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In my mind's unkempt places of metaphors and stereophones before brushing my teeth with the silence of time getting louder turning the night out as I sleep whispering to a quilt beast walking quieter than my feet as it fades to a powder with a length of m...

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In correspondence with nature's backdrop a step away from the land of eternal dreams from the eye of salvation and azure blue sky listening to the whispering chair transporting an imagination of magical places unforgettable of oaken sails and falling leav...

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So This is Love

When love hurts, I write.

Love is pain. It burns everything in its path until it is all you can see and all you can feel. Love breaks hearts and destroys souls. It crushes them into fine powder until tears are all that are left. Love is feeling everything and nothing all at once....

...a thousand murmurs whispering once upon a given to seek a kiss from the mannequin's shadow dwarfing the twilight as I dream listening to the shrinking heart through the windows cellophane in shades of stippling souvenirs for this, I shall remain in dep...

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67 words 67 words are my caviar, pimento of soft red lips, no herring from Norway, just memories, quince of my despondency

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In Cupid's secret queue of the early dawn getting the biscuits quiet as a field mouse pimento red dark roses essence dew drops sweet as ardor listening to silence dripping from the fluorescence memories dressed as ganglions under my skin listening to sile...

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In the cold dimness, I hear it shriek A single tear runs down my cheek As it approaches, the floorboards groan and creak I hold my breath and dare not to speak I crawl to a corner in which to hide in Sweat binds clothes to my skin My heart pulses, my visi...

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I’ll never truly be ready The air is thick, my breath is unsteady Blurred vision, palms are sweaty The weight on my shoulders is overwhelmingly heavy Hope beacons through speech Peaking through bars in the dark Golden glowing hands are just out of reach U...

Cranking out the blues in Racine inferno's axing my Gitfiddle beams. Of dark's dilation strangling strings coated with morphine's cosmoline. Blinking twilight upon a dream when the boogyman screams. Cranking out the blues in Racine inferno's axing my Gitf...

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Cracked marble floors, extinguished candles Hanging from the ceiling, a chandelier dangles Shattered mirrors, withered paintings Dust coats the ornate wood carvings Take a seat amongst the wreckage Play to the phantoms a melodic message Let your music rev...

Polish the armour and sharpen the blades Paint the skies with red shades Beat, bash, and break their puny barricades Bask in heroic accolades Shields raised, swords drawn Powerful cries bring a new dawn Ambition thrums in our hearts, fears withdrawn No se...

Compassion, to him, came naturally He would consistently find empathy and humanity When circumstances were dire, he understood the gravity Rain, snow, or shine, he was there for his family Classic rock, motorcycles and adventures Sunday dinners, Christmas...

He sits wearily on a withered throne Rummaging through the consequences he had sown He cannot cast blame; His choices were his own Left to handle the destruction; alone Citizens cry out in the city streets An alarm reminding him of his defeats He grips th...