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Wooden candle wicks tea lights of the dwindling poetic lilac and scented old books leaving shadows in the ointment on pages of Poe whispering to Lenore

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The Broken Machine

The tragedy of the tradesmen.

Clanking, banging, jiggling the rusted bolts, the machine breaks but meanders to the chore Going forth into the forge, the flames melting the gourmets, the tracks baron form the many miles It springs a leak, the oil, the lifeblood spilling on the concrete...

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The Meadow I walked across a meadow once, where phlox and daisies grew, their brightly colored petals lightly dipped in morning dew. A tender carpet woven from the blades of grassy green, where nature tossed some sprigs of moss to fill the in-between. The...

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It’s been two moons since I’ve heard your voice Not even your laughs could mask your choice Strained and hollow in your muted tone A far cry from the person I’ve known A wit once as sharp as a freshly forged blade, Has since drastically dulled and decayed...

Love is Like the Wind

Inspired by a song

Love is like the wind, you once told me, your voice a soft caress carrying secrets on dawn's breath. We danced in its embrace, two leaves caught in a breeze, spinning together, our touch light as air, yet deep as the sky's expanse, like the passing wind,...

Stand by the willow and skyward blue with the unspoken voice of nature like a tree of memories reflecting life of the verdant green for all seasons bending knees genuflecting in a breeze in the moonlight over the Susquehanna

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The conscience of my soul scarlet light sunset with the herons that shake the willows in shadows that we dance horizon ever bright dipping oars into the waters of dreams whispering the music of my soul's glee as the moon is sailing upon the tide listening...

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Mater Dolorosa

My interpretation of Our Lady's sufferings as She held Her lifeless Son, Jesus.

Oh, Mother of Sorrows, lamenting Mother blest! Laden with grief, You clutched Your beloved Son to Your chest. A sword pierced Your heart as You held Your lifeless Son. A moan poured forth from Your grieving soul, inconsolable as You were. Oh, Sorrowful Mo...

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In my hour of weakness, I forget what it means to be strong It's calling to me, beckoning me with its hypnotic song I feel the breeze brush my skin, it’s been so long Its melody moves me yet my gut tells me that this is wrong Dense fog blankets the city s...

Every Day, Every Night

I was, unintentionally, smothering you. Now you are soaring high.

Every day You were near In every way You were present Until one day you weren't Every word I spoke Every thought I uttered You genuinely heard Until one day you couldn't Every dream I had Every fantasy I envisioned You lovingly fostered Until one day you...

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The garments of Autumn's patchwork leaves of green, now nature's basket of red and gold falling to a breeze, stars twinkling at dusk twilight in a kaleidoscope of dreams imagination listening to the symphony of crickets karaoke watching the inhabitants am...

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Away from the carbon dioxide and the clatter of the city the citizenry sleepwalking. Away from the mainstream breathing fresh air from manifolds in the trees. Playing our Bossa Nova in Mother Nature without mascara to hide the fault lines. Taming the shre...

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...crescent thumbnail moon of love's radiant gaze merging soul to heart like a gondola on night's sea cresting the tides with the man on the moon in my fantasy of love's radiant gaze

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