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Our adventure category is for stories that tend to be more slow-paced than action stories. They share some attributes, but differ in that they are less about the destination and more about the journey. It focuses on the camaraderie between characters, their escapades, their relationships and what brings them either closer together, or farther apart. Adventure stories can cover a wide range of settings, from the epic, to the mundane, but every one has capers that lead to discovery in one form or another.


In the Closet

Things get weird in the closet and out.

The phone rang as I was locking up for the night and I thought about leaving it ring. Then I thought about my bank account, went back around the desk, picked up, and said: “Conde.” An older man’s voice came on the line, dry as a desert bone. “Ah yes, Mr. Benjamin Conde of the Conde Detective Agency I presume?” “The same.” “Splendid, Mr. Conde. Splendid. Ah, yes, Mr. Conde, my name is...Read On


The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway

Rich girl wants him a wealthy writer. Best girl wants him a great writer. Which girl wins?

      The Importance Of Being Ernest Hemingway It happened at a Maryland yacht club after Labor Day, when summer lingers. Philip Wright was adjusting lines aboard his forty-something-foot sailing ketch. Suddenly dark-haired Adrienne Racine called from the dock, “You’re publishing a novel?”   That Saturday was stormy, and this bold belle’s voice battled the wailing wind: “Alex Gooding...Read On


Adventures In Ventorros. Part 2

The Reece and Giorgia Adventures

  As Sue turns off the headlights of her car, Reece and Giorgia turn on their flashlights. "OH, MY COD!" they yell. Kiera cringes as she gets her first clear view of her uncle courtesy of the kid's torches. His eyebrows are platted down to his shoulders and tied off with pink bows. "Nice bows, Uncle Phill!" she says cheekily, and he glares at Sue mumbling about blue, and it is all her...Read On


Adventures In Ventorros. Part 1

The Reece and Giorgia Adventures

"RUUUUUUUUNNNNN, GIORGIA!" Reece yells at the top of his voice as a giant foot descends upon his sister and Sprite the black cat clinging to her for dear life, at least, he thinks it is Sprite, according to Giorgia every cat so far has been her. It is all very confusing. Giorgia looks up, as the shadow of a giant foot blocks out the sun, she could barely see. Her heart pounding, she hears...Read On


The Legend of Zelda: Heroes Alliance

a boy born again and again, aided by his past lives to fight the impending evil

Prologue      Deep  in the forests of a kingdom of old, lies a hidden tribe. The tribe had seperated from the kingdom, as well as the rest of the world. Inside the tribe lives an orphaned boy of sixteen. On his own, he's become self reliant, building his own home and furniture, preparing his own meals with homegrown vegetables and fish caught by the river. Currently, he's assisting the...Read On


First Fight - Ch 7 of 7

The first situation in life, where there is only one door way out. For this matter, a door way in.

The End My father who is working as a nurse at that time, he went to the brother’s house, possibly with my grandfather. Makes a talk of peace, after explaining the situation about me protecting my brother. The next day, I went to the unfinished house. I went there and planned to wait for Richard. And there he was, sitting on cement bricks with a thick pad of cotton covered with medical...Read On


First Fight - Ch 6 of 7

The first situation in life, where there is only one door way out. For this matter, a door way in.

My First Fight I honestly cannot remember what happens next or what I was doing before this occasion. This event just stands out of its own from start to finish. I will never forget this moment in my life. It was tragic, and there was something beautiful that comes out of it. I'll be gentle, I promise. Standing in the front of our gate of our home, I could see my little brother...Read On


First Fight - Ch 5 of 7

The first situation in life, where there is only one door way out. For this matter, a door way in.

School Break The math teacher scribbles some numbers on the chalkboard. Each tap of the white chalk against the board and each drop of white ashes was like a count down to an execution. She's almost finished. Our eyes shake as we watch her scribble some scary numbers on the blackboard. “No,” she said. And she erases the blackboard again. “Let’s try something else we never did these...Read On


First Fight - Ch 4 of 7

The first situation in life, where there is only one door way out. For this matter, a door way in.

Good Morning “Wake up Vincent,” said my grandmother. Envious of my little brother still sleeping on the straw mattress, the smell of mosquito coil is vacuumed out from the wooden balconies door. My grandmother placed in a wooden door stop. “Go ahead,” she whispered. I lift the mosquito net and walk outside the balcony. Rubbing my eyes, the sight of colors tells the sun still covered...Read On


First Fight - Ch 3 of 7

The first situation in life, where there is only one door way out. For this matter, a door way in.

