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My dad fought in World War II Joined up at nineteen, fresh out of school. From the ranks of the ROTC And into the Royal Artillery. His dad before him had been a gunner So selecting that military branch was no stunner.  He fought in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and such But never talked about it very much. He had a big scar on his shin. His 'war wound' he'd call it, with a grin. It was not...Read On


Shutter The Winds

Barren of thoughts with my pen with a fuddle of the time, and no ghost to shutter winds, leaving in caravans.   As my ink has gone to dust with the way of my mind, and seance with the tarot, in conversation with my muse.   With my muse snuggled against me thoughts wander with the fuddle of time, my pen lays silently collecting dust, as I explore the musk of my muse.   With a fuddle of the...Read On



When you appeared, as a vision of beauty. That hot summer day of 75, did either of us know? Our first meeting, you captured me with your beauty. Your deep brown eyes, stirred lust in my loins. Your body to worship, to explore and hold tight. As I questioned, my worthiness. I walked that night, and listenened to my inner voice. This lost soul found, angels singing pure love. ...Read On


Itty Bits

Itty bits of darkness crept through our window As the sun fell over the horizon in itty bits And the moon rose as if an orange mitten   With itty bits of stars twinkling like chandeliers And as the eyes of autumn leaves spawned Itty bits of dew caressed the lawn And the moon rose as if an orange mitten As we made love in itty bits before the dawn  ...Read On


And Swizzle Sticks

As ticking of the clock echoed a staccato,    I in my nightshirt up to my lips in cups   in conversation with gins inebriation, and swizzle sticks. While specters toast my longevity and visions of night promenade,   a who's who in my mind's parade, as Old Nick rocked and rolled.   As ticking of the clock echoed a staccato, and as my lust turned to robust, I heard the humming of bush-hogs as...Read On


A Midnight Calling

As my ink drips a midnight calling Soliloquy of leaves falling Falling about my window   With eyes of October's frost   Of my lust burning For your lips of cellophane   And your raven-blue hair    Like wings on your pillow As you whisper love with a kiss And a moonlit shudder Accompanied by angels So rare the trilling of doves Soliloquy of leaves falling On a rainbow's sliding As my ink...Read On


His Lordship Of Norfolk

everyone in Norfolk knows, that Her Ladyship wears the trousers.

His Lordship of Norfolk has upset his lovely wife. This doesn't bode well, for the future harmony of his life.   Their Wedding Anniversary, he had simply failed to remember. Too busy was he on Facebook, bothering a distant family member   Her Ladyship cried, "Enough! This I simply can't accept." "I'm taking away your laptop, and cutting off our internet!"   "That adorable,...Read On


Wardrobe Of Gold

As your lips of gossamer touched my soul I felt the winding threads of gold Weave me new poet's clothes Of words for lovers behind the shutters As autumn's spell fell upon the woods Of oak and thyme   So fair the ribbons in your hair   Flow on pillow of an angel's down   As the mahogany oboes play Spiritual winds praying for our sins An if my only transgression is loving you    Then I am a...Read On



There is something haunting, of a full October moon. The lonely howl of a cur, deep on the moors. Leaves blowing helter, making skelter designs. Waxy eyes thirsty, for Autumn final fling. Wind rattling windows, as abandoned spirits roam. Free to dance, the dance of bones. To the hoot of owls, and screeching cats. Clock strikes midnight, for the witching hour is upon us.   B O O...Read On


Obsidian Rainbow

In the distance of a dream, beneath a dark obsidian rainbow   with a spoonful of the tempest. As autumn chilled at my elbow and my pen dried up, in The Holy Grail of my well. Giving up to the dust in the pot, and feeling your zephyr breath of long tooth as fingers saunter. Over my shadow as we make love,   beneath a dark obsidian rainbow, in The Holy Grail of my well....Read On



Wind blows east, as if one never existed

Dagger to one's heart, pierced deep. Words so strong, stunned from where? Not enough so, twisted with poisoned tongue. Take notice, one's world crumbles. Flame consume all, heart turns to ash. Leaving one to wonder, and stumble. One last stab, deep to one's soul.  Wind blows east, as if one never existed.    ...Read On



Everything is as it should be

Crossings   and remembering a school of fish, calm and lazy, and of wanting their serenity so bad I ALMOST jumped overboard, remembering that everything was as it should have been, … as these thoughts drift through me like forgotten snowflakes blowing ‘cross the highway   and panic as a deer leaps in front of me, Kamikaze reflex check, stupid doe… and how graceful is her sprinting...Read On



In midnight tipsy, tipsy over you And out the window a tipsy blue Of a full moon and autumn's acorns As stardust rains from tipsy shoes And gnomes dance on garden lawn In tipsy dreams as lovers sing A tipsy winds blows a mondegreen Tripping over tipsy until dawn On my stagger knees as we kiss ...Read On


There Are No Crows in the Walnut Field

  As sunshine falls on lawn freshly mowed, As a black-winged cacophony flows, In single file, turkeys run wild.   As black bears sniff in wood never yield, As cockleburs and thorns become shield, In single file, nut trees compile.   Sunbeams pierce a walnut canopy, Hammocks swing, a call for entropy, In single file, ants are reviled.   Cawing crows strut across a lawn, A...Read On


