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And out from dark of the shade, A shadow of your eyes held me   In felicity of endearment.   As we faded into the night   Of fantasia in music, On God's veranda in light. And danced upon the crystal, A glass that will never shatter, Beneath a chandelier moon. As breath of your alto whispered, "I will always love you, Until infinity is out of time."...Read On


Shadow Of Shakespeare

The falling leaves of magenta A cynosure of autumn's splendor As if in an amphitheater for love The acorns snowed in choreography As a shadow of Shakespeare watched And the fresco gave it's awe We kissed on the stepping stones Of life's encore, opening my eyes Opening my eyes in winter's green And satin shades of tea As the moon's sun dial Fell upon our candle light And as night fell...Read On


Dusty Sunlit Swirls

Once upon the prairie

So far away the prairies range my love The vistas And the memories As well We pause our gaze in recognition now Because we passed this way once long ago And in a hollow rests the storied barn  Its shadows touched With dusty sunlit swirls Your hand is resting on my leg my love Your dreamy eyes are crinkled  In a smile As both of us recall our visit here Down by the scoured channel's...Read On



More often than not I deserved what I got. For shadows are meant to protect.   I wandered at times And missed all the signs Too many boxes I neglected to check.   The light hurts my eyes The hero always dies A lesson I tend to forget.   It’s best in the shadows A life I have chose To suffer from all my regrets.   Once bitten you learn Even embers will burn Each wound will...Read On


Phonics Of Idyllics

In a woodland-like deity of fiddles and sibyls Of a sweet scent of ambrosia's heavenly bisque As the boughs of the trees, bending in the wind With a soliloquy of God-speak, harvesting acorns In phonics of idyllics, charaterized in tomes While angels dance on chartreuse greens Of meadows that we lay, on loves causeway   As a veil of twilight falls on the forest umber With a carafe...Read On


The Room.

My heart began pounding I got short of breath...

There's a house, in the south, with a room I once dreaded. No-one was murdered there, no-one beheaded. I loved the house, the home of my cousins, But I hated that room, and for that, there's no reason.   On a bend on the stairs, was a step to a door. I would hurry past, though I knew not what for. No reason to worry, there was nothing to fear and yet, when I passed, I could not...Read On



you found and saved me

You saved me, with your touch. You awaken me, with your first kiss. You excite me, with your mind. You drive me, to do and be better. You taught me, to savor life. You scold me, with your dark brown eyes. You bless me, with your love. You love me, as I love you....Read On


A Zombie Lives Inside Of Me

He comes and goes and noboby knows

When does it happen and where does it go, the happiness I used to know? I shallow breathe, hold my breath, refusing to utter shibboleths. I'm not getting better, remedies fail, I mourn a time when I was hale. The doctors and I both know what's not; neither one knows what's begot. The lab screens all say I'm fine but I know when mood crosses the line. A zombie lives inside of me, he...Read On


How Jealous I Am

My mind is just wandering...

How jealous I am of the sunshine That first sight you wake up with That your eyes sparkle with a smile That makes your cheeks glow That laugh lines on your face prominent How I wish to see you in the morning How jealous I am of the winds That you enjoy the feeling as it blows That touches your bearded face That glides along your cheeks to your lips That caress the hair from your skin How...Read On


Could Not Have Been Fancied

A fairer autumn could not have been fancied Among the breeze swept gust of silken woods     And the whispering of the symphony trees Falling leaves in interludes of auburn and golds As we dance on the fleece of moonlit heather In shadows of the spruce and pines And the God-shine of a heaven's divine  Enraptured by felicity in our halcyon As we rest our heads on mushroom pillows And...Read On


Falling A Whisper

Silence of the winds, falling a whisper on a far horizon Casting shadows like ocher ghosts in hibernation Like a nomad moon in caravan rising over the dunes Reflecting in the echoes of my words from a thesaurus   Raining down in my ear as if a dulcimer lark singing As docile willows curtsy like synthesizers with strings With your amorous eyes like lanterns of jade pastel     And a scent...Read On


Rind Of The Moon

When shadows of autumn fall on the pumpkin rind of the moon And the bats are winging as I climb the stairs to your lair Crickets play their fiddles and locust bow mellow cello From the fields of gorse as I whisper to you in chorus Come with me my love to the land of distant dreams Gleaming the forest as the symphony spells your name As a frost of Chantilly on my lips wait your awake...Read On



It is really the chemistry...

It was all started with botany When they planted you Blooming to a tree Till you bear fruits It was still all botany When they harvest you Peel your skin Dried to be the beans Then it was chemistry When they turned you To beans Till you are roasted Still with chemistry When I grounded you Put you on a filter Pour the boiling water over you Patiently waiting Slowly drop by drop Until...Read On


Land's End To John o' Groats

It was the songs the winds sang crossing the grasslands A blue fescue as if a banjolin, as the scent of autumn blew With a cashmere feel to it as the wind chimes rang too As if a zephyr whispering in my ear, a shadow with wings From Land's End to John o' Groats While making love in tranquility with an amorphous angel And then the choir open their arms with psalms of heaven With...Read On


