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An Echo Rings

A heartbeat can be a story in itself

An echo rings. It is a heartbeat; or maybe two. Shall we guess, or do we know? An echo rings. It’s in my mind; maybe you hear, too? Maybe you hear two? An echo rings. It is there. It is here. It is one. It is our heartbeat; a destined union. An echo rings. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? It is our heartbeat; lay your head on my chest. Listen. That heartbeat is us.  ...Read On


"Help Wanted. Enquire by calling."

Pulling at the sinews of the cold's dark furnace, of death's little grey speckled rigmarole,   with the smoke of Hell rising from the obituary pages, beneath, "Help Wanted. Enquire by calling,"  signed by the Mad Hatter....Read On


I am, Missing you, like I’ve had you once before. Reaching out to feel, and felt something more. You must know that you are whom I adore. Compelled by a force that no one can see, Driven forward to hold onto dreams, Caring for someone who can’t be with me. Not understanding the feeling, but feeling too much. How I wish you knew how I longed for your touch. Aching and burning, this...Read On


These walls

these walls defend the seed that grows as root and stem extend their throws no angry mob, no crippling gale can cause the seedling spread to fail these walls allow the plant to think to find it's own internal sync to see the sky and see the ground and weave the two in lace profound these walls rebound the tempting call of those who'd see the progress stall as flowers bloom and scent...Read On



What happens too much in relationships

  You gave me your word. Liar. You said I will be yours forever. Bullshit. You told me we would remain monogamous. I did, you did not. You said you loved me. You love yourself only. I held your hand during your down times. You held another woman. I gave you my heart. You gave me lies. What makes a person do what you did to me? Are you soulless? Have you no shame? The answer...Read On

Hope Fades To Acceptance

Every time that I seem to advance, I take one step forward, and two steps back.   Please hold my hand, I don't want to go it alone. I'm trying so hard-- Not to turn my back on the world. In the way that you have turned your back on me.   Maybe I am angry at you.   Maybe it shows.. Perhaps I don't really care.. That is a lie though, I suppose. There you go.   Still there but lost to me....Read On


The questions of life

Ever wondered who said we should be perfect?

The purpose of our life, How do we know when there is no guide? Is one supposed to be happy? Who said life is all about being merry? Or should one go through pain? How do we know that's not the aim? Is there such thing as destiny? If yes, why so much cruelty? If no, then why inequality? Ever thought why are we here for? Definitely not to destroy... Then why is survival a fight? ...Read On

Like A Feather Fallen

Awash in melancholy thought...

Separate from her comrades She cannot soar, like they do Cruely detached and condemned     To drift Inevitably toward   The darkness of the forest floor       Alone and cold     With bitter sickness   Filtering into damp decay   The leaf litter begins smothering     Precious light, away from her eyes       Awash in melancholy thought     Tendrils of chagrin     Drift through her psyche    ...Read On


If Fate Was Kind



Sleepytime Rows

Of furrows forgotten in sleepytime rows listening to the silence tickling the ivories of my soul's pitter-patter playing the keys on my way to heaven feeling all my fears vanish   ...Read On


My Sirocco

When the mist of death rises  from the mind of my sirocco on a chariot of bell tones I will shower your memories with tears of orange mandarin and love's puree  from the mind of my sirocco with footprints in the sand  ...Read On

Bel Esprit

To whom I call my dearest, Beloved bel esprit. So full of love and hope. And the hope for love

To whom I call my dearest,   Beloved bel esprit.   So full of love and hope.   And the hope for love.      Love ,     I am truly enamored.   For even the passing thought,   Of your sweet kisses,   Puts me at peace.         Peaceful ,       Even as I yearn for you.   My heart, my spirit, my mind and body.   My very essence is electrified by.  Thoughts of us.     Us ,       We--fierce...Read On


Your Maître D

In your Phantasia of dreams and hallucinations   in death do I grow pale in Frankenfiction   dripping sweet of red beets on my obsession  enclined to dine where the twilight sings as your spine wiggles touching my ague  with shadows of my poetic symphony of blue notes and harpsichord wings dancing on your bosom  to be your Maître D    ...Read On


Have You Been There

Yes, I understand, I've been there, too

We touch each other always with hearts, with minds, with soul we don't just share our lives we make two parts a whole We know each other's thinking in every single way we're strengthening our friendship with all we do and say We've learned to live together in good times and in bad by feeling and embracing when happy or when sad We watch the world around us expressing what we may we...Read On


Amalfi Sunset

Beyond the shore, the sun descends and paints the sky in fuchsia blends with passion fruit and tangerine and clouds a-blush with peachy sheen magenta ribbons flirt with blue as day departs in royal adieu a spectral thrall, a final boast to brush the warm Amalfi Coast the spritely sea consumes the light as waters burn for coming night and sand glows rose in lovers’ heat there on the beach,...Read On


Kingdom Of Heaven

As we call you the star of love

On your return  As we call you The star of Love To brighten the sky  Blessing given to all Mere mortals below Some looked up Seeing your wonderous sight Most continued On their bustling ways As your first gift fell Covering all  With a blanket  Of pure white snow Children came out Filled with magic Hearts soften  Your gift to us Love Peace  From the Kingdom of Heaven   ...Read On



Just the sanding of the years on a wall still firm and strong, just the flaking here and there, while TIme smiles and goes on. Just a few more marks and lines on a surface still quite smooth, while events unfold and fade, while peace and turmoil meet and love and desire rub elbows with the paleness of dying seconds.    ...Read On


How Festive Are You Feeling?

