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Military Stories


Trying to sleep in the field The chill sinks in Beneath the five ton truckOut of the rain But soaking up the coldInside the bagWith head outLetting in the chill Sinking in While thoughts keep you awake Long into the early hours of the nightWhat needs to b...

WC: 6343   KX730, Solarian Sector Naval Command Destroyer Glimmer of Time   "Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is kilo xray seven three zero, going down. Anti-gravity fields almost destroyed, primary drive destroyed, ship integrity questionable." "Mayday, mayd...

Welcome Heroes

A hero briefs future heroes of the Space Marines

(This short story is graduation day for the elite of the elite, Space Marines... It is based on one of my eBooks 'Rocer Penal Colony' available at most eBook sites, but not needed for this.) "Come in, come in. Find a seat. Welcome." Four hundred new Space...

The Dogs of Iraq

Memory of Operation Iraqi Freedom - March 2003

I remember the barking and howling of the dogs. Not the average, neighborhood dog that barks at the mailman and has somehow gotten off of its chain, but wild, feral dogs. Never seen, only heard. Dark town and villages with no lights on anywhere; clouds in...


A day of guard duty on the Euphrates River.

“Missus. Missus. Missus.” said the Iraqi teenaged boy. I looked up. The sound “Missus.” Had become like a bird call, a constant background sound that came from the boys on the other side of the wire. “What?” I said. They giggled. “Jiggi-jiggi.” I shrugged...

It had been more than ten days since I had a shower. It was a sweltering summer in South Korea. I worked the night shift, plotting points on maps and playing war games. During the day I sat at the gate and made sure that only the right people visited. The...

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Happy Valley

A story about disturbing the dead

It was growing light in a tiny valley a few miles from the Demilitarized Zone. This valley was the closest thing I had seen to a cemetery in Korea. Happy mounds encircled me on three sides and there was a misty, sacred feel to the place. It seems odd to c...

Like a Pit-Stop in Oz

a story about a woman having to go to the bathroom, with-out facilities, around a crowd of men.

A bracket that holds the steering wheel to the dash came loose. The convoy of military vehicles pulled over and waited for a mechanic to come and fix the problem. We were parked on the side of a freeway in Korea, just before twenty little tollbooths, alon...

Christmas Far from Home

A military Christmas is different

Christmas Far from Home PART ONE A cold wind swept the dirt street sending clouds of dust into the air. A few pedestrians scurried along the worn paths between the ruined buildings. Anxiety mixed with despair was the most common emotion that seemed to be...

A Sentry's Story

Sharing the Christmas Treasures

Sam trudged along the now familiar path around the storage area. Two hundred paces along the fence line, one hundred paces to the corner of the first building, two hundred fifty paces along the back of the building, and seventy-five paces back to the fenc...

How I Lost My Way - Part 1

My story of losing my way and returning

How I lost my way - Part 1This is about myself. I've never written a story, let alone about myself. I grew up in Michigan in the 50's with my older brother and parents. Grew up with a strong German mother and a workaholic Irish father. You could say we we...

The Box

The Box is the story of the plight of a homeless veteran, a hero on the battlefield.

  With a face begrimed, an old man climbed from a tattered cardboard box to a sight he knew - was an alley’s view, beneath the loading docks. The morning light would end the fight he always had to face, though just a dream, it always seemed so real it lef...