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Vampire Justice Part 34

Carlo gets captured again and the trials start for Molly and Sebastian

Leona sat on the bench and called court back in session. There were three cases on the docket for the evening session. The VJS had all cases decided by the presiding judge. Leona sat stiff and formal, as she scanned the courtroom. Molly with Raven, her lawyer, sat on the left side wall of the bench. Sebastian and Carlo waited in a holding cell behind a closed door to the right of the bench....Read On



One enchanting night...

  They are standing by the window wrapped in each others arms. Enjoying the view of the enchanting super blood blue moon, brightly shining in the starless night sky. Fireflies are like stars below. Flying around the lovers as they kiss, surrounded by the magical glow. Storm is brewing between the lovers as their kiss turns to one passionate kiss after another, ignites a fire within...Read On



Our eyes can be deceptive when viewing oneself

I have been at war with my body for as long as I can remember. My mind always asking the body, "Why can't you just be what I want?" and my body asking, "Why can't you love me as I am?" If this was a relationship between two people, it would be seen as abusive. The endless diets, overexercising, pills, corsets, and body wraps is my punishment for the reflection in the mirror. Only to cry...Read On


The Autumn

Changing seasons...

On his morning walk into the woods He saw his bench  A girl sat alone on it Looking at nothingness. His heart felt heavy Taking a seat next to her He smiles and says hello And offers her his coffee jug Why is autumn sad? She says looking at the falling leaves He looks at the leaves blowing in the wind It is not sad It is the most colorful season Next to Spring Autumn is my favorite Except...Read On


Girl Fears Ghost Girl

Once so wonderful. And so alive.

Night on the beach. Awakening suddenly, David felt Jamie’s dark hair tickling his cheek. He stirred on the towel. “How long was I asleep?” “Only for a few minutes,” Jamie said. “You must be beat.” Easy night, peace. The sky clear above a sea dark as itself. The eastern stars were ushering up the aging half-moon, still clinging to the ocean’s edge. This old ocean that could take one...Read On


The Lion, The Wolf, and The Fox

The lion strode proudly from the bush into the open tundra. Unafraid of being seen. The shoulder high grass failing to hide his massive mane. He canted his head as a scent in the air told him she was near. A small throaty growl gives notice that he is aware. She weaves her way through the dense undergrowth. Darting in and out of cover. Her thick bushy tail held low as she prowled and rising...Read On


When The Last Leaf Falls

Who wil be there



Black Dog - Chapter 11

An icy breath awoke Verity. She lay still, her eyes closed. "Would you like a cup of tea, dear?" asked a familiar elderly voice in the dark. Verity opened her eyes to see Imogen looking down at her. The cheerless watery light of morning shone through big French windows. Verity sat up, wiping her bleary eyes and trying to remember why she'd gone to sleep curled up on the sofa in the icy...Read On


Another Life Lesson From Dad

Supporting evidence for the importance of a father's presence in their young daughter's life...

“What’s that now?” I first swallowed then spat, before explaining again. “Trap the pointier edges between your upper and lower front teeth.” “Like this?” "No." I showed her again. "Like this?" “Kinda.” I then spat. “Like this?” “Better.” “This?” “Yes. Perfect.” I spat again. “Now, bite down until you feel it split.” I waited for the snapping sound before I spat again. “But not...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 33

The trials start with Molly and Sebastian first.

As the sun set, Leona awoke from her sleep, ready to take on the role of judge and jury in the cases of Carlo and Molly. It was a position her brother usually held, but he was in Europe on vampire business with Andrei. Leona went to the other casket and woke her consort and creation, who was formerly Slade's police partner. The women entered the VJS squad room looking for Slade and Eran...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 32

Carlo gets captured with Molly staying in the background.

Carlo drove around the city, thinking of where to go and what to do. He knew he was alone now and any fae who helped him would face the same punishment that he would get. He needed a place to hide and gather his thoughts for the future. Carlo thought, "All my things are in my special area at the tavern. If I can get there, I can plan my departure from this city. I can take a few faes with me...Read On


A Bank Savings Account Book

A harmonious relationship is built on the true love.

My mother presented me with a bank savings account book on the eve of my wedding. There was $1000.00 in it. My mother smiled and said, ‘You both are going to deposit some money in it from time to time, when something is worth for memorable. Besides the money, you both learn that there will have the unlimited happiness as you both grow old together!’ My husband deposited $500.00 twice later...Read On



TRIGGER WARNING The following contains information about assault, violence, suicide, bodily arm, ho

The small drops of blood had now dried up from my wounds as I lay down on the cold floor of our basement. It had been over an hour now and I was tired from all the crying.  The pain was unbearable and yet this wasn't even the worst.  There had been worse times. When he would tie me up in our basement and beat me up while he mouthed all sorts of profanities until I was unconscious.  I...Read On


Never Without You

There you are I’ve found you. I knew you wouldn’t be far. For a moment there I thought I had lost you. Tears welled up in me and my emotions – uncontrollable. In a brief moment of time I saw you lying there; my whole body in denial and the doctor’s shaking their head. One nurse didn’t give up. “One, two, three - breathe.” The doctor led me into a waiting room. Then when I hit the...Read On


Middle Men

What is the meaning of life

We walk the path of life, With death waiting at the finish line. The beginning and end are the same, What matters is the middle. Tis the path of the middle men…   What if life and death made transactions, And we were nothing more than the middle men. Our plans, our dreams, our future, Doesn’t really matter once the transaction expires.   Like the famous expression, #YOLO. You...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 10

By evening, Imogen had fallen into a doze in the chair by the fireplace, her nerves worn out, and Eli had vanished without a word. This left Verity practically alone, to examine her surroundings at her leisure. At the mantlepiece, she investigated the curious assortment of ornaments: a collection that ranged from ugly worthless knick-knacks to objects of considerable beauty and...Read On


Serial Killer

What's in their minds...