It's not just Mum's job to clean the dishes.

Merry Christmas to you all How festive are you feeling? Are you enjoying the Christmas lights, and decorations on the ceiling?   Did you wake up bright and early, and rush out your bedroom door? Or did you drink too much last night, and wake up on the floor?   Whatever your current condition you must enjoy the festive cheer For those of you with hangovers Just have another beer.  ...Read On


Reaching Out Into The Darkness

I still hear the voice that echoes in my heart

I still recognize the timber and the tone. Hear the sound of her voice deep inside From her voice in my mind that one time. Only one time did we speak, share ourselves. Only one time did she paint my heart with sound. Said my name,  and it brought me tears of joy. Said my name, can you understand the thrill? Reaching out into the darkness, 'cross the world, Sending echoes of her...Read On


On Canal Street

Club Kitty on Canal Street is no more, The booth, where once a bottle blonde sat poised To grab your five, at the clanking turnstile,  Lies dark and locked and manacled with chains. And poster frames that screamed of promised sin Now hang like empty sacs, their contents spilled, While strung apart, like stars, the ghosts of men Undress the sunkissed girls like future wives.  ...Read On


The Rose

He loved her so much he gave her a rose, the most beautiful rose In his exotic garden. She broke into tears, ran to his garden to find the mother plant that has lost her child. She tried to join them, and saw it was no use. She cried for her rose, fated to die in a vase because of his love for her.    ...Read On


Letting Go

Letting go of the cashmere. Touching the nakedness of night on a carousel of dreams. Letting go of the cashmere. Listening to Whitney (Houston) sing. As the veil of twilight covers my eyes. In this magical urn, we call love in a harem of willows. Letting go of the cashmere. Touching the nakedness of night, from Heaven's blue skies.    ...Read On


Amber and Gold

A haze of amber flecked with gold the nightly spell of Rome takes hold its citrine light gleams from our hair and our footsteps float as if on air The ancient mischief of ancient lanes dilates our eyes, infects our brains the domes and columns coalesce to wink us, nudge us, urge us, 'yes' With impish looks, our hands entwine our faces flushed with golden wine coy laughter rolls in...Read On



Time and gardens go together, love and roses go together crystals and rain go together, fireplaces and Winter also go together… We, on the other hand, shared time in gardens, enjoyed love and roses, loved raindrops on crystals, cuddled near the fireplace in cold, ice-cold Winters, and yet, sadly enough, we are no longer together.    ...Read On


Hybrid Red

In my dreams, hybrid red caviar of dark  Glistening like the emeralds of your eyes  As my tongue taste a vague patina of salt  From the depth of your soul  The night is my oyster, lurid roe  In my dreams sewn from a twilight's dish  Hybrid red caviar of dark.    ...Read On


Grandma's Christmas Cookies

Sent with the cookies this year...

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the house, Pieces of cookies sprinkled Grandma’s Christmas blouse. She’d baked tasty recipes for almost a full week, Making Christmas cookies her grandchildren would eat. She sang familiar carols; sugar crystals twinkled in air, Until she called for each cookie, to package itself with care: “Oh, chocolate-covered cherries, up off the...Read On


One Night on the South Bank

A thousand jewels in soft array brush moonlit waters in sweet ballet vibrant lights from red to gold enchant the river of London old Through the night, St Paul's commands a ship of white, atop the lands casting awe from bridge to hall splashing life in silver thrall Blackfriars Bridge in calm repose Oxo Tower glows like a rose twisting lamps climb from the stands Thames Clippers sail in...Read On


Odd Timing

She looked at him in awe and saw her past revisited, she looked at him hopefully and saw her uncertain future. He just looked at her intently and saw only the present. And it is now, years later, she lives only in the present while he thinks of their past and still regrets not finding her in his bright, promising future.    ...Read On


Of Threats to Democracy

About what may be our greatest threat.

The essence of democracy is that a person never be afraid to freely speak what’s in their heart. A blessing of democracy is that an artist can be free to fearlessly create a work of art. There was a time not long ago when any citizen did know how precious was the right to free expression. But that is not the case today  civility has waned away society has undergone regression. The rules...Read On



Ice cold droplets on rosebuds fated to die under the first frost, an untended garden lost in time, a house blurred in the fog, hours rushing to their swift end, unopened books inviting dust, a sun struggling pitifully to rise, a moon declining its own light, crystals shattered on old stones, ashes gathering in misty winds, all telling the bittersweet story of a thwarted old...Read On