The House of Pain The old man smiles finally someone who bought the house has returned. He wonders if a jeep still there? With a mix of curiosity how he knows this without being there, how did he know of an abandoned front part of an automobile? For a long time now, it has been part of a wall of a fence. Weeds crawl on to it, and spider webs with dead skeletons of flies. I thought I...Read On


First Fight - Ch 2 of 7

The first situation in life, where there is only one door way out. For this matter, a door way in.

The New Kids on the Block   “Here he comes… run!” I shouted. And Nestor dodges Michael who was about to touch him. Nestor ran back to our base. “That was a close one!” he laughs. They already have three of our men. If Michael touches Nestor, it would only be me who is left. Either I would be caught then, or rescue my men back by simply reaching and to touch them. Unless for a...Read On


First Fight - Ch 1 of 7

The first situation in life, where there is only one door way out. For this matter, a door way in.

Kung Fu Night Saturday night. The screaming kicks and the punches that keep missing against the head of an old master made the kids wants to join his school. Our leg’s skins against the cold surface of the shiny cemented floors kept us in tune. The delayed English words coming out of their mouth in between fights, swears how bad ass these fighters are. The Cantonese dialogs translated...Read On


The Laundry Room

THE LAUNDRY ROOM: 081017 I'm not sure how old the thick glass door is, but just for the guess, it might be from the early eighties. I swipe the access card, and the push bar lets me free inside the apartment. Waiting for the elevator, I heard chattering behind me in Hindi. I peek through a long hallway, and at the end, there is a group of people in decent clothing. I never heard of...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XXIV

Claudia and Mr. Vukan go on a second expedition.

Entry XXXI – At dawn, Mr. Vukan and I left the Priory to begin our second expedition together. It was I who suggested that we travel westward since we traveled east on the 13th. He had playfully asked me if I was hiding any secrets to the west, similar to his secret in the east. I told him of course not, and that I have not been farther than the Priory, Sigtuna and the lake during my...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XXI

Claudia and Jovan traverse the forests of Sweden.

Entry XXVIII – I awoke early in the morning to pack my satchel with a few traveling supplies. A small wool blanket, rope from the Priory Stables (I only borrowed, I have returned it now), a short canteen of water, and of course, my father's dagger. I was not sure of what else to bring for the upcoming expedition into the countryside, but from what Mr. Vukan said it would seem that I am...Read On


Taken by a Highlander

Lasses have disappeared in these parts for as long as anyone can remember and even longer! Ya ken?”

Chapter 1. Scotland Donella, known as Ella since she was a wee lass had dreamed of this trip for as long as she could remember. The 22-year old woman was rather small, being only five feet two inches in her stocking feet. It must be said she was proportioned in just the right places. She had slightly curly long dark almost black hair that she usually kept in a messy bun at the nape of her...Read On


Broken Lives : Chapter 2

Her name was Revenance Widow, but to her friends, she was known as Vena. She was only sixteen years old but already known as a highly skilled treasure hunter amongst amateur adventurers. She had recently lost her partner, a boy whose name no one knew. She had been found lying on the ground screaming and unresponsive to anyone attempting to wake her. It wasn't until she was moved to a...Read On


Broken Lives : Chapter 1

"If you could have one thing, what would it be?" "Hmm?" he asked. "If I could have one thing? Well, that's an easy one. But before I tell you, what about you? What would you want?" "What!?" his partner gasped. "No, no, no, no, no, no. I asked you first. You tell me and then I'll tell you." "I can't, otherwise you might be swayed by my answer," he laughed. "No I wouldn't," his...Read On



Welcome to an adventure of a lifetime.

SETTING: A boy wakes up in a hospital bed next to his father. A doctor walks into the room to deliver the news. Doctor: Hello and welcome to- Son: Doc, give it to me straight. Doctor: Well son, there’s no easy way to put this but- Son: Doc! How long do I have to live? Doctor: A week Son: A week! That’s not enough time to live. I’m gonna die young. I’m gonna die young. [Son whining]...Read On


Caught Napping

A Nap?

