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Children's Stories

Our children’s category focuses on stories suitable for readers up to the age of twelve and includes picture books, fantasy themes, fairy tales and historical fiction.

The target audience may be early readers (ages 5-7) where the language used is fairly simple, or older children (ages 7-12) where stories consist of several short chapters.

There once was a little lizard who grew up to be quite a wizard. Lizzie was her name, for that her mom was to blame. Now Lizzy was the type who just loved to complain and gripe. When things didn’t turn out, she was inclined to pout. And even when things w...

Maude and the Mice by kscorn080 (pete)

Farmer's wife has mice for friends.

Maude and the Mice by kscorn080 (pete) The sun was going down and the woods were turning dark as John climbed down off his big green John Deere tractor. He smells the fresh meatloaf that Maude had promised she would fix today. He walks in through the side...

The Great Muffet Caper

Jack Vine PI cases

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File The Great Muffet Caper “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. When along came a spider who sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.” I’m Jack, I’m a priva...

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Case Of The Missing Candlestick Maker “Jack be nimble Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candle stick.” It had been a couple months since Tiny and me cracked the caper of The Lost Little Lamb...

Gator Tales

A short story on friendship.

My name is Kodi, Kodi Gator. My dad tells me I’m a junior, but being's his name is Big Mike, I’m pretty sure it’s just a thing with him. Maybe someday I’ll look into that, but not today. Today, you see, is my birthday, and I finally get to go off on my ow...

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The Gingerbread House Caper

Fairy-tales, in the Jack Vine case books

From The Files  Of Jack And The Giant Private Investigators Case 17: The Gingerbread House Caper Beep! Beep! Beep! My eyes opened grudgingly to the sound of the annoying alarm clock. It was one of those windup ones manufactured in China by cheap labor ear...

You want what

You didn't write Santa for that.

You want what? It was Christmas Eve 1996, daddy was back from the war in Vietnam. It had been a long year with daddy gone. Everyone was so excited about Christmas. We all bundled up and everyone jumped into the car to go and see all the Christmas lights....

Tangerine Cartwheels

Third grader Caralynn Campbell can not do a cartwheel and it is ruining her life!

Today I am at the community pool with my best friend Brittany and Brittany's new friend Drew. I'm wearing my favorite tangerine orange bikini. I also just had my favorite snack, which is an ice-cream taco. This should be a really fun time. Only, it's not....

Lucy's Secondhand Wand

Lucy puts a previously owned magic wand to the test.

Lucy found the magic wand at a garage sale. It was obviously used and the asking price was two dollars. “How do I know if it really works?” she asked the man behind the table. “You drive a hard bargain there, missy,” he replied. “I’ll give it to you for a...

Misadventures in the Royal Word Cellar

Theo Sorris, page to the king, seeks a cure for Princess Poubelle’s Ghoulish Mouthus.

It happened on the very day Princess Poubelle was to meet her intended, the handsome Prince John Don Ron von Finkleshteen. She came down with a wicked case of ghoulish mouthus. This frightful illness made it so everything the princess said was ill-mannere...

The Balloon from La Mancha

A deflating balloon makes a quixotic attempt at relevance.

There was once a balloon that belonged to two little brothers. He floated against the ceiling in the corner of the boys’ room, his string hanging down. When the brothers brought the silvery balloon home from the birthday party, they fought over him. Their...