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The Choo Choo

Such dark thoughts imprison my mind With my healing lips lies But what is love without carnal pain Or dreams to give rise To come to you in peaceful sleep Of passion in a momentary bliss And kissing cataracts over your eyes Stealing you away from the sublime   And the demons in your dreams Exercising the angels that smother Drowning in their own hokum   As we make love on the devil's train  ...Read On


Memories Of First Love

An old man remembers his first love

Standing on the cliff edge early on that spring morn He watched the sun rise over the rim of the world, Painting the cliffs golden in the clear light of dawn. How he envied the sea birds who with wings unfurled Left their craggy roosts to soar up into the sky,  To float unrestrained on unseen cushions of air, Free as the gentle zephyrs that carried them high Above his stooping form burdened...Read On



The darkness dressed in sable beneath a pale shadow of night tallow of love drips from your lips as the piccolo winds blow touching you where my fingers go In patterns of twilight rising with eyes of laurel green like a tiara crowning your pale with a hoary veil disguising in our amorous daze   As the trees whisper the quiet with a vesture of wintergreen in seance with the dew...Read On



As I dither here in prose looking from velveteen as I am hung in escrow on walls of serpentine  over a mantle in juxtapose with an ax to grind in my bronzed shoes and Dr. Scholl's wary of the lifts in my arch supports...Read On


The Chambers of Your Heart

Resonating in your heart

May it resonate within When I touch your trembling skin, Echo deep inside the chambers of your heart; Deep within the giggly chambers of your heart. Like a schoolgirl you may clap When I hold you in my lap, Hear my singing spreading rapture in your heart;  Deep within the frisky chambers of your heart. As your lover have no fear That I'll keep you ever dear, I will whisper in your...Read On



Somewhere in the darkness of night In the shadows of a swan moon Pale strangers will arabesque While cellos bow a mutant violin   With sounds of the Victrola As lust looms a waxen quilt Securing love as dawn breaks   In shade of a candle wake Consummating wedlock And conjugating flesh Until the mist rises      ...Read On


Impressions of the Big Easy




With rhymes of the cello as darkness has fallen Leaves glide with petals of wings In woods where time has no pendulum swinging And fireflies glitter like sconces of flames     As a zephyr whispers your name   Like a piccolo's breath touching In a night's phantasm of worlds beyond As boughs of trees play baton   Touching me where my soul play's cello   ...Read On


Monsters Are Among Us

In the real world there are Monsters That look like you and me, They performed horrible deeds Throughout our history, You will not find them By peeking beneath your bed, They are all around you though, Trying to get into your head. Their purpose is to frighten you, To make you feel unsafe, Hinting at conspiracies, You can scarcely keep apace. The Monsters feed upon your fears, And scare...Read On


My Gothic Violin

At times in prose my words wither With a pretentious fleeting Lacking oxygen of this bard's love As the valance of day shawls Then back to wither without a trace As a specter shakes my Gothic violin And as candlelight flickers in shadows   A breath of your presence breathes life On the walls of my sacred space As your kiss pollinates my soul With your lips of sweet resin As a specter...Read On


The ducks are on the water

The ducks are on the water At twenty-three below. They are so intelligent, Are you saying you don’t know? Its fifty-five degrees warmer, Than being in the air, The water’s above freezing, Ducks swim without a care. ‘Course we’re talkin’ free rivers, Not some flat and large calm lake, Where the ice is twenty-inches thick, For Pete’s and Goodness’ sake! So when you see an ice hole, With...Read On



I've been alone in this frigging box And I could scream a thousand times I think I will. “Aaagh!” Even vampires get the blues Hello! Is it you I'm duking it out for Are you within range of TV signals Or my frigging halitosis Even vampires soak their teeth in jars I sometimes have the hungries And see you passing with Botox Hello! Do you taste like fried chicken I can see it in your thighs...Read On



Fly and be free!

She closes her eyes As tears fall down On her cheek Quietly She leaves this earth Not a word From her lips For her loved ones She left behind Everyone Who loves her Gather together On the ceremony With tearful eyes On her funeral Her cold lifeless Body laying On a pile of woods The fire Burning Her to ashes And from the ashes She is rising With her wings Spreading it wide To a new life...Read On


He Ain't No Boy Scout, Mama

Into nothingness climbing a spiraling upstairs down case within the void of darkness swallowing me whole as the world creaks of pathetic souls As I sip on gin and vermouth On the devil's highway And you give me a lap dance Swimming in cesspools of their own frailties contaminating my departure from oblivion   of wilting flesh and egocentrics in the rat race      But baby just shake that...Read On


An Ode to the Mighty Aphrodite

I crush on a goddess

She walks heavily on her feet, As she approaches a netted court; Her torso bounces in rhythmic beat And my heart sustains a petite mort. I breathe less when she is present, And I pause to study her frame; She is muscled to a greater extent, Than others of her game. She smiles and twirls with elegance, As she acknowledges the crowd; I sigh for I’m not relevant, “Sereee-naaa!” I scream out...Read On


Out of Time



Waking Up

Oh how life goes by.

