” “Splendid, Mr. Conde. Splendid. Ah, yes, Mr. Conde, my name is...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 9

Lockwood House is back in Imogen's ghostly hands, but at what cost?

First of all, Grace wanted a room with a sturdy lock on the door: the werewolf's victim must be secured in readiness for her painful and disorienting first transformation. They chose the guest bedroom which Olive had already cleared of most furniture and other obstacles and got Eli to move Olivia again, careless as if she was a sack of potatoes. Then Grace sent Eli out to find chains, and...Read On


LDR Musing II: Andrew and I and Unemployment // Long Distance Sucks

When you're broke and your 5-year anniversary is coming up and all you want... is to hold him.

Long Distance isn't romantic. It isn't hidden love letters and long visits with the knowledge you'll see them again in six months. Long distance is loving someone so much it hurts to be away from them. It's knowing that they're blushing or smiling or crying just by the tone of their silence - they don't even have to giggle or speak anymore, you just know. It's dreaming that they are there...Read On


The Secrets of Another -- Part 5

Jennifer reveals more than she thinks.

  V   LURKING IN SHADOW   “ Contentment with life is not a feeling, but it is a decision we must make. ”   —Joyce Meyer     The final bell had rung, and the students of Riverhaven High School were dismissed from another day of class. The hustle of young adults moving throughout the building slowly died down as time went on, some of them finding their appropriate school buses,...Read On


The Tram

Now she always walks to work.



Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 20

“I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me on the twenty-fourth?"

Athens. December 24 th , 1941   Life in Athens continued as normal once the furor of the attempted assassination of the SS officer had died down. News had reached Katarina that the SS had left no stone unturned in the search for the perpetrators and families had been arrested and taken away to be interrogated with many men being shot along the way.   About a week later, she...Read On


Fatal Vision

When disbelief turns deadly...

I could not help remembering the old homeless man who explained that he possesses psychic abilities. I thought him nothing more than delusional when he told me he could see into the future, glimpsing visions of when and how others would die. I scoffed, for surely no one ever believed him. That exchange and his grim face were my last thoughts as I bled out on the street in front of the truck...Read On


The World Has Bigger Problems

Who likes Johnny Mathis?



The tales of a little boy and a little girl and the flowers

Love is shown in your deed, it is not just shown in your words. Love is something you do, .......

Tale 1 A little boy was fond of a little girl who was studying next class. They lived in a beautiful small town. Then, the little boy picked the wildflowers on the roadside for the little girl after school every day. The little girl was very glad to have the gift. She always showed a lovely smile on her face when the little boy handed her the flowers. He always blushed with a...Read On


Bite-Sized Giggles

Baking cookies is next to godliness...

So, if needed, this is what I’ll tell the police... When a child has a birthday, my daughter’s school, like probably most every other school, allows the students to bring, in celebration of their own birthday, treats for their classmates. Numerous times, my kids and I have had this conversation. I complain, saying that if it’s someone’s birthday, shouldn’t the class be treating the...Read On


The New Patient

For her, the war had never been personal, but the new patient had fought there and been wounded.

On a hot Friday afternoon in the summer of 1970, a young nursing student left work at the VA hospital, and hurried out to the nearby bus stop on First Avenue. The usual stop-and-go Friday traffic appeared to be stuck on stop. From the open windows of a gypsy cab came the sound of an all-news station. “In other national news, a Defense Department spokesman said 18,000 of the 31,000 US...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 8

Events begin to spiral out of Imogen's control.

It all happened so fast. Eli grabbed the dog by the scruff of the neck and the animal wilted into submission at once, whimpering. Olivia lay in the grass, still and silent. Imogen hung back, not daring to look. "Is she -" her voice wavered. Without touch, taste or smell, events were passing unstoppably before her, like a nightmare she couldn't wake from. She couldn't hold back the tide of...Read On


My Rock Star Prince

My little rock star is growing up

Oh where did the time go  My rock star  From cribs and rocking chairs  Long, sleepless nights  Lullabies that only Mommy can sing  To  Xbox video games, girls and cars  And 'Mom, I'll call you later' So many dreams to dream Keeping dreaming big dreams  You have grown wise and responsible for your age  But no matter how big you get, you're still  My Rock Star     ...Read On


Too Young To Know The Difference

A Little Too Close

Long about 1952, as a five-year-old, one day Dad, Uncle Stan and Uncle Vern were making a dump run and the back of the truck was filled with garbage. Two or three of us kids were invited to go along. I’m sure it wasn’t an invite from Dad but most likely from Uncle Stan who was much more appreciative of youngins. The adults were in the cab, and us kids jumped in the back, on top of the crap...Read On


Daddy's girl

I dedicate this poem to my wonderful dad.

Two fifteen one morning To everyone's surprise My daddy took me in his arms And looked into my eyes   It was twenty-eight years ago If I go back to the start Dad cuddled up his newborn girl I already won his heart   At five years old he made me laugh On horseback, we would play If I fell off, he would pick me up To ride another day   At fourteen years my father said I filled...Read On


Remembering Pop's

My pop's

My story begins the day my father died. He was my friend,my mentor, but first and foremost my wonderful loving father. He tried to teach me all about the pains of the world. He would talk every day and he had the patience of Job. He could be funny and very strict. He had to be with 5 children, me being the oldest. We would watch baseball and the fights together.the other's were not as...Read On


The Secrets of Another -- Part 4

Jennifer is haunted by a dream that perplexes reality.

  IV     AND THE DREAMS COME       “ Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary . . . ”     —Edgar Allan Poe   The rain had not yet ceased, even as the sun fell below the horizon. Many of the town’s residents turned in for the night, and the shops began to close due to the lack of business caused by the gloomy weather. Streets were empty, with the golden...Read On


My Little Pumpkin Princess

My princess is all grown up

Oh wow  Where did the time go  From sippy cups and cribs  And Mommy watch this  To  Boys and trucks and no mommy  My mini me  in every way  Now its wedding plans and big dreams  Picking up AJ's toys and singing lullabies You have grown into a wise young lady  But will always be my pumpkin princess   ...Read On

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Was it just lurking, waiting to take me by surprise?