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Please talk with me.

I met Tucker a few years ago. We used to talk sometimes. We'd discuss our tales of woe. He was so sweet and kind,A most beautiful friend. He was a very rare find Sometimes he'd disappear, And come back a new manAlways ready to lend an ear. I looked for hi...

Until You Come Home

Waiting for a love to return..

I wave you goodbye; I'll miss you so very much, Until you come home. Hey! Blow me a kiss; I’ll miss you so very much; I’ll catch it with my lips. It's too quiet here now. I miss you so very much; Talk to me in my dreams. I crave your gentle touch. I miss...

April 27, 2013

The birthday of an Angel

Today 60 years ago an Angel was born, Put on this earth for many to love and learn from, Many knew her in her short life, I however was given the privilege to call her Mom. She was Mom for only 10 years, She taught me to love, She taught me to give, She t...

Yesterday I missed you. Yesterday I needed you. Today I miss you. Today I need you. Tomorrow I will miss you. Tomorrow I will need you. I want you to hold me just one more time. Some know the pain, others can’t imagine. It is one you never want to feel, b...