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Maybe is a powerful word, coming from the right people.

Maybe when you're alone you think of me, because I was your wife-to-be. Maybe you tried but could not see, that I needed you in my life especially. Maybe time will tell if you were right, that I don't need you in the night. Maybe you don't need me in your...

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The High And The Humble Chapter Ten High Hopes

Jack,Becky, Alf and even Sir Oswald looking ahead to Trafalgar's Doncaster race

Heading for Doncaster race meeting, settled high on the horsebox seat, Jack knew he going to have to suppress his growing worry of what lay ahead. He flicked at the reins to urge on the two dray horses in order to keep pace with the carriage that Alf, the...

The High And The Humble Chapter Eleven Against The Best

The group feeling the tension of a testing horse race

With Alf still joyous at his winning wager, he and Jack left the others and headed for the stables to prepare Trafalgar for his next big test. Reaching the stall where their thoroughbred stood. ‘Much cooler and calmer than I am,’ Jack thought. They soon h...

The High And The Humble Chapter Twelve The 2000 Guineas

Jack, Becky and all consider Trafalgar's chances in the Classic

The Two Thousand Guineas. At last! Jack Wetherley’s heart pounded, as the eleven horses trotted out onto the course. The bright silks of the jockeys added to the extra colour provided by the glamorous gowns worn by the lady spectators and the maroon, purp...

The crowd is getting anxious – then the lights begin to dim, and in the spotlight’s capture, they can see – it’s really him! A true iconic rocker – one that everybody knows, with a fanbase he’s collected from a thousand prior shows. The instruments are wa...

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...the time is now, a maddening shadow I can't remember the shape of things to come or the diameter of my success the face of sorrow, hands of tomorrow or the sinister winds knowing my name fracturing my soul to eat from my mind yesterday's omelet in this...

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Did it really happen if nobody remembers it?

Do you remember our first night? When you hold me in your arms so tight, even though the moon wasn't bright, It was the only place where I felt right. Do you remember my scent? And I do miss your accent, I still remember the day you went. When you left, w...

When I think of you and the way you speak, it makes me think that our love is unique. When I think of you and your perfect physique, my heart melts and my knees grow weak. The way you lay beside me in your sleep, I love our conversations because they're s...

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