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Why We Don't Eat Our Young

From a few years ago, but the sentiment still holds true today...

The Boy Able to take advantage of a much-ballyhooed birthday gift, my son successfully completed an introductory snorkeling class. We then went shopping. Standing at the mercy of an empty big box sporting goods store, not comforted by the proper diving specialty shop we should have visited, I quickly realized my mistake. The sales associate was young and kind, but ultimately...Read On


The Last Days

Series: Diary of a Fabulous Dreamer

Tuesday 8 June - Grass So what do you do for the last few days of college, when the exams are over?  Have a ball, of course.  You might not have much money to spend, but when did that ever stop you?  These are your salad days, after all, the last before you go out into the big wide world and face what they all call reality.  Best to make the most of it while you can.  Right now,...Read On


Brainwashing Backfires

How a washed brain can become dirtier?

Many years ago, I was a woman teacher in Iran. The following story happened in the early 1990s. As any teacher or student has experienced, there is always some noise in the classroom. There is no way to achieve absolute silence, and I don't believe any attempt should be made to change that. Students need to talk, and sometimes talking helps them to understand better. I tried to keep...Read On


The Salt Made

A story of a woman with child who have unusual fantasies and a nefarious appetite.



The Long Road Home. Chapter 32.

“I... I'm sorry, I thought you said that Matron Langsdorff was your sister?”

Berlin, February 15th, 1945   Maria woke suddenly. The room she occupied was filled with the eerie wailing of an air-raid siren. She had been in a deep sleep, bourne from exhaustion, and the sound echoed and screeched in her ears. The room was no larger than a cupboard, just big enough to accommodate the bed she was lying on and a coat stand. High above in the wall was a small, fixed...Read On


The Wish

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Three men had been friends for most of their lives, from elementary school through college. They had even been working at the same firm since graduation. In their late twenties, they decided to go on vacation together to a remote tropical resort. Their names were Dave, Jimmy, and Roland. On the third morning of their vacation, they decided to go jogging on the beach. As the three friends...Read On


An Educational Leap

How I stopped my students from becoming child soldiers

My name is Leila. I'm a lesbian from Iran. I migrated to Britain a few years ago. I was a teacher in my country and the story that follows happened in the summer of 1986 when I was in my twenties. In order to make my story understandable for a foreign reader, I should explain the situation of those years. Shortly after the 1979 revolution, a theocratic dictatorship began which harshly...Read On


The Cabin In The Woods

The winter of 1597 was particularly harsh. It started snowing in late autumn. Most, if not all were unprepared for the long, cold winter to come. Jacob was such a man. He lived alone in a small cabin in the woods. The autumn was a time to stock the larder and fill the log shed. The early snow had left him with a near empty larder and log supply. Most of what little he had were taken by...Read On


The Second Formula-X Grand Prix – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

The biggest night in Formula-X where the stars are shining bright and eternal glory is in the air!

30th of May – Season 2 When Angela Moodley had seen the sheer amount of people when she arrived, she was shocked. The streets were packed with people arriving for the event. While she'd seen crowds before at previous pay-per-views and even at the Fuel Speedway, this was different. These people could have easily numbered in the thousands. It took her almost an hour to find parking for...Read On


The Poppy Field

I woke to the sound of bird-call. The clock told me it was eight-thirty, that’s late for me. I turned to see an empty pillow, he’s up. I had better get up, he’ll be waiting for me in the kitchen no doubt. He must have snuck out of bed, he usually wakes me. Oh well, I was getting on a bit, I deserved a lie in now and then. I’d had a good sleep, I was feeling happy, today was going to be a...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 30 – The Crown Jewel

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

In the last episode of the season, the F-X King's mystery opponent scouts her rival...

