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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general. This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.


Grows Deeper

The dark grows deeper. Resembling black tea under the shadows of negativity. The water is stained life. Decaying with a bitter harvest. Standing on the brink of mortality. I don't have wings, listening to preachers cry. Drowning in life's symphony. Just add water and drink. Storing the rest in fatal black with faded-out tattoos.     ...Read On


In Tongue

Characters I have known in their borderline shady with an overcoat made of ink   covering insecurities with tattoos   and stale beer flat-lined overnight   with a rusted old Harley   and a stick of beef jerky   watching reruns of the Price Is Right   chasing shadows of I Love Lucy   speaking in the tongue of Ernst T. Bass "I don't chew my cabbage but twice..."    ...Read On


Good Times Are Killing Me the good times are killing me taking trips down memory lane but it's time to let go  setting me free  of a broken heart and birds perched weeping as the good times are killing me...    ...Read On


How Does Your Garden Grow?

I took up gardening somewhat recently. The first reason being, we get such glorious summers where I live on the East Coast, and I decided that I wanted to spend more time outside. Where I am, the summers are long, hot, and dry. So long, in fact, that we don't really get an autumn until it's closer to winter. It's the same with spring. Getting out in the garden seemed to be the easiest way for...Read On


A Scent of

With a scent of Cognac, I see the shadow in your eyes of an admirer. Close your eyes and touch me. Let your fingers explore. Play my desires like a cello whispering intoxicating riddles. Hidden in the image of the moon's golden doubloon. Across coastal waters as nightingales swoon in life's bounty.     ...Read On


Short Stack

I remember when I was granny's little boy and the world was my spinning top. Stories came from the radio and my six-shooter was a toy. Roy and Dale were my heroes. Cracker Jacks were a nickel. A Band-Aid would make my boo-boo better. I would laugh until my belly ached. But that all ended when granny went to sleep and the angels put cotton into my ears, so she couldn't hear. Because daddy...Read On


Anchor Your Life

Strong foundation’s are essential

Anchor your life?  We have all had difficult situations to deal with in our lives. Our family and home are supposed to be the place we feel safest. But what if that’s the place that makes us feel uneasy and questions who we are.  Where do we learn and find the courage to hope and dream? How do find we find the faith to move on create a love-filled life? How do we build a solid foundation...Read On


The next chapter

Many changes take place  She smiles with the secret of yesterday and The promise of tomorrow Had a good life Many tears and smiles A simple life To sit on the porch  Early morning with first light  That touches the mountain top Listening to the rain and  Gentle breeze That speaks of lazy days of love That last well into the darkness Time passes far to fast A new moment in time ...Read On


Carrot Nose

I remember a nickel in my pocket—a shoeshine before church. I remember the radio with static. A prayer before I slept and granny kissing my brow. I remember grandpa playing his fiddle. The catfish dinners and hiccups. It was the years of my youth when snowmen had a carrot nose. Cars had hubcaps, and granny was tout de suite.              ...Read On


Hanging On

Through the eyetooth of an oyster in shadows of the hop-o'-my-thumb hanging on to my inkwell with an androgynous smile of who swallowed the canary on the end of my pen's thing-a-ma-bob    ...Read On



I kinda like the flow of this. Maybe I'll do audio.

Hello? Hi? Ehhhugh, hum? Y'all? D'ye exist? I exist? Anyone? Anyone at all? But, no. Nobody did exist. But somebody must have. Existed, that is. Otherwise this wouldn't  exist. But what is existence without purpose? Is that just, sorta, being? Like a thing. Y'know, not really there, but not not there. An object, formless, but there, not really there, but uh, in time and space. I don't...Read On


But Why...

In my dream of bicycle spokes and Kool-Aid stands. When I was but a tad in my Buster Brown shoes. Acid reflux was called belching and a four-letter word un-heard.  Telephones had cords, granny wore an apron and butterflies gave hugs. Back then I could hear the green beans snap and the bacon fry. Now the microwave is the Ark of the Covenant and popcorn has lost its pop. Everything comes...Read On


Withering Cello

  Darkness can lead to depression, insecurity, and anxiety. If you ain't hap-hap happy in the shadows. Dark needs no light when all roads lead to the twilight of a thousand years. But don't be sad, take my hand. Fadeaway from your broken heart and latch on to dark's addiction. Feel your veins bleed from red to cold. Listening to the silence of the withering cello.      ...Read On


Gold Ribbons

I remember the window of the sun. I remember the peeling paint on the picket fence. I remember when the sun never winked until noon. Then came the summer rains as a spark tore the blue and umbrellas dripping rainbows. I remember little Lord Jesus and the drummer boy. Most of all, I remember my granny's sewing box and gold ribbons of when she was a young girl.  ...Read On


