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With an echo of silence as I scribble as dark watches over my shoulder in condensation of cold breath   but meaning no ill will for death is awaiting until I PS with one last shiver in the windowpane  as my widow awaits my melting wax sealing my of old rhymes and times that bound us together for fifty years...Read On


Happy That You're Gone

They say when someone you love dies, they go to a better place. Is it true...?

I’m happy that you’re gone Not because I wanted you dead Not because I never cared But because all hate, sadness and pain is gone   I’m happy that you’re gone Not because I don’t want you by my side Where you belong to love me, to catch me if I slip or slide But because your journey to peace is on   I’m happy that you’re gone Not because it’s better nowadays But knowing that...Read On


The Tutor




In dark's anonymity of ghosts wading in shallow minds of fools at large living in inkwells of a black heart in their sanctimonious words for they have never seen a butterfly with wings of magenta and blue smile as it dances on a petal of Chrysanthemum Anastasia in love's Phantasia  ...Read On



She wrote about him all the time, she never mentioned his name again, she wrote about her love and her lust, she wrote not taking any needed breaks. She just wrote about her sadness, about his absence and her bereavement, she wrote to extract all from memories, to erase him from her suffering mind, she wrote to welcome solitude at last. Still, it was no use, her memory revived him, ...Read On


Lovely Crocus

Lovely Crocus, sweet spider of the night feeling webs beneath my feet beneath the lavender purple sky as a widow lingers With the dew distilled to brandy as the winds sing you a song   I feel eight legs walk the spine of my omens While Autumn blows your hair and the Lord whispers, Hosea the widow makes its nest fornicate and digest Now cocooned for lust in the widow's lair ...Read On


Masque Of Sorrows

In lost sunrise laying in the dark, broken bones beneath stones, as I whisper to you above, while you sleep. Come to me at dusk, in your veil of negligee, sweet rose of lament, and I will kiss you deeply. From the masque of sorrows, caressing you, tongue in cheek, as your thighs fold over my back, like a moth to the flames. As I whisper to you above, a sonnet for your ears, while you...Read On


Don't Go Irony On Me

Don't go irony on me, it's only dark, and make-believe, who lives by tea, for I am but a humble poet. Spoiled by love and ghosts, who spool my thoughts,    of ravens near the sea. With green eyes of azure, and warbles of the heart, of lusting petticoats. In the twilight of dusk, feeling you near, don't go irony on me, it's only dark....Read On


Living by proxy

Living by proxy in your mind, with just the promise of my surrender. Living by proxy in my own skin, with just the memory of a few encounters. Living by proxy in a fleeting time with just the solitude left by your absence....Read On


Worth His Salt

Sleepless nights of sins, angels fanning winds, as I lay awake with shadows in dreams, perhaps in the bowels of hell, I dwell, whispering, dark rivers of my heart. In narrows of my mind, running through veins, of a chatoyant moon, lusting for green eyes, without shame into the despair of vassals, Tragedy her name, deep as the oceans. With passions risings in the ink of my well, Tragedy...Read On


Another Time, Another Life

In the old city of canals, of narrow winding streets, in the city of dark waters and bridges of mystery, there is a time when all stops and goes back to centuries ago... Trust me, in this beloved city I met you once, in times long gone, you loved me once and I let you go... I was foolish, still, I loved you so! In the old city of canals and bridges, you and I loved each...Read On


Lips Of Red Decor

In the darkness of my mind's infidelity like a spiraling staircase to ghosts with dreams, I arrange with eyes open wide words that wander over nooks and crannies   falling through cracks as I visit you Like a maestro with a pen's baton with a paleness beneath your veil in silence that graces your define hearing a cello and oboe, we dance to obsidian twilight As the shadow of night...Read On


Cardboard Man

He just moves, walks and smiles, goes about chores and many tasks, he eats so well at such fine sites, leads a handsome life, wears fine clothes, walks in great shoes, he is a god in bed, no doubt about that. not make the fatal mistake of thinking he cares... he cares for no one, he just performs well, he is a cardboard man. There are no feelings in that cold,...Read On


Teflon Fingers

Entering through my mind's door, I welcome you to visit me, listening to my drool, and chat awhile.    Although walls have ears, but have no fear, perhaps a lonely mouse, or just a ghost you hear. You ask! If the cold is my dark, but the ambiance is the real me, as I touch your photograph, with my monochrome tongue. Why else would I have webs, and silent butlers to serve me, as I feel...Read On


A Mother's Grace

May the angels look down on you this delightful day May they sense your love of life And grant you many blessings and much grace May they touch your life with love and generosity The way that you touch mine  ...Read On


One day...