Inch by inch I will eat you, till your bones are showing. This will not be torture, you won't feel pain. This will be an easy death. Am I a serial killer? Want to know about me? Well I am the only one who can save you from falling off this tree, that you keep hanging from. Soon I will have wings to fly so I can keep on feeding from creatures, other than what I can eat out from you. I...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant hearts. Chapter 22

“But Ma'am, the engine is going to seize it's too hot!”

Benghazi. December 24 th , 1941   Maria stared intently at the terrain unfolding before her whilst trying to avoid all the rocks and holes that made the track so uneven. She was acutely aware that she had three soldiers behind her who were probably in considerable pain and every bump would exacerbate that greatly. She glanced increasingly often at the fuel gauge, willing the...Read On



keep on smiling...

The water is calmly flowing in one direction like a river. The storm from last night is now a drizzle. Everyone is having their hot coffee to stop the chill from the morning dew. She can smell their neighbor's breakfast, a toyo (dried fish) and garlic fried rice. Her mother is cooking their breakfast, an arroz caldo (rice porridge) with lots of fried garlic and hard boiled egg. Giving each...Read On


[NorthWorld] Thorgaut Kabbisson: Chapter 2 - NightFall!

Thorgaut heads down a weird trail in the forest

The first wolf came in low. Thorgaut caught it with a backhanded blow from his bow just behind the ear. The wolf reeled back and fell over. Thorgaut hoped it wasn't dead, but didn't have time to check it now. The last wolf took a flying leap into the air, reaching for his throat with its open jaws. Thorgaut grabbed it by the neck with both hands. These were normal sized wolves that would...Read On


Darling, Kiss Me

Through my mind my life is flowing

This poem may be sung using the music of " La Complainte du Partisan " ("The Partisan"), a song about the French Resistance in World War II. The song was written in 1943 in London by Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie (lyrics) and Anna Marly (music). It has been covered by numerous people, including the version by Leonard Cohen. My poem uses the music to create the flow of the words. ***** ...Read On


Christopher's Toil

his recent lack of human contact had done little to dispel the myth...

A gentle breeze rustled the leaves which had been scattered haphazardly around the secluded woodland cabin. The local druids knew that the spirits of the trees from which the leaves had been collected would wander the nearby environment to watch over their every fallen stipule and bract. Of course, the reason for enticing the tree spirits to this incidental vigil over the dwelling was to...Read On


[NorthWorld] Thorgaut Kabbisson: Chapter 1 - Lost!

Follow Thorgaut Kabbisson on his journey to become king of the North

Thorgaut Kabbisson walked along the edge of woods trying to get his bearings. He was lost and he knew it. Something was wrong. He should have been back at their little camp. It wasn't very big, but there is no way that he could have missed it and walked past it. The sun hung low on the horizon. Darkness would soon be upon him. He wanted to stop and build a fire to warm up, but he needed to...Read On


The One Still Here

She's the one who has to grieve




Looks could be deceiving...

Escaping away for dear life. He keeps looking back, checking if anyone is after him under this forest trees. The sun is blazing hot. Tired from escaping, he stops by a flowery rock to rest.  He sees one big flower enough to hide and walks towards it, while talking. "You're one big beautiful flower aren't you, very unique too. I bet you can hide me inside your petals" He gets inside...Read On


Misadventures of Violet and Tarot

A big smirk came upon the woman’s face as she heard the price of the deal. “So you are willing to pay so much for such a little task?” She grabbed him by his vest and pulled him closer. “You better not be lying, you damn Aristocrat.” His two men soon had drawn their guns on her, ready to pull the trigger. “Men please put your guns away. I don’t think her crew would let you live for what you...Read On


The Visitor

Often, we only want someone who will listen...

"You're early today, sweetheart," she said She didn't notice time passing by with him. He will kiss her hand before leaving.  The next day she waited ... Sitting in her usual seat with her coffee and donuts. She found him early one morning, licking her display glass window from then on they eat donuts together. She will talk and he will listen. She will be happy the whole day after he...Read On


"Go to Guy"

The only compliment one ever needs to hear



Another Time Another Universe

Maybe in another time, in another universe things will be perfectly clear.

In that other universe, we are the lucky ones. In that other universe, we have finally made it. In that other universe, we never experienced what we experienced here. Life never weathered or hardened us the way it did, it never dug into the depths of our souls, it never perforated our hearts. In that other universe, we didn’t associate love with leaving. In that other universe, we always...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 21

“Hum unhen khoj nahin chahie, sarjent?” one of the other soldiers said.

Benghazi. December 11 th , 1941   Try as she might, Maria found that sleep was almost impossible. There were no lights to keep her awake, and the sounds of the guards outside as they changed watch were barely audible. No, it was the situation that kept her awake. After a few hours she decided that a brief walk in the cold night air might help shake off the constant thoughts...Read On