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An invisible thief stole from Mom. At first, we didn't notice. A small piece of her life here. Another there. So random were the thefts. Soon, bigger things disappeared. Memories of our friends. My son. Then at last… me. So I reintroduced myself. "I'm Kim...

One Last Time

The loss of loved ones

I wish I could remember every moment of growing up. The laughter. The tears. One last time. I want to see the glow of my wife’s face in the setting sun. One last time. I crave to feel the warmth of her body curled against mine. One last time. I wish I cou...

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Death, the great unknown, the final journey we must take alone. It comes to us all, without warning or delay, and leaves us with nothing but memories to stay. It's a journey we can't escape, a fate we must all embrace. It's the end of our mortal coil, the...

Leap Of Faith

Learning to trust again is a leap of faith.

I’ve been burned before My giving nature taken for granted My friendship chewed up and spit out My heart poked with holes So, I’ve treaded more lightly this time around Perhaps wiser than before? Cautious about how much to give Holding back some of myself...

Always a test Waiting for the unknown Time to pass Being alone is the worst part Memories come to visit Dreams take over Sadness and happiness mix Flooding my mind and heart Waiting for change But afraid it will happen A test I have taken many times And w...

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I see you You see me We see nothing at all Hand in hand we walk into our willing blindness I speak You speak We don't understand any of the words Tongue on tongue tied into a tight knot You listen I listen The noise is so loud we can't hear The lights hav...

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Girl’s Nightmare

In which Girl has a nightmare, and Bear intercedes

Bear had settled onto the rag rug in the great room at the end of the day and was starting to drift off to sleep, when he thought he heard something. He perked his ears up. There it was again. He lifted his head and turned towards Girl's room, and this ti...

I polished my heart Placed it in a gift-wrapped box Topped with a handwritten note I left it on your doorstep You picked up the package Put your ear to it and rattled it Shrugged and put it in the closet Left to collect dust in the shadow Days into months...

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In which Girl is hunted – and gets help from an unexpected source.

~~~~~~~ Bear stopped, sat, and turned to look at her. “Okay, now listen to me, Girl, and listen carefully. Mother Nature is not a ‘person,’ she is a ‘Person.’ And you must speak of, and to Her, with respect, understand me?” Girl wasn’t quite sure what to...

The Owl and The Porcupine

In which Girl meets two of the more important persons of the forest

It was a lovely day in the Rockies. Bear and Girl had broken their fast, and were sitting in their favorite places on the porch, watching the mountains age. There was a light breeze, and a leaf blew onto Girl's lap, where she sat on the rocking chair, wit...