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Sweet Thoughts of You

Sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today, Chased my melancholia away, Sunbeams reigned and the blues fell away, When sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today. Oh, the sun was the same, same was the day, Same was the work, and the time frittered away, But somehow they were different in no discernible way When sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today.  ...Read On


One Less Day

One Less Day As another day wakes With you to protect Till the day you fly Into my arms Forever mine As I am yours Heart Being Soul Aphrodite Goddess of love Smiles and kisses Your sweet forehead Words gifted to you Love Respect Adore Surge thru you Etched to your core Goddess Aphrodite Rides her chariot East to West As your eyes close You hear my voice Love Respect...Read On


Just Your Smile

It's really just the smile

It's really just the smile That tells it all. A smile that seems transcendent To our core. Complete fulfillment,  Existential bliss  For every beating heart that feels its Glow. A happy smile of joy and sweet delight That spins our moods from blueness   Into glee. To utter satisfaction with this life. Such smiles Are bringers of a glowing light. Of sunshine,  Exultation for  Each life. ...Read On


A Sailor's Counsel

Some men plan their lives like they plan for a trip, The destination is chosen, the direction is clear, The traveling goods are loaded, the course is set, They select the weather to sail, stay in port when rough.   I steer by integrity and set my course by honesty, I tack against the winds of immorality and clear the rocks of shattered ethics, I hold the lanyards of men with respect...Read On


Over Moonlit Channel

Echoes of Tullamore reigning in the ghost In seance with a whiskey label   Two fingers, up neath so sayeth my host With words of book worn my journal scorn Of my consequential of a harlot I boast As her acorn squash fife's my lot And her footsies troll over my chest On a poet's bedside scroll Parlaying her hips on an ottoman Echoes of Tullamore reigning in the ghost Clouding my mind...Read On


My Wife's Lovely Drawers

My wife is perfect as you can see; An upturned nose, very pretty. She cooks, she cleans, she rings my bell, But it’s her drawers that I love so well.   My wife’s drawers are a sight to behold, A tale to you that must be told, Of things so secret and forbidden, The contents of which are usually hidden.   My wife’s drawers are like a menagerie Of playing cards and gold jewelry; Gum...Read On


Little Scamp

Little scamp has fun.



Kiss You Brew

It was the kiss you brew on dawn we lay    That I felt the evermore of Spring As your eyes invoked the rites of love   With wings of an angel's sing And as the dew was on the grass We sipped a jasmine tea aphrodisiac Neath the awning of the sky While windmills blew sweet ale In a glider of the forest Of truffle saffron That I felt the evermore of Spring...Read On



Looking up to the Gods

Proud man Strong man wait Brought low One call wait To his core One word wait Clouds form Sun gone wait Looking up to the Gods Rumours wait Text message Shaking hand wait Push play Listen again wait Teary eyes Pierced heart wait Tired man Old man wait On the banks River Styx wait   ...Read On


Unwanted Love

Poems written and hopefully sent, Never get a reply. Invitations for romantic events Are almost always denied.   When invitations are not denied They are oft put off… Deferred. “I’m not ready,” is what I hear. “Too soon,” are oft your words.   With patience, I wait and wonder why My advances are not accepted, Is there something about my approach? Or am I being tested?   Are...Read On



I opened a can of beans As paper towels unfolded Cats under feet Spoons dropped in musical note   Doorbell rings Disturbing sublime lazy Yet curiosity blooms To be disappointed   Wall to wall carpeting Beneath socked feet Pathways marked By traipsed bi-peds   Clock chimes by hours lived Reminding of sun in sky Moments memorialized By media on colored screen   ...Read On



sticks and stones can hurt as not hearing from you does too

THAW Winter winds Freeze you in My mind Waiting for a thaw Day and Days go Watching the ice flows Down to the oceans go  Build a fire Warm your heart Think of just only one On our banks With hope anew Above geese form As this old man  Dreams on For a note Or a call Watching ice flow See two robins necking This old man smiles Hoping to hear  Your thaw  ...Read On


Of My Drowsy

Casting out plumed serpents of my mind and the demons of the soured wine, as the dawn awakens a new shine,   of the drought I slept.   As a gauzy silhouette kiss my lips, shadowing my ambiguity, midnight clock, with a poetic soliloquy, of yesterday's pines and acorns.   Forsaking me of my quinine, with talisman arms of the drought I slept, in chambers of my drowsy....Read On


Panther Love

Feral and Carnal

I approach you with a cat-like look… and feline sinuosity, Muscle by muscle, paw by paw…with animal curiosity, I intend to devour you… and your hot, enticing, flesh. There is sexual heat within my loins; passion upon my breath. From deep within my soul…I growl my love's ferocity, Pinning you beneath me…I seek your generosity. Surrender your sexuality…I will take my pleasure, Become a...Read On


Life's Fresco

The breath of time waits not a brad In the scheme called life's fresco Of an eternal landscape While dusk turns into a dawn's rust For whom the weather vane spins   And dew of morn mist a rainbow As paint is mixed with Gum Arabic Spread on a canvas of your love With tint of kiss and turtle doves  ...Read On


