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Withering Cello

  Darkness can lead to depression, insecurity, and anxiety. If you ain't hap-hap happy in the shadows. Dark needs no light when all roads lead to the twilight of a thousand years. But don't be sad, take my hand. Fadeaway from your broken heart and latch on to dark's addiction. Feel your veins bleed from red to cold. Listening to the silence of the withering cello.      ...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 15 – The Dark Night

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

It may not be Christmas, but it's Die Hard tonight as Solo tries to thwart Thawn's evil ploy...

18th of January – Season 2 "So what's going on with you, man," said Styles.  "Are you ever going to start posting on your  Formulary  page or what?" Solo Magubane let out a deep breath. "C'mon, just drive the car, man." Besides the fact that this was the fifth time that Styles had asked him about that in the space of a week, Solo was also irritated because he remembered just how much...Read On


Let's take a trip

Series: Back to my roots

Seb and Cindy decide what to do with the weekend. Three of five

Saturday I suppose it’s the first sign that she’s into you, asking you to go away for a few days. Maybe I should have suggested it but I didn’t have the money. At least she does, or at any rate the contacts. So what happens? It’s a warm early evening in late August and I’m meeting Cindy in town. I’ve spent the day in the sun and am showered and shaved and ready for a big night. The taxi...Read On



Third of three connecting stories that can also stand alone.

Insomnia ... I can’t get no sleep ... Can he who is haunted by his actions pass on such a haunting with one single final action? Total darkness, eyes open, disturbed by an unending plop ... plop ... plop ... all there is, and it is all around, an eternal mind-numbing drip that must be stopped, it needs to be stopped. Fully awake in a conscious slumber, that drip must be found and ended....Read On


Gold Ribbons

I remember the window of the sun. I remember the peeling paint on the picket fence. I remember when the sun never winked until noon. Then came the summer rains as a spark tore the blue and umbrellas dripping rainbows. I remember little Lord Jesus and the drummer boy. Most of all, I remember my granny's sewing box and gold ribbons of when she was a young girl.  ...Read On



Metamorphosis:- a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For many, the eyes can tell a whole story on their own before even the beginnings of a word can be spoken. Eyes, they don’t lie … unless they want to and at that, they can then offer a deceptive sense of calm. A point came in the young life of a certain...Read On


Chance encounter

Series: Back to my roots

July. Seb meets an old friend and receives a phone call. Second part of five

Saturday I’m heading down the street in the direction of The Red Lion. I’m out late tonight. You know how it is, too much time spent lying in the sun knocks you out if you’re not careful. Now I’m trying to find the others, Dixie, Billy, Callum and the rest. I’ve been to The Ship and a couple of other places already and there’s no sign of them. That said, I’m feeling good. It’s a warm...Read On


Love Made Me Do It

No one can know any of what I’m about to tell, but still, I’m putting it out there. I can’t help myself, either in action or with placing dots out in the open where they can easily be connected if one were so inclined to link those dots together. Maybe I want to be caught; on some level, this must be true. If I am caught then I’m sure that’ll be that, I’ll be toast... Brown bread, either at...Read On


Dust Motes

This is how I come to love the dark in writing. Without a map. Now comprised of Trappists and interesting people. From my bookshop's Rolodex. It started with a fascination. Then withdrawing from my insomnia while stroking my black cat. Now I am living in the dark aware of my proclivities to steep my tea with a bit of truth. There is honesty in the dark when a shadow is my muse. It started...Read On


Same Day Round

Nicole's coughing woke Nigel and Ian. It was half seven in the morning and in a way, it was just as well that the three friends were awake. The owner of the shop doorway they had been sleeping in would be arriving soon to open for about eight and he has a severe dislike of the idea that his premises are being used in the manner that the three waking friends are using it. The coughing...Read On


Back To My Roots

Series: Back to my roots

Heading home for the summer, under a cloud. First of five part story

Wednesday So that’s it. The journey into wonderland is over as soon as it started. I’m sitting on the train, looking out of the window at the fields passing. It’s a beautiful evening in June and the sky is blue and cloudless. It’ll be getting dark soon and I’m making the most of it before it does. There’s still a fair amount of the journey home to go. I’m sipping from a cold can of...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 27

“Where are you going?” he asked abruptly. “Berlin,” Katarina replied.