24th of May – Season 2 When Devì Pandey woke up, she immediately felt regret. She looked over to the man sharing her bed and sighed. While she'd always found Rao handsome and always enjoyed spending the night with him, their on-again-off-again relationship was becoming exhausting. It was all because of the press. They'd seen them out together last night forcing them to play to...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 29 – Tempered Fury

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

While Jim enjoys playing reserve with his rosebuds, a temper tantrum catches his attention...

17th of May – Season 2 When Jim Kieck pulled into the Fuel Speedway parking lot, he was smiling. Why wouldn't he be when he had three beautiful women as passengers in his convertible. Jim was wary of the fans that were eying him suspiciously, but he purposefully took note of one racer who didn't approve at all. "Something wrong, Stevie?" Jim, now with a lady under each arm and...Read On


First Born

Getting to see his child grown-up in the future is something he'll wish he'd never seen.

He squeezed his eyes tight and placed his palm over his ear in a vain attempt to shut out the noise that felt like a hammer blow to his brain each time it ricocheted into the bedroom. He lay in his bed, in the darkness, facing the window, the warmth of the duvet cocooning him like a caterpillar. Rain lashed the window, and thunder rumbled away in the distance, but the shed door continued to...Read On


The Baby Races

Harm came to no babies in this story.

The actions of this story took place on Easter of 1988. I was attending The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. My oldest brother Tony, his wife and his one-year-old son, John, lived in Columbus and I had caught a ride with them to our parents’ home for the Holiday.  All of my siblings, their significant others and their children were going to be at my household to celebrate the...Read On


The Monster Within (Part 4)

Can Vincent finally find peace?

December 1999… I awoke about a decade ago, and had continued my exploration of America. I, however, felt an irresistible pull to the south. Unable to fight it and unsure of what awaited me, I found myself in New Orleans. Can blood drain from the face of a vampire? It certainly felt like it. Standing inside the art gallery in New Orleans, I was shocked into immobility, unable to move...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 28 – The Bad Omen

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Blackcat sets his eyes on the upcoming big time relay race while contemplating his new teammate...

10th of May – Season 2 The one part of his craft that Blackcat had found hard to grasp at first was animal symbolism. The original Master Spell-Castor had found this ironic considering the name he'd chosen as his own: Blackcat. Eventually, he'd mastered his lessons in symbolism which was why he'd found himself currently fascinated with the raven.   FRUSTRATIONS OF A KING ...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 31.

What she saw shocked her. The once busy streets were strewn with rubble.

Berlin, February 14 th 1945   It was a tired and very nervous young woman who walked away from the supplies truck. Katarina felt that it was better not to be associated with the young man who had stolen it. She had enough trouble before she left, almost five years before. To her, though, it felt a lifetime. In that five years, the whole world had changed, and everything she knew...Read On



Rosa went upstairs to check on Karen to find her on her knees in her bedroom apparently playing with someone who wasn’t actually there. Having been a nanny for many years Rosa didn’t see any harm in the fact that a nine-year-old had an imaginary friend, it has been something she had seen on a number of occasions and if no good ever came from it before then Rosa was unaware of that no good....Read On


The Monster Within (Part 3)

Vincent continues his journey into a new century...

Damn me, God! I hadn’t meant to kill him — or had I? After wandering the streets for God knows how long, the events continued to swirl inside my head as I struggled to settle upon one emotion. Since the unfortunate incident, I had been racked with hurt, rage, shame and guilt. An innocent tree bore the brunt of my frustration with its trunk stained red from my pounding, bloody fists. My...Read On


Protecting Luna-Chapter Two: Luna's Awakening

Series: The Trials of Hope Chronicles

Tara awakens in the Bloodraven Pack Hospital.