Dust Motes

This is how I come to love the dark in writing. Without a map. Now comprised of Trappists and interesting people. From my bookshop's Rolodex. It started with a fascination. Then withdrawing from my insomnia while stroking my black cat. Now I am living in the dark aware of my proclivities to steep my tea with a bit of truth. There is honesty in the dark when a shadow is my muse. It started...Read On



I remember. "Get Wildroot Cream-Oil, Charlie." To slick back my hair, in a duck style. It was the rage, as cooties slipped in the grease. I remember my mom's bonnet hat pins. I remember Little Lulu in the comic strips. What happened to the ashtrays in cars? I remember fried chicken on Sundays after Church. I remember my little puppy dog. I remember playing Red Rover with my friends. Where...Read On


No More Lum 'n Abner

I lost my youth when the radio died. No more Lum 'n Abner, sponsored by Frigidaire. I miss the static. Where have all the furrows gone, when planting potatoes? Now just a wrinkle in memories, buried in rows.  Where has the sawmill gone that cut the lumber? Now but a gate with peeling paint and a rusted hinge. But I remember Tom Sawyer. No more milk in glass bottles.  Where are the strings...Read On


The Bridge

Crossing the bridge of embers burned. Where have all my ghosts gone? On a night painted with snow. So silently my mind drifts to when we were but young lovers. Spanning memories of our lagoon, when we were like dolphins. So in love. Where has the calliope of music gone?  On the midway of our love's blessings. Crossing the bridge of embers burned.     ...Read On


Blue Eyes Daisy

In latitude between Autumn and Spring. As the shadow of the solstice kisses me goodnight with your smile in profile. Bury me lazy, with your blue eyes daisy. Feed me breadcrumbs of memories in the solemn of my oak portmanteau. Beneath the lights, of when we were young, as the trellis grew red roses. When the world wasn't so crazy. In latitude between Autumn and Spring.  Bury me lazy, with...Read On


God's Pilot Light

Darkness is my pilot light. Slipping the bonds of twilight. Letting dreams come to me, as I listen to the evening bells. No dreams too far, to touch my star. That embraces the truth of who you are. A winter's solstice, closer to God.  Slipping the bonds of twilight.  Darkness is my pilot light.   ...Read On



Do we ever stop dreaming, will the sun melt,  where does night go when the moon sleeps,  are there rainbows, when the clouds cry, do we ever stop dreaming, if the felt-tip dries?    ...Read On


Spewing My Coocoo With Algorithms

Night bears witness, with the dark of the eyesores. Dripping from webs of pale cataracts. In silence as the oysters of rainfall. Like a mist. An invocation of madness to my mind's pendulum. With metaphors of rum, done right, and the profane jesters for poet's daily bread. In my hand's deformity as I dot my I's. Before the ink dries and coagulates. As I cork the bottle of rum's night...Read On


How Much Is The Doggie in the Window?

How much is the doggie in the window



An Open Letter: Arte's Thoughts

I'm just a visitor, but even I can see what's wrong here.

Dear Humans, You're all so weird! Sorry, let me start that again. I've been on your planet for 35 years. I've witnessed some things that I wouldn't want anyone else to, yet people do. I've seen the world through the eyes of a baby, growing up to become an infant, child, teenager, and finally adult. When I was a baby, things were simple: Cry for attention, sleep most of the time, play for...Read On

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Letting Go



Always dream

Dreams from the past How things were Of what could be What will be someday Promises to keep Always have and always will Nothing will change Dream and believe The magic Should and will be...Read On


Shadows Of

Raining down shadows of cypress leaves. The bog's clock, tick-tocks dark souls, I have known. Paled as heaven's tarnished pewter, walking through the wickets of Hades. As the cicada imps screech, from my mind's journal. The lights wink out as I sleep, a dreamer of dreams. Raining down shadows of cypress leaves. Reaching out to bury me, as the siren's of autumn gives me new life. Caressing...Read On

What Is Life All About?

How I learned a new perspective on life.

Eons ago, when I was young, I lived in submarines. For someone who loves the mountains, it was a silly place to be. I was in an unhealthy space, and close to a nervous breakdown. I spent a lot of time wondering what life was all about. In the end, I decided it didn’t matter. I did, however, come to a conclusion. When I am near the end, and am asked, ‘ Have you done the things you wish...Read On



Without the sun there would be no raining silk  living and breathing in the gospel of my soul  in the silence of raptures of God's shadow  on the bright side of the rainbow far from the dark of past memories  waiting for the chariot to carry me home.  ...Read On



Yesterday a butterfly, on the fly today the rain of Spring, April brings then came the rose, with a scent of you touching my nose without arms, just two wings.  ...Read On