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fuzzy1954 3 weeks ago


To many times

I am shattered I have been before Way to many times Holding women And broken men Sadness filled eyes Sobbing widows Another flag Draped across Lined up caskets When will it end Their homecoming  A white cross upon a field I am shattered Been her...

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Goyse 3 weeks ago

The young man

Many years ago a young man was charged over a crime he did not commit. (3 in the series)

Some years ago where I lived a young man was charged with causing damage. The background is that everybody present at the time said that he was not the culprit. Because all the other youths left the scene, he was arrested. He was then told that if he...

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The Arctic sky explodes in a fever of phosphorescent bursts which launchradiant streams of green light whirling against the black canvas of space.Electric clouds dance across the horizon reaching for distant snowcappedpeaks bathed in an emerald glow....

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Sometimes before the red tideMy body is no longer mineWhen I stare down At those two fat burlap sacks

Curves like melted candle waxDried on the floor, a shapeless mass

I wonder if I’m just paying rent
 Not recognizing my naked form

Now a tarp str...

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As I sit here thinking I hear the rain fall down So gently on the rooftop There’s music in that sound I think of all the people That I’ve known throughout the years I hear their voices calling As I try to hold back tears I think of little J...

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Survivor 3 weeks ago


The start of a new beginning

Once more we drift along the trails of time, Again we skip and hold our hands so tight, With confidence I smile, you are my treat, Remembrance is forthrightly gathered close. There is no sadness, never will we hurt While holding all our joys within o...

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Rachel_92 3 weeks ago

Computer Jargon

Frustration of computer language!

Is there anybody out there, who finds it hard like me, To understand computers, each time I press a key?   It asks me silly questions, like would I like to sync? Or would I like to clear my cache? If so, then click the link.   Can anybody tell me, wh...

I often have a ponder. A quiet little think. Whilst hanging out the washing. Or scrubbing in the sink. I wonder what it felt like. In days of long gone past. Without the modern gadgets. That make my jobs so fast. To do the work with just bar...

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                     II have died many times before my death.Long ago, in another lifetimeI learned to be what I am not.My thoughts are hallucinatory,broken sounds and refracted imagesthat drift through my mind like shadowsdancing on dimly lit walls....

It was only a shadow's whispertouching lips with a silent kiss soft as the winds gathering memories beneath the valance of the moonlight and the webs through a looking glass   of a poetic scholar in braille, alluring  enticed by the lyrical...      

The winds of lariat catching me a rainbowsleeping in the warmth of the noon-day sunlistening to the rain whisper your namelonging for love in the shadows of your breathas my kiss settles on a prayerI am thus the winds of a lariat The tether breathes...

Anonymous 1 month ago

I started off as only a seed that slowly grew.A seed that grew from tiny, soaking up the sun, the rain.I am but a tree, that almost didn't make it at the beginning.I started from pushing up slowly from the earth, very humbly.I was fighting the wind,...

In my mind's extremities touchingreaching for a breath of your palethat of what you are, my life a shellHearing your rushing echoesover rapids of my mind's wellto grace your lovely haloNow just a shadow among the shelveslike sand in an hourglass of d...