Blasted AUTEC Range! D.. submarines! They're right. All we are is pond scum targets. Oh well no St. Croix visit AGAIN.   Wait, we're setting sea and anchor detail? Cool! Even if we are end of pier, I'll get to see that crescent shaped beach finally. Better get below and take the watch. CSOW here I come. Our Captain had some pull so we got to have two Laser sailboats as part of our welfare...Read On


Fishy Yarns

A likely tale of old Yorkshire...

'twixt the moorland villages of Clapptrap and Skandal, there runs a lovely stretch of the Twaddle. The lively river flows through the limestone gorge at Poppycock Cut, and once past Yakking Mouth it discharges its clear waters in spectacular fashion at Fayrelady Falls. Tis a sight for sore eyes to behold such wild, foaming torrents - I courted my dear wife there and it's a good spot for trout. ...Read On


Dad's Love proven.

In which I disobey Dad and nearly die before rescue

Dad was a very special person to me. Here are a couple of special stories about Dad that tell you about our relationship. The first story is one set in the deep snows of a spring blizzard. We had about 4 foot of snow on the level with more in drifts. After the snow had stopped, Dad and Granddad turned to caring for the livestock. The cattle were fine as they were in along the meadows and in...Read On


The Wielders - Chapter One: The Bruise

Your greatest enemies are closer than you think.

Melis did her best to hold back her tears as she ran. As much as she tried, she couldn't fight the image of Rahmi, lying on his back with a broken neck and choking on his own blood. She was caught between the guilt of abandoning him and the weight of the mission he had given her. She was running fast but in her opinion not fast enough. The guilt hovered over every inch of her skin like a...Read On


The Wielders - Prologue

If energy cannot be destroyed, then neither can a man who puts all his energy into being powerful.

It’s said that parents often try too hard to push their children into achieving their own dreams. Despite not being a conventional parent at the time, I was no exception. Melis may have been half my age, but she showed twice the potential I did at her age. When I was her age (12), I was interviewed by five wield masters, each interview ending in polite rejection. With Melis it was different....Read On


The Vessel

CHAPTER 1 "The Start of a Long Journey" "Get off him! Get off him now Sean!" I can hardly hear her. The muffled sound barely finds its way to my conscious mind. I feel a good sensation as I squeeze harder. As I squeezed his neck even more, I find myself feeling sorry for him, and I let go. I get in his face clenching my teeth quietly telling him, "say that again!" I speak louder, "Say it!"...Read On


There Be Draguins

A young boy's destiny.

This is the first chapter of a book I am writing for my grandson. Let me know what you think. Prelude June 16, 1611 was a dark and rainy day in the tiny Irish village of Cluain Tiobrad. Its lush green pastures made its Gaelic name of “Well of the Meadows” appropriately given. On most days with less rain it was often a pleasant resting place for travelers between Monaghan...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 11


Celebrations! We guys were up pretty early on this very important day. After getting washed and dressed, we fairly raced to the eating hall only to find that the girls had beat us there. There they were, calmly eating as they grinned at us. Kori waved at me to hurry up and sit down. Everyone started talking at once about how our day was going to go. Soon our speculations were quickly put...Read On


Prologue - Shadows of the Dragon

What chance does beauty have in a world full of darkness?

The low hum of twenty cement trucks permeated the construction site. Six trucks lined the edges of the pour site, while ten more idled in a long line around the perimeter ready to replace the others as soon as they had completed the evacuation of their mixers. Once the pour started, it would continue without interruption for twenty hours. Laying the foundations of a skyscraper is a very...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 10

The priestess's lioness stood over me, watching me with huge unblinking yellow eyes.

It was finally celebration week! Our first day seemed to go so very slowly but eventually we found ourselves at the dinner table discussing what we should do that night. There was a pile of ideas being discussed, all at one time, but eventually, we settled on going as a group. I thought this would allow the people to recognize us by the black and gold colors of our outfits. The group saw...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 9

“You know I always get the best of you Nikos...!”

Through the Ages - Chapter 9 Festival Time The weeks and months went by while we all became truly wonderful athletes. Duris would meet weekly with Andros and contemplate our progress. I came to understand that Andros was the overseer of the entire religious complex, and our schooling was but a small part of his responsibilities. Under the tutelage of Duris, our leaps and landings...Read On