Howling Winds

While howling winds corralled my pen Poetically conceived in hibernation Bound by catechisms of erstwhile poets Who now rest in orchards of stones Bearing trees of souls in Valhalla Giving me seeds that sowed my oats Of a silhouette of the impending dawn My words giving breath of my yawn While howling winds corralled my pen Masturbating instead of intercourse Because I lost my way along...Read On


Angel of Love or Death

“Are you coming,” she said, with that look in her eye, That bewitching look that could melt the coldest heart, And in that instant I became her willing slave Forever condemned to do her every bidding.   “Are you coming,” she said, with a tilt of her head And turned towards the open doors to the garden, Leaving me in confusion, should I follow Or stay, and forever know the pain of...Read On


Tanner of Sixpence

In my cups intoxicated by love Bequiled by sensuality And a tanner of sixpence As shadows dance in woods None the richer than me   With a bee in my bonnet As your lips of honey mead Caress my lusting chest Bequiled by sensuality And a tanner of sixpence As God look's over our shoulder   On sunset's lullaby    ...Read On



happiness and wonder

First time, you conquered  and stole my heart. That day, my soul  found yours. First night, you recieved, but gave more. My heart, over filled  with love. My soul, taught to cherish and adore.    ...Read On


I Reach Out

The dreams come back to me Just as real as when it happened Questions I ask myself  Five years seem like days Missing your smile and  Watching you laugh at gym time Holding you and feeling your pain Watching you slip away Reading the reports of things they did to you The final day they were taken away I look up at the stars and feel you're safe  I reach out I miss you j.c. I'm...Read On


Look Of Nostradamus

A fair-weather friend, my pen at time fails To scribble love for musing angel's wings Words of expressing sagacity in good faith Kissing me with lips of a God-spell As a cloud of doom hangs over the moon Sailing high tide in my wine bottle... Seeing ghost of my future chained in escrow   To my dunking chair, careful of what I witch for As my muse quotes the psalms Of...Read On


Baritone Winds

With the fog's broth as thick as sins My pen failing to ladle dark ratatouille Stirring inkpot of our antediluvian love As my shadow whispers with the croup   And your fingers dance in my hair As your lips succor baritone winds In our lair begin the beguine While ravens sing  ...Read On


Infinite Blue Mist

Olden beams don't fit the trave In sensuality of my poetic nave Of psalms and arabesque And infinite blue mist As your lips minuet on my chest In shadows of your wings Of our sanctum sanctorum As we kiss neath olden beams Of dreams, in infinite blue mist To last a life time of love...Read On


Nowhere Boulevard

The road home can break a heart.

Four twenty, Sunday afternoon Baking heat, it’s late in June Abandoned in sad clouds of dust Left by departing Greyhound bus   Besieging desolation follows me This ghost town place of memories I’d broke off young, just seventeen For things I saw in magazines   Now here I am, back on Nowhere Boulevard   In beaten boots and ragged jeans, Empty pockets and black Ramones tee A...Read On



WARNING - what follows is absolute rubbish, nonsense, gibberish etc... just sayin'...



The Monkey Forum

Are you on the bed with the monkeys?

A hundred little monkeys are jumping on the bed, One shouts Sexist, thumps another on the head. A third little monkey who was jumping on the bed Pointed out the inaccuracy of what the first one said. A fourth little monkey said the third one was wrong. The fifth little monkey cried, “Why can’t we get along?” The sixth little monkey quoted Maya Angelou And the seventh little monkey...Read On


Sleep With Dreams

Granddad read to me from the Farmer's Almanac before I was four and squeezed the chickens, looking for eggs on beds of straw as I listened on the radio to the Conway Twitty band, sing "It's Only Make Believe," as I cried.   But it was granny who taught me how to chew tobacco, and grin from its sweet taste as I spit in a jar, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand as the mosquitoes...Read On


The Little Black Book

The untold story....

His little black book A mystery to most One could take a look But never figure out the host To understand his madness  His scribblings and such You had to explore the brightness His mind often touched The entries were enigmas A code so well kept Like entry number 420 said, “@6pm Gibson Les Paul guitar” To the naked eye It didn’t mean much He was clever but shy Which was always my hunch...Read On


You Are So

We all know that one special person that is untouchable and just so everything.

You are so ageless You are so beautiful You are so spirited You are so charming   You are so sensual You are so inviting You are so gorgeous You are so alluring   You are so strong You are so independent You are so everything You are so scary   You are so wanted You are so desired You are so needed You are so lusted   You are so many things You are so God’s gift You are...Read On



The world around, bustle and noise. People running, never slowing. You are taught, smile and press on. Day to weeks, then turns to years. One's darkness slowly creeps, as the drapes drop down. O it may be high noon, but darkness feasts. All around people hurry, will but one stop and ask? To pull the drapes up, allowing the bright back in. So the battle continues, today darkness is...Read On


I Saw The Light

And so the puffies came over my eyes Scratching allergies of Queen Anne's Lace   As I walked in shadows of airborne pollen And old men's tobacky stirring up dust As granny shucked the corn Slapping skeeters with the Old Testament Scratching allergies of Queen Anne's Lace   As a June bug buzzed my ear And Hank Williams crooned over the radio "I Saw the Light" As grandpa came in sight...Read On