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Love is Like the Wind

Inspired by a song

Love is like the wind, you once told me, your voice a soft caress carrying secrets on dawn's breath. We danced in its embrace, two leaves caught in a breeze, spinning together, our touch light as air, yet deep as the sky's expanse, like the passing wind,...

1975 The Summer Of Fun

Sometimes things are not as they seem.

The summer of 1975 provided hot, sunny days and warm, balmy evenings in Detroit. Having a pool in our backyard meant late-night swims so we could go to bed and let the box fan in the window blow air on our wet hair, helping to cool us off enough to sleep....


A normal day takes a drastic turn.

I slipped on my moccasins and walked to my desk where I gathered my notebook and psychology textbook. I lifted my head and stared out the window of the top-story dorm room I shared with my roommate, Chloe. It was a dreary, spring morning. Gray clouds veil...

Where It Began

It was on this one particular day that everything changed...

It was strange really, how it began. So totally unexpected. Hmm... let me explain from the beginning. It was a normal day. My role as the village blacksmith kept me firmly in the background. I had been doing this kind of work all my life. When I was young...

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Milly's Adventure

How I got my home

Hi folks, my name is Milly Tigger. This is how I found my forever home after a rough start in life . I wasn't sure I would ever have a safe space . My beginnings were rough I was born to a Yorkie and poddle living off grid in a place that was pretty run d...

Myth But No Magic

“No! No, wait!” she pleaded, and he stopped and stared at her. His face had changed from desire to anger.

Ædith walked slowly, her heart was beating powerfully as the adrenalin flowed through her veins. This was the moment she had dreamed of as she stared straight ahead through the thin mesh of her veil. She looked neither right nor left, ignoring the admirin...

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The Traveling Soul

Two souls connect without the restraints of context.

Is one's essence defined by the age of the body, their culture, economic status, or gender? What are we without the context of time, gender, and culture? Tara's mother underwent a metamorphosis. Mildred wore different costumes of the mind. Each costume wa...


The Monster is the State, the Flaw within Humanity, the Light of the Gods, and the Monster will not be killed.

[Helsinki/FI-27.5.2050-Containment05] [Subject: 6648] The video feed clicked on, blurring, and then sharpening to perfect quality. It showed a single humanoid figure strapped down to a metal medical table that had been repositioned to sit nearly upright....

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Mardi Gras Mink

The adventure of Marti

The Mardi Gras adventure. It was Mardi Gras in the French quarter of New Orleans. Marti the mink had never seen such a crowd. She had been around humans before so that didn't bother her too much. She looked at all the fun costumes and masks in bright shad...

Pancake Tuesday

Zara tries to bring a bit of the razzmatazz of Mardi Gras to rural Ireland

Zara slid into the vacant seat and joined her classmates for lunch. “So, what are you guys doing for Mardi Gras?” she enquired as she opened her can of coke. Her friend Sinead paused, a sandwich halfway to her mouth. “We don’t do Mardi Gras. We just have...