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The impermanence of all created things

Impassive sentinel of history, Mute and inscrutable you stand alone, Floating serenely on a sea of sand, Unmoved by the passage of centuries And indifferent to the countless hordes  Whose brief existence has been conducted Within sight of your enigmatic gaze, You are a stark and silent testament  To the folly of human vanity And its desire for immortality; For the bodies of those...Read On


The Dormers

In autumn's gilded leaves and angels in the teapot wafting pekoe and polishing the gold As frost paints the pane with tears in condensation and love in distilation smiling in the eaves Seeing your eyes glow as windchimes sing   and romance in tow kissed on crimson lips Wafting pekoe with love's purity as the piccolos whistle from the dormers up above  ...Read On


Beresheet: a Eulogy

The sons of Adam, like Moses Whose past was prologue, Saw the Promised Landing.

Beresheet: a Eulogy (Raanana, April 11, 2019) As it is written, Beresheet bara Elohim et ha'shamayim v'et ha'aretz, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, And on the sixth day, God made mankind in His image, In His image He created them; Man and Woman He created them. On the seventh day, He rested, As it is written. On the eighth day Man's progeny made a robot arrow...Read On


Seductive Weaponry

See her, know her, fall for her

Sitting in city squares in a time of springlike air filled with fragrant alluring pastimes our worlds mellowed conjoined  in friendship so melodic One saw the seductive weaponry that she had acquired in life saw the unobtrusive crossing of lithesome legs tentative touch of graceful fingers on the arm coy tilts of a flippant head casually tossed tresses unfurled  One watched it both...Read On


Red Rover

“Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Opportunity over (to Mars)”

Red Rover (Raanana, February 15, 2019) “Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Opportunity over (to Mars)” Was perhaps its final ironical thought As Opportunity's battery ran low, After Martian winds failed to blow off The dust piled thick on its solar panels From that last Martian storm. After fourteen years of plodding exploration Learning every inch of those twenty-eight Square miles of red sand...Read On



Up until the last few moments, the objectives of the mission had been nominal ...

" Cassini " (Raanana, September 17, 2017) Up until the last few moments The objectives of the mission had been nominal: To receive the project team's requests To see and taste the atmospheres Of planets and their moons And return a steady stream Of digital impressions to the team For their analysis and summation, To make a slow adjustment with one's thrusters, Point...Read On


Transcendent Love Ends In Final Exaltation

When I was young and lustfully inclined I set my sails to cross the wine dark seas In search of lands where lotus eaters lived, Seduced by tales of hedonistic joys; A world of myriad fleshly delights And unrestrained sensual indulgence, Where I could gorge on luscious nubile fruits In endless days of sweet debauchery.   With never a moment’s pause for regret Or backward glance to...Read On


Too Many Fish

Now that you haunt me in my sleep with the ending just a breath away   as embers of lust turn to frost leaving only your boney fingers I would have told you I love you if we hadn't been saying goodbye as your memories fade to cold with too many fish to fry    And even though you are gone there's a ghost lurking in my mind making sense of a heart gone wrong as I take a fading last gasp But...Read On


Can’t wait to meet our daughter

Dedicated to our unborn baby girl, I wrote this the day after our ultrasounds scan.

The miracle of sound waves Projected on a screen Create a blurry image Of the child I’ve never seen   The first time that I saw you My jaw dropped to the ground Our precious little baby Was sleeping safe and sound   I couldn’t even see your face To put into a frame I wish that I could hold you I don't even know your name   I printed off your photograph Your scan in black...Read On


Angel of Love or Death

“Are you coming,” she said, with that look in her eye, That bewitching look that could melt the coldest heart, And in that instant I became her willing slave Forever condemned to do her every bidding.   “Are you coming,” she said, with a tilt of her head And turned towards the open doors to the garden, Leaving me in confusion, should I follow Or stay, and forever know the pain of...Read On


I'll/You'll be there

I'll be there I'll be by your side When you're feeling blue I'll lift you up way up high I'll put you on a pedestal, And wipe your tears away Because you're my shining star. I'll treasure you forever Because you are my sanctuary, My safe haven, You're my angel in disguise. Making me believe That everything won't go wrong That the sun will rise again. You shape my life, You're my guiding...Read On


The Witness

What did you witness today?

The Witness (Raanana, January 14, 2018) What did you witness today? Was it exceptional or was it like every other day? What was it about the day you found exceptional? Would you have preferred it last forever or Would you have preferred it never were? Was it lovely beyond words or Was the pain more than you could take? Did you want to die? Was there a tree involved? What...Read On


The Muse

I couldn't tell whether the sunset streamed Into her eyes or flowed out of them.

The Muse (Raanana, March 31, 2019) I feel a bitter pleasure in remembering that day In the forest outside our small village. I was walking down a leafy path Toward the little lake where I would sit By the water with my back against a smooth rock To make some modest sketches And write what came to me. Down the shore a ways The woman sat as was her wont Without a stitch...Read On


Free Of The Kennel

  The hounds of iniquity in my head Free of the kennel now well fed As darkness shrouds my sanity For the curse is upon me But I love you so If god's will to share my bed Being my troth in good and bad In renaissance of my codpiece And the shadows in my head On the ottoman we wed Pulled by strings of past poets As tallow catch a yarn of wax Upon the parchment I scratch As your lips nibble...Read On


From Jerusalem to Bethlehem

It's a time when God turns away from us

 From Jerusalem to Bethlehem (Raanana, February 13, 2018) Panthers lick the wild berries by the sea at dusk Soon the moon will rise and dreaming eyes will close, My hands' blind predilection for touching shapes Prefer their coolness to their colors. It's a time when God turns away from us And spirits deafen themselves to our supplications, When all the views of Jerusalem...Read On


Nocturnal Shadows

I love the autumn and the silhouettes of the leaves falling Gliding down like shadows in my dreams of green yew A place on the hill where we confess autumn's umber And make love on the dew With one foot over the moon's rainbow   Crossing over a life long bridge of happiness In the wedding woods of autumn's gold With an ampule's potion of kisses for you Like a marionette on a...Read On


Songs of Youth

Hopes and expectations shot across the night sky ...

