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Through the fields of golden hearing of the winter in their cry a whispering of snow and the dawning of the frost something told the wild geese to go with the ever-changing sky... it was time to fly through the fields of golden

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She sang my soul of polished memories as her shadow awakes neath the hush when her soft voice died on the wings of angels so deep the silence of her echoes on clear nights from the winds that ride the tides of love

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My Turtle Dove

Is it worth the time if you won't be mine?

Is it worth the trust if it's mostly lust? ° You are free to speak Tell me what your heart says We are in admission Please, no more naysays. ° Is it worth the love if you only feel kind of? ° Whisper on my ears The words I must hear. The songs of lovers F...

In my dreams, a hundred years of sleep from tiny buds to crimson rose tickled by the hermit bees as the slumberous brierwood doze in dawn's twilight glow sweet as the dew of heaven's caress of soft leaves pressed between written words and prayers kept

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A flicker of light I can see it from afar Drowning in darkness. A whisper of hope I can hear it fade away Deafening silence. A soft cry for help It is coming from within Not denying it. You reach out to me Holding your little candle Sharing me the light....

The wayward dark soul of twilight shadow of the devil's hermaphrodite skeleton among the stones a vessel awaking from the grave to reign on ashes of bones dragged through the gate of Hell with cinder of death's breath resurrecting the crypt of dawn in a m...

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The Void


Maybe this time you can stay afloat, Drifting along the void, Feeling the sweet nothingness You reach for your lifeline but they never returned your call Setting you adrift over the dark sea Maybe this time you can just float along In your tiny boat made...

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Between a distance of a smile the valance of your breath touched by the wind chimes with a shadow of leaves in between the wine sap tree and the god's honey mead as waves wade upon the shore through sands of a silent opera of life's sweet apple core in be...

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The Howling of Your Dogs Shall Pass Too

I wrote this poem as a warnning to tyrants

Death will pass your world too The prosperity of your times shall end too The owl of suffering who annihilates from the root Shall visit your sad land too The autumn wind bringing misery to the lands Shall pass your gardens too The water of death, known f...

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When the world is at odds look at smiles from a tea box it doesn't cost but a penny but worth much more and can cure a broken smile with soft whispers from the heart and a kiss in the floating mist when the world is at odds When your soul is at odds seek...

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How can I say goodbye? How can I let you go? You have brought me comfort When I needed it most. Though I can never thank you Your legacy will live on Though you have gone away. I cannot help missing you I cannot stop the pain I feel Your voice still calls...

Death takes no middle ground I might as well be a ghost running helter skelter between late and early past my epithet as I pull a rabbit out of the hat feeling not afraid but pocket lint has no place in my soul or emptiness leaving me half full

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