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Drama Stories

Our drama category is for fans of stories filled with feeling, focusing on strong dialogue and well-rounded character development.

Tragedy is a common theme, with gritty, realistic emotions driving the story.

Readers are given clear insight into characters' thoughts and taken on a deep and sometimes courageous journey.

Beesting 3 days ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 3 – All That Sparkles

Stevie takes one final step towards achieving her goal of sitting on the Formula-X throne

20th of September – Season 3 As Darcy Stevens looked over the edge of the pier, looking out at the ocean watching the sun set, she thought about the night ahead and how nervous she was. She only had one shot at doing this right and it was all riding...

Beesting 1 week ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 2 – The Semi-Finalist

Its the second leg of the Royal Tourney and one racer looks to finally rise to the top.

15th of September – Season 3 Styles crossed the finish line and swore. As he took off his helmet, preparing to get out of The Cursed Conundrum, he noted the approaching mechanic and gave him a stern look. “This isn’t working,” said Styles. “There’s s...

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Beesting 2 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 1 – All Hail the Queen

After winning the Formula-X Crown at the Formula-X Grand Prix, the New Queen makes her Fuel debut

6th of September – Season 3 Devì had never really been shy about being in front of the camera. In fact, the word shy wasn’t part of her vocabulary which was why she was currently dressed in tight leather pants and matching cropped leather jacket ov...

AnnaMayZing 3 weeks ago

The Long Road Home. Chapter 35.

“Charlotte Beckmann was the daughter of a Nazi General, Klaus Beckmann!"

Berlin, February 16th, 1945 Katarina lay motionless on the damp, cold pavement, almost hidden by the masonry that surrounded her. Her grey-coloured greatcoat blended in with the ruins. Not only did it help protect her from the elements, but it also...

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AnnaMayZing 1 month ago

The Long road Home. Chapter 34

“Don't play the innocent with me. I was here, I saw what happened."

Berlin, February 16th 1945   As Maria turned the handle of the apartment door, she pushed and stepped forward, only to find that there was nothing but empty air in front of her! She screamed as she fell forwards but kept a tight grip on the handle. A...

Anonymous 1 month ago

The events that would end in the major’s death began to unfold long before Christmas Eve. This I know only retrospectively: until the moment the major was shot, none of us could have predicted it. One thing you learn during wartime – more than at any...

JamesPBear 2 months ago


Chrissy was beaten, but never defeated.

This is not my story, it’s Chrissy’s story, and you’ll understand why she’s not telling it in a while. And it’s a true story, though I’ve changed the names and places for obvious reasons. The beginning of the end happened when my wife and I drove, fr...

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AnnaMayZing 2 months ago

Over The Top

To my amazement, I didn't die!

“Goodnight, Miss. Go safely, now.”   I closed the door behind me, leaving the warm fireplace and friendly chatter behind, and stepped out into the cool night air. It had been a wonderful evening. I had only moved into the village the week before, exa...

AnnaMayZing 2 months ago

The Long Road Home. Chapter 33.

“I know you!” she hissed. “You killed the Metzlers! Where is my Father?"

Katarina didn't sleep at all. After being arrested the previous day, she had been thrown into a cell in the basement of the Gestapo headquarters on Prinz Albrecht Strasse. The only food she was given was a bowl of thin soup and a small chunk of stale...

They say that war is hell, it is. It’s a hell I unwittingly chose. I was fifteen at the time. I lived in a little known northern town in England. Not much happened in my town. The men went to work down the mines, the women stayed at home. It was all...

Waffle 3 months ago

The Salt Made

A story of a woman with child who have unusual fantasies and a nefarious appetite.

The brine beds soaked- the sky was a gloomy basket of silvery ash- the wind announced the forthcoming of unknown bluster. Mother awry spat the sappy betel. Behind her was the panorama of our salt stocking ghetto. Something tickled beneath her skull....

AnnaMayZing 3 months ago

The Long Road Home. Chapter 32.

“I... I'm sorry, I thought you said that Matron Langsdorff was your sister?”

Berlin, February 15th, 1945   Maria woke suddenly. The room she occupied was filled with the eerie wailing of an air-raid siren. She had been in a deep sleep, bourne from exhaustion, and the sound echoed and screeched in her ears. The room was no lar...