Songs of Youth My thin memories were born Among the whispering grasses Of an Indiana field sloping down To drink from a nameless creek.   They were suckled by jiggers And sung to by whippoorwills and crickets Under a weeping willow by the creek And endless summers of warm sunlight.   Hopes and expectations shot across the night sky And sometimes danced real slow Pressed...Read On


Love Star

When you hide behind the clouds My love star afar And the moon is at it's highest I'm aroused with the dust From your twinkling bars Like an ivory marionette Hung from strings Dancing in the universe Of God's minuet My love star afar As I rub sleep from my eyes   And the pekoe breathes With essence of dew Of my love star angel    ...Read On


Kneehigh to an Indiana Jigger

Only birds tweeted and their tweets were longer than a hundred and forty characters.

Kneehigh to an Indiana Jigge r (Raanana, January 19, 2018) When I was kneehigh to an Indiana jigger Only birds tweeted and their tweets were longer Than a hundred and forty characters, Posts came in and went out tin boxes With rounded roofs and red metal flags That notified you when you had mail, And when you shared something It got divided among those you shared it with Instead of...Read On


Sea Of Time

As we wander ...

Slowly the sun is setting on the horizon Ending another chaotic day of life While the moon rises on the other side Luminously glowing like a soft smile The howling winds strongly blow Encouraging rolling waves to form Bubbling foam comes up to the shore Washing all traces of prints in the sands Looking forlorn without the memories The sky turns to dusk with a golden hue Joined in the...Read On


City of Peace

What would he have thought of all the blood spilt in its name by those who would own it?

" City of Peace" (Raanana, January 12, 2018) On days like these with a high-noon sun Shining on a little courtyard, The bougainvillea silent for lack of breeze, I wonder whether David, the shepherd king, Considered the possibility I'd be sitting here Sipping from a cup of coffee, daydreaming Of his pasture not so far from me And lambs long gone, their progeny roaming The...Read On



Salivating on the Ouija yawning with omens of sin   reflecting off polished nails as a shadow covets my skin silencing my pen With lips of moonlit tambourine and the rising of my joust   as dusk seeps through cracks   and the winged dracos appear   over rafters and dust In a dark space of loneliness a wretched place to be only love can overcome a preamble to the nave as we kiss      ...Read On


Sabbath Morning

Here you're just as likely to meet God as anyone else

" Sabbath Morning " (Raanana, January 6, 2018) Sabbath morning Rainwashed and sundazzled A day as fresh as any you'll ever find. Walking Daisy in the promised land, America still sleeps snugly under night. Here you're just as likely to meet God as anyone else Along the tree-arched paths (Just be careful not to look Him in the eyes). The cats in the courtyard form a minyan ...Read On



With a soliloquy of the wind's sonata In midnight's dawn hideaway Like reeds of oboes whispering Where mushrooms grow portobello Our heavenly bisque of dusk dew Stirring emotions of love In forest where unicorns fly Over fields in Shambala Where dreams echo In midnight's dawn hideaway  ...Read On



Morning Mist burning off Soulful sound of  loons in the distance. Two young friends, about to find love. Oars in the water, making ripples to the shore. Her brown eyes so bright, bouncing off the water. Water splashing her arms, balled up fists. As you laugh, your heart melts. Two friends, on their lake. Now two lovers, finding themselves. Falling madly in love.  ...Read On


Love Is Dark

Hearing you calling out my name I can hear you but I can't see you it's really not the same just a breeze howling    from your place in the loam But the moments linger as dawn rises over the stones and you touch my soul with a kiss as the door to tomorrow swings on hinges of your loneliness Welcoming me to your dark as the silence harmonize with a gesture of a smile and a sermon of love as...Read On


I'm Sorry

I’m sorry for the things I said, And for the things I couldn’t say, The things I didn’t tell you, Despite knowing that I should. I’m sorry for saying too much, I told you more than you wanted to know, Things you didn’t need to hear, I pushed on through knowing it was wrong. I’m sorry I pushed you away, I did it to ease my own mind, To settle my chaotic thoughts, Even though I knew it...Read On



What is eternal without an ending    nothing last forever in a vacuum when there is no poetic oxygen Although a globe of a rainbow may shine reflecting off an hourglass of sand as the tides of love caress your divine   Of angels and underlings on swings and seesaws with wings as we kiss   on a sunset moon of autumn's dew With tea from a glass podstakannik and handle of silver never to...Read On



A shadow in passing of the moonlight in sleep as you enter my dreams whispering sweet kisses with songs of love and counting to ten as I smile Holding you in nocturnal cradle in dreams of angels with wings obviously on satin sheets touching me in places on soft duvets    ...Read On


Land of Milk and Honey

In the Land of Milk and Honey.

Across the tracks, dusty homes line the streets. Zoey the ally cat, soaking up the July sun. Watching the fat robins, fly from fence to trees.   Day by day, turns to years. Scratch and scrap, scrape and scratch. Turning nickles to dimes. Old Glory waving, in the early morning. Gold star hanging. faded in the front window.   Old lonely Hank. bented shuffles off to work. First...Read On