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Apples: An Epic Fruit

Take a Bite. Save a Life. Or maybe It only Summons Strife? C'est La Vie, let it be!

Gardens are generally understood to be neutral ground. For all. Mortals. Immortals. Mankind and Monsters. Why else would so many myths feature them? Cannot get any more neutral than Nature. But what makes one a monster or a man? Why is mortality a thing a...

Slice of the Horrifying Mundane

in an invisible battle of Sanity vs. Lucidity, Who will win? Whose side are you on?

“Reality is a cruel mistress and Fantasy is a kind one. The more I learn of myself the more fictional I feel. As if I am their love child, named Delusion, with an astral twin, named Dissociation. The Gemini of the Cosmic Zodiac, only one of us has the tem...

What's Your Poison?

Coping has many flavors but one directive

Sorrow eats the worm at the bottom of the bottle with a kind of parasitic fermentation that now poisons the mind into thinking they are free that they have control over their life that they are whole as long as they keep drinking as long as they keep drin...

Earned My Beads On Downing Street

What would you do, if you had forever ... but only one day a year?

“Of all the carnal powers; and the blessings of the Shrove of Man; Grant me this small mercy. By the Saints and martyrs - beyond, before, within my blood rite, and without. Guard and protect my soul tonight. I ask all this as your humble servant. E Nomine...

Carol of the Damned

... just a mythic retelling... a dark holiday story...

The air was sweet, heavy with the scent of ripe, cloying fruit. The sound of buzzing near the pomegranates that swayed and hung low in the heat was distracting me enough that the woman’s pulse thudded against mine, the salt of her blood splashed its way d...

The Interview of Invocation and Invitation

As if Compassion were a Storefront with a Sign that says Inquire Within or Help Wanted. Every Being is dealing with more than you know. Be Kind Always.

Peace be upon you; And also with me - -- and all within me Imagine being many A pantheon of souls A galaxy born from a stray dream An idle thought turned semen seed and grown Expanding facets of self -- blossomed to full And flowered to flesh of mind Matu...


free verse poem about validation; being different; being seen and acknowledged.

In the crossroads where silence meets sound, I find holy ground And I crave the pain of bravery When a moment of empathy flowers into envy I cry without knowing why I wish for a broken spirit so that I can fly The disparity of my reality So many ifs and m...