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Tomato Ketchup

Wine or Ketchup?

Hate those restaurants, where you have to taste the wine before accepting the bottle! Last time I went on a posh dinner date, I ordered Filipino-style roast pork belly! As the waitress served our meal, I couldn’t help noticing there was no ketchup on the...

“I’m sorry, I wish I had better news.” The doctor wears the face all doctors wear when delivering news no patient ever wanted to hear. “Do you have any questions?” I nod, then smile politely, unable to find the right words. How am I supposed to react? Wha...

Bitch Called Nam

You're back under her spell.

An Asian beauty bathed, in the light of the moon. Broke many a man's heart. Took lives too soon. Treacherous mistress, from the very start. We tried to tame her and got a boot to the heart. Star-filled sky wasn’t a romantic sign. Just meant more young bro...


Taking the sun, the moon, the stars and every thing good in me.

I am sitting with my morning coffee. My girl walks in and says "it's over." And just like that, she is gone. I watch from our kitchen window as she drives away. Taking the sun, the moon, the stars, and anything inside of me that is good. I am left a shell...

Your arrogance stripped me bare, Leaving me vulnerable, Open and exposed. Such easy prey. Was it fun for you? Breaking down my wall, Taking a peek inside, The bleak harsh reality of me. Was it a shock for you? Seeing me raw, Real, Neglected and scared. Wa...

You lied to me, spinning tales so grand. You mistreated me, leaving scars on my hands. You promised me things you had no right to You let me love and hate you and told me we were through. You made plans time and again and never showed. You tried to appeas...

Sunday Afternoon

Enjoying a sunny day in our backyard.

Cotton candy clouds Above a sea of blue umbrellas Ripples dance across the water Specks of sand shine in the sun Fish fall prey to loons and gulls But outsmart the fishing rods Couples walk, and children play While music fills the humid air Afternoon bree...

I’ve walked in darkness my whole life. Each day I wake up and wonder if today is the day I will slip away into the darkness – then resolve, like an alcoholic, that I will hold out for just one more day. Death is my addiction, and I work to hold it off eve...

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In a tin can is a letter I penned, On the Tennessee River near Shiloh, While laying mortally wounded. Shot by a Yankee in a uniform of blue, In a peach orchard... 1862. As I cast my eyes on Heaven above, Waiting for the last cord of a harp, I feel your br...

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How can I say goodbye? How can I let you go? You have brought me comfort When I needed it most. Though I can never thank you Your legacy will live on Though you have gone away. I cannot help missing you I cannot stop the pain I feel Your voice still calls...

A shadow of screeching silence in a silhouette of all my fears a nocturnal coronation of widow wax dark as the ferries of night of my fleshless anatomy dragging my melting crayon wrapped in loneliness listening to the agony as it drips my forgettable


Working through feelings on unexpected affection-ship.

I never expected to feel this close to you. In fact, I wanted the opposite to be true. I thought you’d be cold and let me go Maybe treat things like a joke. That's what I was after; a quick and easy fling An outlet of escape while I was healing. I know I...

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When the world is at odds look at smiles from a tea box it doesn't cost but a penny but worth much more and can cure a broken smile with soft whispers from the heart and a kiss in the floating mist when the world is at odds When your soul is at odds seek...

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Evermore forever the rainbow no darkness between my feet only the sun and memories to rejoice your voice from crimson fields of your lips and mascara shade of your smile beneath the willows of butterflies dreaming

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Beyond the realm of dawn's twilight where wind makers bring sighs soaring with angels reaching the sky as the stars resemble lamp-lighters and the dream-maker stands as old as the treebeard

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