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Fuel Season 2: Episode 4 – The Songs of Praise

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Influenced by his father, Mandla plays to the fandom to save face after being humiliated at the PPV

28th of September – Season 2 MONDAY MORNING AT NGELOSI CITY HALL Mandla didn't know why his father had asked to see him this morning but he knew it couldn't be anything good. Not after losing to John Kloof again.  King John Kloof , thought Mandla, correcting himself mentally. He remembered how King Kloof had corrected him three weeks ago after the Season Two premiere of Monday...Read On


Leann Meets Her Replacement

A true story.

Leann was in the process of getting ready for her first real night out with her friends since the birth of her daughter. Now her friends had not abandoned her during her pregnancy and after she gave birth. They all had dropped by often but they never lingered as there was no smoking allowed in the house. She had stopped smoking and even begged her live-in boyfriend James to quit, but since...Read On


Best Fauntleroy

Particles of death lay beneath stone, of gristle and marrow. Chiseled with reference to. In my slippery state of being bones. Wishing I wasn't alone. Two percent bleach, with a bottle of Red. Butterflies between my teeth with a condiment of being Dead. Dressed in my best Fauntleroy, with the devil in my phone. Connecting me to my widow, beneath another stone....Read On


Arbour Games [S2] – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

As the fandom enjoy the return of PPV, we take a glimpse into the private life of the Club President

27th of September – Season 2 When Angela Moodley matriculated, she never dreamed in a million years that she would be involved in something like this. After all, back then she'd simply been Angela Mabaso: the typical "it" girl who was far more interested in dating the hottest boy than knowing anything about sports, let alone motorsport. Now here she was, not only married to...Read On


Childhood Experience

Great Artist

I was a girl in the first grade.  My teacher had me stand before an easel with a blank paper.  I told her I did not know what to draw and she said draw anything I had seen recently.  So I drew a "Picasso" style picture of a naked lady.  Recently my family drove us to a studio of paintings by a  famous Icelandic painter and I must have been impressed by one of his nude ladies.  The teacher...Read On



Slowly the curtain comes down, dark rises over catacombs and ossuaries of bones  regurgitating the dialysis of my death  as the tallow drips my impending journey awakening a moth of my sinning quill  across the barren lands of COVID-19.   ...Read On



The imps of twilight light upon a broken stitch  of life's hypocrisy and death's sewing basket the thimble be mine and thread be strife like a puppeteer in Hell from gothic shell two steps from Sodom and Gomorrah pulling the strings of Armageddon shaking the salt.     ...Read On


A telling off

I got told off today. Not unusual at all, really. The little person who told me off has not long turned two, and already she is quite the character. I made the observation to one of my colleagues that she ought to be a teacher when she's older, as she's quite bossy.  I really do enjoy the company of this child. I like all the children I teach, of course, but she and I have this rapport...Read On


Last Night at Sunset

I'll always be with you...

Last night at sunset, I waited for you. My love illuminated the sky, painting a vibrant mural with which to end your day. You stood on the shore, looking lost and alone. I wish I could touch you and let you know how much you are loved. But time was cruel and swept me away. Now all I can do is flood the sky with color and hope that you know it’s me, loving you, needing you, wanting...Read On



When it all started, 'we the people' objected. We called them an infringement on our liberty, a thief of identity. They were uncomfortable, unfriendly, and altogether alien in this land of the free. Then as time passed, we started to choose ones that reflected our mood, matched our outfits, made a statement. They became part of our identity. So much so, that when the danger passed,...Read On


Kismet Part 2

I want one perfect day and night with him...

I feel the warmth on my face and awaken, squinting at the sunshine streaming through the window. Upon fully opening my eyes, I find myself in an unfamiliar bed. It isn't an ordinary bed though - a canopy adorns the bed with pale silks cascading to the floor. I feel enveloped in luxury as my hands slide over the satin sheets. Then, I see him - my handsome savior. My breath catches at the...Read On


The Silent Carnival

Lavi stood in the cool dew-covered field. She loved the feel of the dampness on her toes. In this moment of meditation with the bird’s screams bouncing off her ears, she felt connected with the earth.  Soon the field would be stamped down; run over by the tires of rubes coming to enjoy the sights and sounds. By children running here and there, stuffing their faces with cotton candy or...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 3 – The Final Temptation of Brenda Koek

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Brenda must come face to face with her feelings about Jim as she faces 'The Playboy' one last time

21st of September – Season 2 EARLIER IN THE DAY "You want me to file what ?" "Sexual harassment charges." Brenda Koek looked at her younger sister like she was crazy. She'd just told her what she'd told Thawn on the roof last week and Doris was now basically telling her what Thawn had alluded to. "Doris, I'm not filing anything of the sort." "Why not?" "Because that's not...Read On


Shadow Of Gertrude Jekyll

It was a melancholia of the rose, and thorns of my dark compose. With a spiritual ardor of love on the cusp of mysterious. In shadow of Gertrude Jekyll paling to a night shade. As my pen drips it's nectar with a damask fragrance, from the atomizer's mist. Warming me with a kiss beneath the pantomime moon. With a breath of life's refresh. Climbing the trellis at twilight, paling to a night...Read On


The Cry of the Dolphin

She wishes she could hear his voice, one more time...

She sat by the water’s edge, watching the dolphins play. She wished he were still here, reminding her to be careful or telling her the same joke he’d told time after time. She could feel his presence so strongly by the water. It brought her comfort to know that he’d been proud of her, that his last breath had been to tell her he loved her. It was the kind of closure many people never get....Read On



Power I give Measures not to what is given Each moment we share Gives more insight  I bow With humbleness  The lasting bond To give true trust That is given and taken...Read On



A perfect storm changes her path...