Dresden, February 13 th 1945   Katarina and Maria seemed to be waiting for a long time for a tram that they were beginning to think, wasn't coming. Furthermore, they seemed to be the only ones waiting. The sky was devoid of clouds, and the stars twinkled and glimmered brightly in the dark, night sky. It would have been a beautiful scene was it not for the cold that seemed...Read On


Watergate Park

A very odd encounter ...

During the latter half of 1989 and on into the early months of 1990 some of the local football fields in the town of Watergate along with the river which flowed alongside, were given a makeover and transformed into a public park with lakes, a geezer and so on and this park opened to the public early in the summer of 1990. Across the street where Jennifer Langton lives in this park and...Read On


The Swan

I saw something one night. Could it be what it appeared to be?

Strange things do happen and more often than not they tend to happen to me. This is the telling of the kind of thing that does happen. Went into the bar of a nearby hotel one evening, met up with a few of the lads, had a few drinks, and watched the televised football. It was late in the year, quite nippy outside but after having a few pints it always doesn't seem to be quite as cold as...Read On


A Winter's Day

this crap isn't helping my self-esteem one damn bit, she thought in a burst of bitter self-pity

The weak light from a leaden sky revealed a scattering of forlorn leaves clinging to the dark, wet limbs of trees bordering a deserted playground and half-empty parking lot. Cold, misty rain and swirling winds hastened the inevitable outcome of this doomed struggle.  A typical winter's day in New York, thought, Gwen Kaplan, as she took in the scene from inside her snug bedroom. To her,...Read On


The Light

From the far side of the street, Nathan could see that the living room light of his apartment was on, but when he had left for work it had been quite bright so he knew that he had not accidentally left it on. He entered the estate grounds after keying in the security code to the pedestrian gate and watched as that apartment light went out before he could even get to the steps that lead up to...Read On


Room 15

A metal detector finds the key to a room in an abandoned hotel. Should it be investigated?

As the wind carved its way swiftly across the sand and rocks of the Wirral side of the River Dee, seagulls tried desperately to maintain some sort of stability as they circled in the air, and a few dogs that were out still played and jumped around as though not affected. One of those dogs, ‘Baron’, a three-year-old border-collie sniffed around the rocks and pebbles for nothing in particular,...Read On



I remember. "Get Wildroot Cream-Oil, Charlie." To slick back my hair, in a duck style. It was the rage, as cooties slipped in the grease. I remember my mom's bonnet hat pins. I remember Little Lulu in the comic strips. What happened to the ashtrays in cars? I remember fried chicken on Sundays after Church. I remember my little puppy dog. I remember playing Red Rover with my friends. Where...Read On


Year End Bash [S2] – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

As the end of the year approaches, the F-X racers look to finish off at the top...

13th of December – Season 2  Growing up with a legendary racing father, Beatrix Honeycomb had learnt how to tell the difference between having skill and having talent. In fact, it was this ability that made her realize that no matter how much she knew about motorsport, she was not destined to be a driver like her father. Fortunately, she'd figured this out by the age of 18 so that by...Read On


No More Lum 'n Abner

I lost my youth when the radio died. No more Lum 'n Abner, sponsored by Frigidaire. I miss the static. Where have all the furrows gone, when planting potatoes? Now just a wrinkle in memories, buried in rows.  Where has the sawmill gone that cut the lumber? Now but a gate with peeling paint and a rusted hinge. But I remember Tom Sawyer. No more milk in glass bottles.  Where are the strings...Read On

