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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general. This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.


In which I transition

The transition is almost complete. I can feel it. Soon I'll be adjusted to my new age. It's been a difficult three years. I fought against it. A good fight; but I've run out of weapons. I'm adjusting quickly to the occupying forces. Of elderly forces. Of lesser capacity and capabilities. Of accepting the fact that there are more memories in my past than are possible for me to create in...Read On


Inka Dinka Doo

In memories of " Inka Dinka Doo." When I wore knickers and Buster Brown shoes. Learned about Ponce de Leon in school and pledged allegiance to the flag. "For which it stands."  And at night, I brushed my teeth. Folded my knickers and read Treasure Island. As mom brushed her hair with a blue brush. Then I talked to God as mom tucked me in bed. And I recited my ABC's. Then she kissed me...Read On


Of Compliments and Women

In an earlier life, a woman once remarked to me that it was good to meet a man who was proud enough of his name to write it so others could read it. I don’t know if she was flirting or not but, as you can see, I remember her telling me this. Last Friday while being introduced to a woman, she shook my hand more firmly than I anticipated. Then she held my hand with both of hers and said, "Oh,...Read On


Unmeasured Behaviour

When experience overshadows blind enthusiasm...

“Buddy, what’s the rush?” After gleefully claiming that he’s grown yet again, for the umpteenth time in the past two weeks, we once again checked his height against his previous measurement on the family growth chart next to the fridge. “Nope. Still the same,” I advised my almost eleven-year-old son. “But Dad, I must have grown,” he whined with disbelief, “I’m going through puberty.” ...Read On


The Sling

The sling of God sent a star falling through endless space and time As we the people held on to gravity losing God's shine    By killing our own kind with words and lies spreading ink  On tablets of the fading Commandments But who among us think as we spin on our axis out of control  When the world thinks we are clowns   With a cell glued to our heads and a star falling    ...Read On



silent but for my breath and the sound of my heart beating



Eye See Her Sarcasm

My children’s annual medical examinations are always insightful...

The good doctor bent over with an oft-practiced, child-welcoming smile. “Good to see you again,” he said to my young daughter, punny obviously intended for both of us. “It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year.” Her feigned smile was overshadowed by her rude silence, a nose twitch, and a half-step back. The optometrist immediately stood up fearing that he had incurred a...Read On


Just A Glimpse

What's the harm in a little happiness

His picture is among a lot of images I store here on this site. His happy, furry face 'smiling' at me. One ear flipped up the way it often was. He was my Sparky boy. Just a glimpse is enough to make my eyes moist. What is it about the simple things that bring us such joy. The unquestioning love that our life-companions bring to us. Whether they are creatures with four legs or the actual...Read On


The Furnace

The furnace is hot but my soul is cold. And the bones of my spoken words are buried in tomes. Yellowed by time and cigarette smoke. Never to be read or purchased on new's stands. But ain't life great, when one can watch Homer Simpson and belch Bud Lite? Dipping chicken wings in homemade sins.   Now the leaves on my stone have turned to mulch, and a robin has laid a nest egg. But I have an...Read On


Wander Around The World

The more we want, the more it will become a burden to us at the end of the day.

 A young monk was supposed to wander around the world but, he postponed the departure date again and again. The abbot waited impatiently, ‘You’d supposed to start off six months ago. What’s stopping you?’ The very perturbed monk sighed, ‘It is a trial of a very long journey. I can’t imagine how many thousands of mountains and rivers I will have to go through. The climates, the clothes,...Read On


I'm No Medusa, Yo

Sometimes it's parents that say and do the darnedest things...

Like most family units, we have our frivolous banter and unrehearsed routine. Each improvisational interaction is personalized for the diverse character actors we’ve assembled for our home life, live theatre experience. When one’s children are comfortable sharing their minds and personalities, the audience around them is blessed with many memorable, life-enhancing experiences. Valuable...Read On



Until I was twelve the world was green and little red cars had bench seats. Tea was strained through leaves and mom prayed on her knee's. Now the world is full of hate and little red cars have bucket seats. Tea comes in a can, but mom still prays on her knee's. And dad has gone to the promise land. Now I wear stripes on my sleeve in Afghanistan and people hate. Hate because of what side of...Read On


Handle Mustache

My thumb pressed the remote and I got commercials. Reruns of the Simpsons or wrestling. But the light still works in my second-hand microwave as I nuked a beef jerky casserole. The Pepto Bismol looks and tastes like calamine lotion. The band-aids don't stick like taxes do. But chewing gum sticks to hair on my nose.   My car was repossessed by the pawn shop and my wife but bigger balloons...Read On


Penny Bubble Gum

When life was slower, and we pushed lawnmowers. Adjusted the rabbit ears just to watch test patterns. I often wonder where the good old days have gone. So many memories ago. When I was a sprout, knee-high to a yardstick and there was penny bubble, and Dick Tracy. Mom would sing me songs and granny snapped beans. The Good Lord watched from above as grandpa spit tobacco in a Mason Jar,...Read On


God’s Tears (Part One)

Forgivness is just a decision away

God’s Tears (Part One) Long after the sticky drab of an all day late August rain, the trees still spit on me. The fog rolls in, like a thick blanket, smothering the hustle and din I’ve grown accustom to. Only the expectancy of a passing cop car can cut the smothering. There is more than just the eerie quiet that shakes me to my core. Can you feel the dank air, eating you from within, like...Read On


My America

I hate what has happened to my America. Where a rancid political system works for the few and not for the many. Where a foul media keeps coloring the news instead of just reporting it. Where class distinctions are proudly touted to divide society even more. America has become a "me first" nation where honor and integrity are second to "what's in it for me." We use suffering as a battering...Read On


Indomitable Spirit

This is a near verbatim re-telling of a lucid dream sequence I awoke from this morning...