I bang my head against the steering wheel, not believing my luck. It really is the perfect storm. Pitch-black night. Pouring rain. Dead car. No cell service. Lost. This sequence of events is just par for the course for me. An unfulfilling career, a string of bad relationships, the latest break-up the worst of them all, and an overwhelming feeling that I don't belong in this world. I am...Read On


A Home By The Sea

Upholstered against the elements in scarf and overcoat and with a battered trilby perched on his head, Richard sets off on his afternoon walk. He crosses carefully at the zebra and walks up onto the promenade, where the café in the ornamental gardens is open but untroubled by customers. Seated by the window, he stares out over the windswept veranda. Many years ago he'd spent his honeymoon...Read On


Desire of the Samurai Chapter Five

Aikasa laid awake staring at her ceiling. The day didn’t go against her better judgment for it was still raining outside and she didn’t know how she was supposed to go and meet Kenji.   Well ...   The hell with it .   It’s now or never . She got up and headed to the bathroom to wash herself. She slipped out of her nightdress and put a comfortable one that would suit this...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 2 – The Thawn Oberhauser Homecoming

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Thawn makes a grand return to Monday Night Fuel but not everyone is happy to see The Impaler...

14th of September – Season 2 MONDAY MORNING As Thawn sat in his office, he contemplated the evening ahead. He'd made a decision  not  to appear on last week's episode anticipating that all eyes would be on the Crown. He'd been right except that it had been Amandla's Rebellion that was the talk of the episode rather than John Kloof's Coronation. Either way, Thawn wasn't going to...Read On


Heroes Of The Revolution

The past has a long memory

All the familiar landmarks, on her route to work, lay hidden under a blanket of pristine snow. Asya stared moodily through the window. 'Why was her husband so often in a bad mood?' He was forever criticising her appearance and housekeeping and worst of all, on several nights every week, he would drink excessively and become abusive.   Beneath a snow filled sky, Oleg Mitkova stepped...Read On


Spilt Milk

As a child, whether intentional or not by my parents, my impressionable ears heard, "If things aren't perfect, they are awful." You know as well as I do, things are rarely perfect. So, the result was a young girl who experienced anxiety before she even understood what the word meant.  My eyes would zoom in on the one "B" on my report card, unconsoled by the sea of "A"s. I missed all...Read On



Alex had seen enough. He paused the footage, captured on his recently installed camera and gazed at the frozen features of his wife and Tony Greenwood. The man he'd decided to kill. It was Monday. His wife had left early for her job in the production office of Docklands. As he sipped tea and ate toast, Alex glanced through the morning mail. Two letters caught his attention. One was a...Read On


Done With Your Exercise

Checked my mobile phone, it showed three fifty-eight in the morning. It was not even four in the morning, and I am still wide awake, staring at the whirling ceiling fan. Dismissed the set-alarm and pondered whether to start my day early or just stay laid back in bed for another thirty minutes.  The moment I remembered her beautiful smiling face. I got excited to start my day and get...Read On

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God, she was beautiful.

Screams erupted from every ride in the carnival, even the not-particularly-scary ones like the Ferris Wheel and the Turtle Train, as Conor walked the midway. The smell of funnel cakes and corn dogs and cotton candy washed over him. Discarded hamburgers and crushed lemons from discarded cups of lemonade littered the ground. He looked in the hall of Funhouse mirrors and saw the most...Read On

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At Bronwig’s bookshop there's a notice on the door, in red capitals: IN LIQUIDATION. It’s devastating. I’d been a customer since I was too small to see more than the top of Mr Bronwig’s head behind the counter. His hair was white, even then; delicate as cotton candy. I didn’t come to Bronwig’s for the books at first. I came for the turtles. When you bought a book, Mr Bronwig would...Read On


My Truth is Lonely

My Truth is Lonely. I imagine yours is, too. Mine can’t be shared; I suspect the same for you. Truth weighs heavily upon its owner because Truth destroys. Only fools say “Just tell the Truth. It’s the best thing to do.” Revealing a Truth always harms someone it seems. Typically Someone I know. Someone I love. I suspect the same for You. Is Truth measured by the amount of harm it causes?...Read On


Opportunity Knocks

I have many reasons to be cheerful on this sunny Friday morning. In fact, the only cloud on my horizon is my husband, Alex. He seems reluctant to leave for work and keeps on drifting in and out of my workroom. "You haven't forgotten about tonight, have you darling?" Here he comes again, reappearing like Banquo's ghost. Alex is the senior partner in the second largest accountancy firm in...Read On


Asylum Part 2

Series: Asylum

The next morning Eric was escorted to his cell under strict watch after completing his three hour therapy session, with the same results as day one. Not a damn thing had changed in his behavior or his way of thinking. As they neared his cell he could smell an unusual stench to say the least. He couldn't quite describe it, but it made his nose curl in disgust. The guards stopped their march...Read On

Recommended Read

Chew (part 2)

Series: Chew

Spend more. Want more. Need more. Own more.

The man on the phone told him the latest girl was twenty-one, but Mr. Hargrove thought she looked more like a teenager. It didn’t matter anymore, of course. All that mattered now was getting rid of her body. Jeeves wasn’t around to help this time. The phone call--no name, just a number--took place every few weeks. Mr. Hargrove would order an ounce of good weed, several bottles of...Read On