Recommended Read

A Runner

Young runner finds that there is more to ability than just winning or losing

“One day, you’re going to thank God you’ve got that speed, lad.” Those were the words of old Jack Linley to eighteen-year-old Danny Friar after the young man had run a solo one hundred metres trial on grass. While Danny, in his running gear, and spiked trainers, looked on anxiously, from a distance. the old man showed the time on his stopwatch to his two back-up trainers Vic Tanner, and...Read On


The Bridge

Crossing the bridge of embers burned. Where have all my ghosts gone? On a night painted with snow. So silently my mind drifts to when we were but young lovers. Spanning memories of our lagoon, when we were like dolphins. So in love. Where has the calliope of music gone?  On the midway of our love's blessings. Crossing the bridge of embers burned.     ...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 14 – Never Say Die

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

With their rivalry over, both Mandla and King Kloof must deal with the consequences of the rebellion

14th of December – Season 2 MANDLA What have I done?  That was the thought going through Mandla Xulu's mind as he made his way through the parking lot of the Fuel Speedway which was littered with trash. It was the work of the protesters, that much was obvious. While Mandla was thankful that the security had managed to get rid of the rowdy ones before they did something they...Read On


Who I Am

Above all else, I am a kind heart beneath the exterior of my conservative attire. I lusted in my heart for Budweiser and chips. I majored in "goofing off" stretching my parent's purses. At an Ivy League school where I was, the square peg in a world of Shinola shined shoes. It became the age of seasoning as papa sprinkled salt on my theatrics as I waisted his dime. I joined the Marine...Read On


The Spirit of the Bayonet Fighter

“What is the spirit of the bayonet fighter? To kill, to kill, with cold, cold steel”

  Back in 1961, I heard on the radio that Kennedy had sent 500 US Special Forces and military advisors to a place called Vietnam. I was just starting high school at the time. It was the first time I remember hearing about that country. We also had a war going on in the Korean peninsula. Things were pretty tense with the Cold War between NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries. Kennedy and...Read On


S.E.C.R.E.T. Chapter 6

The tech lab shares a wall with their workstation, yet they need to take the long way around. Captain Euryale has mentioned adding a door in the detectives' station that would connect to the tech lab, but it would have to go in her office or they would need to rewire the entire room. Valerian's uncertain as to what she has decided. He doesn't bother knocking, just enters Devan's lab....Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 13 – Reprisal

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Dime sets his sights on an old rival as he finally takes revenge from an incident in February...

30th of November – Season 2 The word success had always been a strange one to Dime. It was mostly because it was a subjective notion yet it was treated as an objective one. Everyone always measured success by some broad definition rather than by specific criteria. His career in Formula-X was a good example. Many would say that he hadn't had much success due to a lack of titles and...Read On


Blue Eyes Daisy

In latitude between Autumn and Spring. As the shadow of the solstice kisses me goodnight with your smile in profile. Bury me lazy, with your blue eyes daisy. Feed me breadcrumbs of memories in the solemn of my oak portmanteau. Beneath the lights, of when we were young, as the trellis grew red roses. When the world wasn't so crazy. In latitude between Autumn and Spring.  Bury me lazy, with...Read On


Show-Down in Durban - A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

For the first time ever, the F-X racers take the action to mainland, South Africa. Durban get ready!

29th of November - Season 2 Captain Khumalo never really understood why they insisted on calling the monthly racing events "pay-per-views". To him, events of this calibre were called grands prix and nothing else, but he'd gone along with it. Currently, Ken Khumalo was sitting on a plane that was making its final descent into King Shaka International Airport. Captain Khumalo had...Read On


God's Pilot Light

Darkness is my pilot light. Slipping the bonds of twilight. Letting dreams come to me, as I listen to the evening bells. No dreams too far, to touch my star. That embraces the truth of who you are. A winter's solstice, closer to God.  Slipping the bonds of twilight.  Darkness is my pilot light.   ...Read On