One day you wake up And you're three years old At three, there are no worries You go with the flow so to speak Then you go to sleep When you wake, you're thirteen Life seems difficult, but it's not You worry about petty things, what people think of you Your parents tell you not to worry, but you do anyway So you go to sleep Now you're thirty-three when you awaken You have a house, kids, and...Read On


Just Add Water

Obituaruis awoke with a grouch-on because pickins' were slim in the boneyard with the thems Whatever happen to country fried chicken and thems that kept on a-tickin' with a main spring Now a zombie taste like any other them in fermaldahyde sauce and bitter lemon instead of a windup boogie man     ...Read On


Obituarius, On Cue

Once upon a midnight kiss, the shadow fades, now only a memory of a broken mirror blighted sordid and so I pray, putting to rest the fog of mist for I am but a troubled smile. When the time comes, darkness descends with a burial shroud, and silver complexion,   as the curtain closes on the day but without a tear for it is written, to forever disguise my immortality. For I was but a...Read On


Tambrey Hall

On a nocturnal Sunday by way of  frost, "Ave Maria, maiden mild,"   as the chill of autumn wet's my thirst in oaken woods and dark's quest, where fawn of dusk opens my gate in the cellars of Tambrey Hall.   And as my lead follows my need for your amethyst chatoyant eyes, and nines lives of the sable cat, I felt your heat spat my name As the chill of autumn wet's my thirst, pulsating my hunger....Read On


Caged Bird

A caged bird Destined for greatness Held back from the world Feeling quite anxious These walls closing fast Nowhere to turn This sad, lonely soul About to crash and burn Cries of sorrow Fill the air Longing to break free Full of despair Been here awhile Sitting tight Been waiting forever To finally take flight The caged bird Destined for something great How it pains me to tell you I'm...Read On


Dark's Smithereens

In my cups beneath a pale moon rising, as dew falls on the autumn's crocus in poetry of my chosen opus. Up to my chin in dark's smithereens, as petals of your fingers linger on the predicament of my kyphosis.   In a sake house shaking the bones as your webs weave a seductive tone, and your lips blow dust.  So gregarious yet obscene obsessed by darkness in your eyes, up to my chin in...Read On



I think this one's more from a character's perspective than mine... stream-of-consciousness again...



With The Shins

So silently with the shins of a shadow, a veil and timbre of a phantasm smiling, touched my soul as we danced. Pulling down shades on god's promenade, and we swooning neath the viola moon, in heaven's amphitheater. Forever on the edge of time calling,   so silently with the shins of a shadow, of a paper mache rainbow as we kiss   With a mist hanging over our chateau, and a pedigree of...Read On



We are but lanterns burning with limited fuel amidst  the darkness   To burn illuminate  slowly fade and die   Leaving nothing  but darkness in our wake once more ...Read On


Past the Dust

Before you, blues were just blues, And love was just love. Flowers were just flowers, And the sun was just light, And the ice, just crystals Weighing down the mighty boughs. Bodies were just bodies, Molded from mud of telluric ash, Returning as dust, At the journey’s end. Before you, love was just love. And in the morn, ahead of the moon, The heavens would spread its gold. And the ice...Read On


On the frontier

Sturdy Jake harnessed

I packed my kilt away. Hung my trusty bess, on the wall. Drank deep from the well. Sturdy Jake harnessed, Joe, loyal Joe by my side. Thirty acres wait. Wheat to wave in the wind, Corn to give cover. Work to be done, on God's beautiful earth.   ...Read On



At the sight of you I falter, My facade slips I clench my jaw so my tongue doesn't push  The string of hollow words from between my lips. Stifling the sharp letter, I feel them slashing, Punishment for keeping them silent. Clawing at my throat in a need to escape  The place that holds no light. They pierce my heart with their jagged edges In the last feeble attempt to be set free....Read On


Forgive This Poem

Sometimes it’s not what you think.

This poem will start with an “I’m sorry” But it will not be meant  Because yes it hears the birds chirping And sees the flowers sway in the warmed breeze The sun is shining upon its face But the same sun burns and ages the skin   The heart of this poem does not sing Its words are darker than just blue It sees the storm as it approaches This poem welcomes the rain Tonight the moon...Read On


Tender Leaves

Divine darkness in my keep from my cold coffin's oblivion,   inside looking out. Feasting in my dreams as the dusk awaits, in reflections I swoon. From the shadow of thorns, and sins of my father lusting petals of virgins. As their innonence moans, thirsting for my demons   neath the velveteen moon. From my cold coffin's oblivion,   and the shiny tea quarters, forever, my vampire love. As...Read On