End Over End

In September's lazy, of Savannah's moss and humidor,    end over end, as the leaves blow across the meadows and meadows become kettles for our rose petal sorbet, as we kissed and did it again, in love with life's spin,   in autumn hours of our love's oxygen... End over end.   ...Read On


Autumn's Trousseau

With a silence of the faux winds Cascading leaves sang melodies song Of reds and browns of gabardine From woods of autumn's trousseau As ginseng tea sweetens your lips With essence of the rum flutter We kiss among the honeysuckle In pantry of the swooning pines   Beneath Chantilly sky of God's philter From woods of autumn's trousseau And the falling rain of love's silk  ...Read On


Land Of Caribou

Into the dawning of the dusk's onus weighing heavily In land of the coniferous and woodland caribou Over streams and creek beds of flat stones And across the permafrost of the airs tossed Into the night of stars and hue Of your cobalt blue eyes As water falls cascade over millennium shoulders And a spiritual hum calls vespers for shamans On a moon's quarter waxing a glow of tangerine  ...Read On


Of Green Eyes

A fine fettle, the lawn of meadows As we make love upon the clover  Before the sun sets to dusk And the moon's embryo fawns While the quiescent eve breathes Of the acorns in your hair And the amorphous shade  Of green eyes and phosphorescent...Read On


An Untitled Pome

I'm going to live the next life in the same world as my body. I'm going to conquer something stunningly simple. There's going to be a tiny house on a forgettably pleasant street. Everything is going to make sense every day. Anger is going to lie down and beg love's forgineness. Love will forgive everything but itself. And when the moon lifts its face it's going to rain its...Read On



I want to fan you with the flames of my remembrance. Contemplation so holy the cosmos reel from the morning mother star to the volcanic sky father where wonder and grace manifest.  Sacred and divine, intrinsic and elemental; provocation, dismay, outrage, and delight all clamor for a place in the asylum of my mind that craves further knowledge and enlightenment.  Whimsy and mannerisms...Read On


Ivory Keys

Before the humming of the birds And fiddles of the woods There was only the caw With thunder as my timpani In words I spoke Now in the shadow of the yew Of winter sheen on soft moss I hear a chorus of Aesop Confessing my love  As timpani goes quiet With symphony of ivory keys  ...Read On


Pornographic Mind

Those are not dirty thoughts...

The sensual rises of the morning sun Sensually shining down on fertile land Those are pornographic in my mind The erotic beams of the evening moon Erotically enchanting on a sleepless night Those are pornographic in my mind The sensual blows of the soft wind Sensually caressing my hot naked skin Those are pornographic in my mind The erotic sways of the cascading water Erotically...Read On


Meg's Sonnet

Love that helps us through this journey

The lovely sunrise each and every day The chirping birds that sing without a care The echoed laughs of children as they play The whispered words of lovers as they share The flowers grazing by our fingertips The bees that sip the dew without a fuss The wind caressing both our skin and lips Dramatic sunsets calling out to us A poem of love that trips upon the tongue Baroque adagios...Read On



"Shhh," listen to chorus of the breeze    and sleep a dream of wind chimes, of the tea kettle's fine fettle nestled in alms, loving you slow.   Alms of the pines and clover as the nightingale sings, of Winter into Spring and rainbow halos. "Shhh," listen to chorus of the breeze and the leaves as they awake, from the melting snow, this day our wed. "Shhh."...Read On


A Thousand Words

... blank pages doesn't mean silence.

A thousand words to say But nothing left my lips All words quietly stay only In my heart and mind   A thousand poems to write But nothing left my pen All poems quietly stay only In my heart and mind   A million reasons to love Just a fiber of connection Our hearts and souls unite In our hearts and minds   All are screaming for love The only feeling need showing A thousand...Read On



I cry a river, and drown in my sorrows Yesterday’s problems, are the worries of tomorrow Running out of time, with none to borrow The clock ticks, my heart beats, my soul turns hollow Walk a mile in my shoes, but destiny won’t follow My friends moved together, like birds of the same feather Sadly all friends are...Read On


Who Are You?

Who are you when the white-hot reality of the day shines down? When there is nowhere left to hide and I see who you are. How clever you are at hiding the truth. What is left of us now that I see you? Who are you when the shadows of deceit are stripped bare? When all the lies that you told come crashing down on me. How you managed to blind me with desire, love, and hope. What am I supposed to...Read On


On The Plains

It was the alchemy of the winds stirring the leaves As if a twister with a chorus whispering my name    And I under the charm of autumn's aphorisms   Aphorisms of reds and browns of the fallen oak And ties that bind the satin cord in your raven hair On the plains of my swooning reverie and musing delight   As night birds awaken the stars with songs of love While we in shadows dance on...Read On


A La Mode Dish

With a feeling of love's intoxication As if a warm cider showered ecstasy In dreams of a prism's reflection Making love on a silken trousseau In hedgerows of apples sweet And a portal to our soul From an a la mode dish    ...Read On


Burnt Toast

The morning sun rises, In the horizon. Sit by the window, Looking outside. Birds chirping happy songs. Thinking if she is awake.   Images of her stretching, lazily in bed. A smile forming, on her sweet lips. As she opens her beautiful, brown eyes.   Start the day of her, morning routine. Prepares her coffee before, She carefully picks a dress. Humming as she gets ready. ...Read On