Queue the X-Files music. It was a cold but sunny mid-winter’s Sunday morning. The unclouded sky was blue and the ice crystals sparkled in the snow like a blanket of diamonds. I stood in my kitchen with my back to the sink’s window and faced the white Amana refrigerator. I was enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, lots of heavy cream, lots of sugar, just the way I like it. The kids had...Read On


Housed Inn Trees

Where have the trees gone Once majestic and proud Where elves housed in trees    Now, so silent the woods Where stumps are ghost And pines cones are orphans While fungus strangles the light As evil covers the earth Beneath a veil of contempt   And the landscape turns mellow Where elves housed in trees ...Read On


Bless Their Heart

Gone are the old times of my youth and my grandmother's rocking chair, where she read from The Good Book and said, "Bless their heart." And the Five and Time store with wooden floors and open doors, and nickel turtles in a bowl, as canaries tweet. Of cotton candy at the County Fair and clowns with big shoes, cracking salted peanuts, and drinking RC Cola. Oleomargarine as a substitute  ...Read On



I dream of a city where everyone are neighbors Knowing helping each other isn’t wrong And there is no race or color Where old ladies can feel safe and sound   I dream of a state that works as one Taxing people fairly and giving back what isn’t theirs Helping the poor man to find work and feeding the destitute While not lining their pockets with the sweat of everyone's back   I dream...Read On



When I look into your eyes...

When I am not doing anything I look at your picture, and I think to myself, what it would be like to hold your face in my hands and kiss your lips, to touch your beard and trace your eyes with my fingertips. You have this innocent look of a little boy in your eyes that I so dearly love to look at. That naughty streak to explore is showing in your sparkling blue eyes. I wanted to know what...Read On



...through the trees, a lone Heron, standing absolutely still on the opposite bank just yards away.

Today I took a long stroll, well, longish. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the sun shone brightly and hot as I walked through the trees. It was the Fifth day of September, Two Thousand and Eighteen and the forest was quiet and peaceful. Suddenly, I stopped. There, on the lake, just through the trees, a lone Heron, standing absolutely still on the opposite bank just yards away. I...Read On



Moments Of being scared Being in a fog of uncertainty  Not having control Moments Of reaching out Of believing Of holding on and refusing to give up Moments Of laughter Joy Tears And rage Moments To live Grow together Never letting go Moments Of love Of life...Read On


The illusion of life

You bawl at the deceased because he has already escaped from the human world of w...

It was said that, since Buddha had given a public education in a country. The common people all became the morals, courtesy, and thoughtfulness. They lived in harmony with the mutual love and support each other, which had made the land verily a paradise. The marvelous tidings had been spread far and wide. A pagan was named MAZE who wondered about the mighty power and high-mindedness...Read On


Sharpening My Pencil

At times when writing, my words depart. But not for lack of confidence. It's the speed bumps that slow me down. Or which direction to take my prose. Sometimes, I write with my heart. And sometimes, I lean towards the dark of the river Styx. Then at times, a friar's lantern leads me to a serene monastery, where I lay with angels to comfort me as I scribble. But first! Sharpening my pencil.    ...Read On


Why Worry?

Some things are just not meant to be worried about, and others, are unforeseen opportunities...

Some time ago, in a not so far off place, I stumbled across a small vender’s booth on the roadside while on vacation. The older woman, appearing wise with wavy dark hair streaked with various hues of grays and whites, and sun-baked skin with crow’s feet extending from the corners of her deep-set, black eyes, asked me how I was that first-day-of-my-vacation day. Maybe I struggled to respond,...Read On



Have you ever just missed someone? Not the, oh I should call them kind of missing. I mean the kind where you are sitting right next to each other. You watch them and yearn for their hands, their kisses, and their attention. Where you wake up to a good morning and go to bed with a goodnight, but everything in between is different. You don’t feel them like you used to. They don’t look at you...Read On


Cupid Hand

Believe in love.

We can not choose who we fall in love with.  For love with the help of Cupid chooses us.  Love, as the arrow from his bow, enters your heart.  It does not matter if it is the right time or not.  If she is half your age or not.  If she is a woman of another man or not.  Even if she lives halfway around the globe, or down the street from you.  For she is the one for you.  Listen to your heart.  ...Read On


A lifetime

One look catches another Heart touches heart Eyes bright with desire One smile follows more As feelings grow Hands reach out Time stands still One second  A lifetime As he touches her hand with his lips Then holding her hand to his heart They pledge their love No words are spoken None are needed One moment  A lifetime together...Read On


What is love?

What is love? Howard Jones and later, Haddaway asked the same question. I’m not sure if either got any answers but I seem to be asking myself that more and more at the moment. I’m not talking of the love for your parents or children or siblings. I’m referring to the kind of love that makes your heart leap and your fingers tingle, which squeezes you right to the core of your being....Read On