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Fluttered 1 year ago

My Girl the Petroleuse

Petroleuse was a term first used during the French Revolution

The fire burning within, as if a Molotov cocktail burned her soul.  Desire so focussed on her intent, to stand alone or with the security and camaraderie of a crowd, demanding to be heard. Was she rich, or famous? Did she wear the latest fashions? D...

tradford 1 year ago


You never know how one act of kindness can yield rewards.

She opened up the letter – read the words through teary eyes,another kind rejection, but it’s not a big surprise. She drops it in the basket on a pile of fifty more,a wasted application – not a single open door. She’d graduated colleg...

tradford 1 year ago


Protests for racial equality.

Waves of people filled the streets while chanting hand in hand,in hopes they’d send a message that would spread across the land. Some acts of grave injustice that they’d witnessed on TVaroused a mass of anger ‘bout police brutality. A...

redwriter 2 years ago

Digging In

Ben Cole, avoids any hassle, but, with friends sets out to fight threat to their leisure

Friends in the local pub just couldn’t believe it. Even though, some of them had seen our actions with their own eyes. “Ben Coles in court?” they said, with some amazement, “Mr Easy-going. Mr Doormat. Never.” That, just about summed me up. I’d alway...