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A written version of a play includes scene and character descriptions, dialogue, set direction, and may also give the reader an outline or synopsis.


A Twelfth-night Masque

Within a medieval castle, festivity begins to take shape.

INT. A MEDIEVAL CASTLE HALL A set of banners are hung around the hall.   SONG: Pastime with Good Company A band of musicians enter and play. They exit afterward.   SCENE: Antimasque The Sprites enter. SPRITES    Black spirits and white, red spirits and grey,    Mingle, mingle, mingle, you that mingle may.    Four points of the circle, weave the spell,    East,...Read On


The Masque of Christmas

  DRAMATIS PERSONAE Santa Claus: a midwinter icon Hans Muff: a satyr The Boy: a curious lad The Archangel: a herald Befana: an old woman The Reindeer: an animal Chorus: peasants, angels     INT. A PARLOR ROOM   A boy is seen in a chair, reading a book. BOY    Santa Claus is very big and fat. He’s got a red suit and a white beard. He brings you many gifts, but not if...Read On


Moon Challenge: Space Port Alpha

In the year 2034, Space Port Alpha faces a crisis




Life is like a game of Charades. Only we are too blind to reads the clues....

SETTING: Two policemen are chatting as the detective and his apprentice approach them. POLICE OFFICER 1: Here, quick, drink this coffee. You need to be sober when giving them your statement. CONSTABLE: (takes a huge gulp and shuts his eyes immediately.) Ah! This one is laced with whiskey you idiot! Shit, you made it worse. POLICE OFFICER 1: Sorry chief. Let me get you another- ...Read On


We Three

A short, one act play

Characters: ELLE  - Middle-aged, dishevelled, wearing nightclothes. BETH  - Indeterminate age, smartly dressed in casual attire. LISA  - Twenty-something, short dress, heels, make-up. WAITER  - Young, handsome male. Staging notes : ‘Black box’ stage, plain black floor. Three identical, plain chairs positioned CSR, CS, CSL. *** Blackout. ELLE, BETH and...Read On

Recommended Read

Gracie's Collection

Fun With English, Opus 4

When two young, moderately successful vaudeville performers teamed up for a comedy act in 1923, it didn’t take long to realize that they had found the right fit — both personally and professionally — and that their future success would be far beyond moderate. Together, George Burns and Gracie Allen, who married in 1926, formed one of the most popular and enduring comic duos in...Read On


Orphans (Intro and scene 1, act 1)

Tell me if you guys think I should continue?

Henry O'Connor: An orphan abandoned by his father Alexander O'Connor at Oakenhill's orphanage. He is paralyzed in his legs and deathly ill will cancer. He is best friends with Mickey and Lucy two other orphans. Mickey Erickson: Slightly older than Henry. She has a rough past, being raised out on the streets before being brought to the orphanage by force. She stayed after meeting young Henry...Read On


Dead on the Horizon: Chapter 1 - Sweet Dreams

With the dead rising from their graves, we follow four survivors and see how they survive the terror

Dead on the Horizon Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams Written by Jerred D. Adams GHOST VO: If you are hearing this, you’re still alive. The cities have been overrun, I repeat stay away from the cities. I thought I could hold up in my house but it proved to be fatal. Mankind is crumbling before my eyes. Whatever you do, don’t let what happened to...Read On


Revolt, Freedom, and Passion

(A one act play in two scenes. The action all takes place in Paris. The characters are sitting together. One is Albert. The other is Antoine. They have been dead decades.) SCENE 1 At RISE: (A park bench with the Eiffel Tower behind it. It is full daylight. Each character is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Each is wearing a trench coat, slacks, and brown shoes. When one speaks he...Read On


Ephemeral VI - Adapted as a Play in One Act

Time itself is Ephemeral: Chapter VI - adapted as a one act stage play



I'm In Love With Her (Stage Version)

The Opening Scene of Steffanie's Micro Theater... in my dreams!

Steffanie's Micro Theater Scene One: I'm In Love With Her Characters and Costumes: Steffanie A petite, nineteen year old blonde. Dressed in a scruffy short denim skirt, black bomber jacket and black, military style boots. Hazel A petite, nineteen year old redhead. Barefoot and dressed in a long, slightly revealing, flowing white dress. (Think classical Greek nymph.) ...Read On