Tara woke to the constant beep of the heart monitor. She looked around the small, whitewashed room that blinded her light-sensitive eyes to the bright LED lights. She turned her head slowly, feeling the soft linen bandages wrapped tightly around her chest, hiding the nasty scars from her view. She felt like shedding a tear, knowing that someone had seen the evidence of her abuse, but none...Read On



‘Forgive me father for I have sinned...’ Father Joe usually took confession on a Friday evening and on one certain Friday in particular his first confession would also be his last of the evening. This one confession stunned him so to the point that he would not be able to continue on taking more. It would take him to his own past and also have him question his future. ‘...Twenty-five...Read On



The worst thing about being an executive of any business in a time of recession is when it is decided that the necessary cutbacks are to be job losses, especially when one of the unfortunate employees is a friend or even a neighbour or even someone who is both. This morning I had to let Arthur Dempsey go. Arthur is in his late fifties, even though he is well experienced and very dependable,...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 27 – Ride Together, Die Together

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

For the 1st time in the series, ride along with Longs and Lats as they get another shot at glory...

3rd of May – Season 2 Latitude was booking it, sprinting across the road, almost getting hit by a car. But he didn't care... he needed to get him back! The person who took him entered an apartment building across the street and was moving so fast he went right through a glass door. Finding himself trapped, the person bolted for the stairs and ran all the way up to the roof four stories...Read On


Ghosts of Cheyenne Mountain

They left the greatest military installation in the world unguarded?

“It’s all lies,” Seth told us, as he passed the joint to Cam. “The government will never tell you anything important.” Seth and Cam and Kyle huddled in the shadows of Cheyenne Mountain military base, partying, telling conspiracy theories as if they were ghost stories. Civilians could not enter the actual Cheyenne Mountain military base, but the city had built a public park below the...Read On


The Monster Within (Part 2)

Vincent tells his story of how a good man became a monster...

I felt quite good to have ridden the city of a filthy vermin, yet I needed to see my sweet Elizabeth in order to feel more man than beast again. Only the touch of her creamy flesh would expunge the violent death from my hands. I was desperate to see her flawless face before me; it was the only thing that would help erase the sickening vision of the filth I had just eliminated. I need...Read On


Sunday Night Easter [S2] – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

In the last stop to the biggest event on the F-X Calendar, the racers look for one last major win

2 4th of April –Season 2 As Toney Kunene – one of Formula-X's four resident reporters – sat in her car awaiting the pay-per-view racing event to start, she contemplated the night ahead and the work cut out for her, and for once , she was kind of glad that her ex-husband, Temper, was involved in the franchise because it meant her daughter, Katlego could come to the event with...Read On


Protecting Luna-Chapter One: Alpha's Return

Series: The Trials of Hope Chronicles

An Alpha finds his Mate, but she is pursued by a rival.

Robert slowly walked along the gravel road with soft crunching under his boots. He walked throughout the night, listening to the quiet night music drifting from the marshy fields around the creek and the dense cedar forest. Robert smelt the refreshing floral scents wafting on the gentle breeze. Robert allowed himself to relax as he felt the slight resistance. “I, Robert Silver-bane, return...Read On


The Monster Within (Part 1)

How does one live with unquenchable thirst?

The early 1800s ... This time, I settled in Paris, adopting the French derivative of my name — Vincent . With its dense population, narrow streets, and dark crevices, Paris suited my needs perfectly, allowing one such as myself a myriad of places to lurk during these unsettled times. I had grown bored of occupying my time with philosophy and the arts of the Renaissance centuries before....Read On



If you are going to become a butterfly and learn to float through the air, then you first must be the caterpillar and learn how to crawl. One can't simply just be a butterfly. Be the caterpillar, keep your head down, work hard, and dream big then one day, one day if the universe allows it, the time will come where you will open your wings and you will take to the skies. Big Bill was not...Read On


Escaping the Concrete Jungle

My monochrome life. Shrill beeps are always the first sounds my ears hear, followed by an illogical frenzy to get ready to meet another shades-of-grey day. Toes painfully cramped in their black shoe cages pound the cold, grey concrete. A darker grey building towers over me reminding me of my smallness. Once inside, banker clones brush past me in their dark suits, cramming into every...Read On