Mrs Robinson Crusoe

Mrs Robinson's Story

Mrs Robinson Crusoe stood upon her own little isle, Wondering what happened to that cute little smile. She'd not seen her mister since their boat was wrecked. Two years it’d been since Mister washed over the deck.   The boat had sunk beneath her; she struggled to stay afloat. She the sole survivor of their guided fishing boat. She’d survived two years with mussels and abalone, ...Read On


Forest Of Gemini

Sundown falling as eventide winks And the sparrows take rest   As the moon strikes gold Over the evergreens In a forest of Gemini Over a night's chandelier   As the wind chimes sing Shades of whispering springs With emollient kisses In folds of your warm caress    And the dreams that wind Making love on the truffles With shades of an inglenook In a forest of Gemini Over a...Read On


Snow in Three Poems

If you live where it snows, you will see truth in these poems

Snow Dust Snowflakes falling all around Changes to snow upon the ground. When the wind blows (as it must) It carries aloft bits of snow dust. Snow Bunnies Snow swirls; the wind makes a snow dune. Snow dust dances to a wintery tune. Like dust bunnies underneath your bed, Snow bunnies rise and begin to sled. Wisps and swirls, snow bunnies arise And follow the wind until it subsides....Read On


Dragonfly and Pixie

Thoughts return Of that first summer On the lake Where dragonflies and pixies Roamed playing matchmakers The sun kissed rooftops As with my heart You walked into my life A smile brighter than the sun I skip a stone across the cove Watching the ripples form As deep into my soul That day in hot July My heart and soul Belonged to her Dragonfly and Pixie Played matchmakers Well done Well done...Read On


Under a Crepuscular Sky

A man angrily greives for what was taken from him

A semi-circular moon in a crepuscular sky. Indigo hues of a day that passed by. I grieve at the tomb of my goddess on high, And I shake my fist at this crepuscular sky.   A portentous night, cumulonimbus clouds, Her body cocooned in funereal shroud, Her life was plundered, plucked from a crowd, I shake my fist and cry, “Death, be not so proud.”   A malodorous scent of decomposing musk...Read On


Stormtrooper of Love

There is no magic in the things I do A look, a smile, and lowered eyes I make the dream all about you Payment received from your moans and sighs.   There’s nothing special about me at all A model or movie star I’ll never be Yet, late at night, I’m the one you call Whenever you crave your true fantasy.   Others bemoan my special powers They don’t understand a simple fact It...Read On


The Cognac

In shadows of an orchard's still From the stem of a flute crystal With effervescence of a Bellini Tasting nectar of sweet puree And your lip's pomace of extract As spirits play host in life's reveille In transparency of our intimacy Making love in the chaparrals Through eyes of a demitasse In the distillation of the cognac    ...Read On


How Beautiful You Look Today

How beautiful you look today! Your hair just so and tucked away. Your face is beaming, your smile is bright, Is it because of something we shared last night?   How beautiful you look today! You glide just so and you sway. Your touch is loving, Your kiss is light, Is it because of something we shared last night?   How beautiful you look today! You look just so… Wait! Please look...Read On



You are toxic, Stepping in and out of my life, Treating me as your own personal retreat. All consuming, Taking your fill until there is nothing left, Nothing left but an empty shell, Leaving me to heal, Leaving me to save the damage that you cause.   How do you feel? Do you see it? Has leaving me broken made you better? Stronger perhaps? Of course it has.   The destroyer of me, Eater of...Read On


The Sleepers

While snow falls off the pimpernel Like petals to my heart Of love's potpourri Touching your crown's phoenix And the emeralds of your eyes In the sleepers of my dreams And the scarlet blue Of your effervescence As I hear the bird's song From the quilting of their nests While snow falls off the pimpernel In the sleepers of my dreams  ...Read On

Seasons Beauty

In the land of many seasons  A frog leaps upon his throne  Reaching for his dew drop binoculars  He spies at lovers by his home  In the gleamy colors of spring  He witnesses a prince on bended knees With eyes so full of dreaming  He remembers when at first they preened  It was a hot and humid summer  One where you feared to burn  He remembered lovers murmurs  That’s when things began to turn ...Read On


Mama's Nightgown

Breakfast is a cookin’ and the bacon sure smells good, Mama’s hummin to the radio and a tappin’ her foot, Daddy’s smilin’ this morning and tickling little brother, Why is this day different than all the others?   A little giggle sits upon the tip of my tongue As I watch my Daddy play and have a little fun, But my giggle isn’t for my Daddy at play, Mama’s got her nightgown inside...Read On


Fife Thee

In words of poetic chivalry   And the sands of Khartoum Of imagery and Tiffany As I fife thee a swoon In love's effigy As fires of lust bloom Neath the serenest skies In caravans among dunes We kiss in an oasis As I fife thee a swoon  ...Read On


My Wife's Secret Tears

One never knows when they occur but sometimes they do, Teardrops fall, she won’t talk at all, and I wish I knew. What causes her such misery? One never knows what emotional scars have been her due, Night falls and her crying calls for justice and life anew. How do I solve this mystery?...Read On


In Huckleberry Wine

In huckleberry wine they soared  Serenely and rhapsodically Among the gracefully delectable scents of lavender Tripping in pulchritude laden steps of bliss Singing out melodically trembling notes Spinning stunning arabesques of wonder Sipping ambrosial offerings From the goblets of the gods Touching hands Fingertips Beatific smiles of serenity To the veneration of all future desires ...Read On