One day we can sit together, in a quiet garden with no flowers, with white statues watching us. Then we can remember our many attempts at love while a pale sun hits our hearts and a cold breeze kisses us. One day we can remember and cry for lost hours, smile at our escapades fondly and then return to ourselves. Lost in each other for a while we may still find the sealed door ...Read On



In furnished rooms on Rue D'Orsay Sun glints on our brass bed, Where spread wide, unclothed and hungry, I hold your raven head   Come afternoon we skirt the Seine Press hands in dark cafés, Grow fat on cake and fragrant tea, Carried from far Cathay.   Each night the city gathers speed Beneath a map of stars, While we tangle limbs like dancers  In paintings by Degas.    ...Read On


One Step Up

One-step up, and down the other with that mild, and melting devil, in the candelabra. With your sweet brandied lips, in the shadow of a butterfly, oh! I wish I could fly. One-step up, and down the other, most beautiful gossamer, in the candelabra. Of which there is love, and peace in the valley, of unicorns,  ...Read On


All The Colours Of The Night

Often lately, when he is spent And I drift, abandoned in the dark. You colonise my restless mind To will my fingers strum and pick And flash like fishes, until our  Rough dark music, explodes In all the colours of the night....Read On


The Walls

When the ivy is on the walls As the verdant ivy clings And the autumn fades A twilight glory With a farthing of a shadow Woven in poetic love A winter's scene twining With echos of angels When the ivy is on the walls  ...Read On


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Wings of a Peacock

Hearing tapping on the window-pane with wings of a peacock. I looked up and saw a shadow, as I envisioned my Romulus. Knowing it was a ghost in loneliness, crying in the rain of my despair, somewhere on the edge of time, as I felt wanton lips kiss. From my bedroom bordello in a dark shroud of lust, my pulse came back to you, as I envisioned my Romulus. But for a moment's grief, before...Read On



“Letters”   I wrote you a love letter. But it burned before you could read it. There, in the warmth of the sun That was in your eyes When you told me you loved me. I wrote you a love letter. But pieces were stolen in the wind Which kicked up to blow down The bridge of words we tried To use to reach each other. I wrote you a love letter. But it froze and wouldn’t thaw. It grew icicles as...Read On


Love & Affection Challenge - A Bibliophile's Sonnet

Is it love, affection, or a vital need

We walked a lane in Wales one morn in May Our eyes took note of blooms on shrubs quite near. We sniffed some sprigs near Hay on Wye that day, Each bush had scents and smells both clear and dear. A whiff was like old books on stands and racks,   Each big thick tome could match that scent so strong. And we had smelled a few in bins and stacks The smell was just the same, we were not wrong. ...Read On


Beyond Normal Living

Living Life Beyond Normal Living

My heart beats for a bright-eyed maiden. by loving example she teaches me the art of living. I will share a glimpse of her view, an experience she shares of how to exist beyond normal living: “While on a morning walk in nature, I saw the beautiful things I love: the birds, the flowers, and all God’s gifts to us. Their beauty my eyes sought out and my soul cherished. I was full, I thought,...Read On


Shadows Of Daffodils

In meadows and shadows of daffodils As they runneth over sweet nectar Of melodies and forever tomorrows As my spirit walks through light And angels choir of golden sunsets Like swans, we dance with arabesque A classical romance of love In valley high touching clouds As my heart swells In meadows and shadows of daffodils    ...Read On


Karmic Reflections


  One day we met We felt the connection Deeper, deeper, deeper It is a memory that has happened before A lesson needs to be learned for each of us We didn't understand  The lesson was to believe in each other Because you were broken you couldn't see me I wanted too much, but I had to walk away So we could both grow separately With this Karmic Reflection we will meet again for a...Read On


Love & Affection Challenge: Ruby

You could give me roses, the most beautiful of flowers...



My Norfolk Princess

I wrote this poem in local dialect for my friend Naomi, who lives in Norfolk, England.

Oi’ve met this gal from Norfolk Noamy is er name And if yew waz to meet er Yew’d never be the same   We kin hev a good ol’ mardle She on’t do yew no arm Once yew larn er lingo She’s really full o charm   Er friendship on’t corst yew much She won’ give yew jip at night Yu’ll av a tidy friend in er Long as yew treat er ryte   I never erd er slaver sorft A hoolly fine ald sossidge...Read On


Faded Memories

What is my state of mind in mime scribbling words that ease my soul as night falls and the crickets chirrup    assuming dark but put it to rest Feeling your breath touch me and knowing that you are there to comfort me night and day in love's prevail What is my state of mind in mime taking a seat as my mind levitates in this restful place of mine faded memories of past Fingers talking...Read On