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With the sound of distnce hueys

Lambs As the news from today, Sink into my soul. Sound of Hueys to the west, Bring back memories. Hot August day so long ago. New green lambs, stumble out all of 19. Look at this latest batch. As you spit, Thinking one thought. Lambs for slaught. Returnin...

What Is It Good For

Absolutely nothing

He is such a loving man. It may be a good thing to talk about it. Who really knows. Only the ones still not at peace can say for sure. But he never talked about it. Service for a lifetime. A career. Continuing long after the fighting was over.  He gave th...

I want to knowIf you ever seen the rainCome falling downAs your best friendJackCalls you backPull out your Lucky'sSit next to your demonsLook down at your glassI want to knowHave you ever seen it rain based off a CCR song      


The world I know

you dont need to be in the spot light to change the world

The year was 1900   After a massive war of the four Kingdoms where there was no winner only death the world was shocked to its core the world powers that once held the lands together. Where gone and chaos ruled the land the weak were killed, and the stron...

A Veterans Memory

yellow smoke swirling ahead

A Veterans Memory the wop wop of rotorsin the clearing up front yellow smoke swirling aheadthe sing sing of lead flying around you and your mates welcome to a firefight as you bring outyour wounded ....... never leave anyone behind God Bless all that have...

Flower of Youth

The Flower of Youth stood as one.

The Flower of Youth The great ancient oracles spoke of grand battles by mere men, mere mortals as their Gods watched on.This is but one short tale.The people sat in their cottages and spoke in whispers not to offend their King.  Not knowing when the Kings...

He sits and screams at nightVisions consume his dreamsFighting with no lightHe remembers all the screamsDeath all around Shells of bullets thereBodies on the groundEverybody saying prayersFear is all that's feltFighting all through the nightTakes his cant...

The Nurses. Chapter 40

“Nein, nein...” she repeated over and over as she cradled her closest friend in her arms.

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 22nd, 1941. Maria screamed loudly, a long drawn out wail of a scream.“Nein, Nein...” she repeated over and over as she cradled her closest friend in her arms.Tears dripped from her eyes and splashed onto Katarina's motionless face, a...

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The Nurses. Chapter 39

“You don't understand, I know but thank you. You are Angels.”

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 21st, 1941. The one thing that gave everyone in the sickbay hope was the continuous thudding of the anti-aircraft guns, so long as they were firing, all was not lost.As Simon helped the two women to their feet, the door swung open, a...

Reality of War

Peace never comes when the perils of war are taken lightly.

The perils of war, are furrowed deep in the memory of many, escape seems unobtainable, within the confines of minds young and old.Those who were lost, are not only those who perished in the conflicts many, but those who were left behind to remember.The pe...

The Wielders - Prologue

If energy cannot be destroyed, then neither can a man who puts all his energy into being powerful.

It’s said that parents often try too hard to push their children into achieving their own dreams. Despite not being a conventional parent at the time, I was no exception. Melis may have been half my age, but she showed twice the potential I did at her age...

The Nurses Chapter 19

“Whoever captures your heart will be an exceptionally lucky man.”

Amiens. June 12 th 1940The day had begun well with Katarina working simply with her girls and fussing around them like some sort of mother hen. In the far distance, from the West, an occasional rumble broke the relative silence on Ward Three. She wondered...

War is not beautiful. The reality of true hopelessness, of true fear, of the way a man turns when he’s faced with his own mortality has almost no redeeming qualities. The way God only appears within His soldiers at the moment they die, the tan sandy color...

The Nurses. Chapter 12

Maria protects her patients and falls foul of the authorities.

Munchen.Pasing. June 3 rd 1940     It had been a long day for Maria, a day where she had been kept busy from the moment she had set foot on the ward at six that morning.   Throughout the day she had been hearing sketchy reports that the Luftwaffe had bomb...