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I I was enamored by a dream that illuminated my mind and body, my heart and soul filled with peaceful joy; for I remember wanting to remain in my slumber of delight, envisioning the Star of the Sea and Glowing Furnace of Charity. And in my dream the fair...

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It's Only Just A Dream

Poetry fulfills our dreams

It's only just a dream, but may we share?Imagine all the peace that we might findWhen finally we free ourselves from life.Forgo the dance of destiny for now,Releasing all our cares from heart and soul. One never really understands the truthThat opens up w...

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Long Game

I am returning to my animal nature.

My neighbors, I imagine, know me as that guy who stands in the middle of the street for no apparent reason. Is he okay? they probably wonder. Perhaps someone should call 911 Okay. It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ll take the hit Trees block our windows;...

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Future Perfect

Motherhood changes your perspective forever.

Anxious minutes pass as I awaited the results of the tests. My mind flirting with all the possibilities. Am I or am I not? My heart starting beating again when the doctor confirmed what I already knew. I was pregnant. Again. Not the first time I had heard...

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If I Should Win The Lottery

Money can’t buy you happiness

If I should win the lottery, it would be a dream come true.Imagine all those millions, I know exactly what I’ll do? Posing with a giant cheque, you’d see me on the news.I’d hold a champagne reception, before going on a cruise. I’d buy a house that’s big e...

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I am running Running as fast as I canHeart pounding, lungs burningScurrying through the undergrowthFrantically dodging and stepping I am frightenedOh, so frightenedFor they are close nowSo closeSeeking me out But thenThen there is a secondA breathless sec...

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I think I get caught up in others To avoid my own reflection. When self-doubt and depression smothers I’m called for decompression. I think I get caught up while they swim in despair While tears fall steady and slow And not all moments should be shared Wh...

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Breathe in peace, that’s what they say, to reduce anxiety, better yet, take a holiday. Imagine a white sandy beach, oh, I've done that before. Closing my eyes, all I see is a door. Daring myself to open it, greeted by Munch’s Scream. Why is stress like a...

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Across the street through a steady rain,She looked so small and frail.I watched from my window in the cafe,The drops hitting the glass, creating a veil. 8 or 9 years old, at most,Walking alone, looking up to the sky.Drops hitting her nose, eyes and cheeks...

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Fingernails diving deep, into the flannel green. Picking up the puzzle piece, the one we’ve never seen. Feeling the rough edges, cardboard corrugated. The colors and shapes match, much anticipated. Adjoining touch, press. Angles instantly click. The image...

Spirit Of Someone

Another diary entry…

Yet another scribbled entry in this diary of lies, Paralysed, in this pseudo world of one. Whispers, whispers of near-naked misunderstandings, Sometimes hard to breathe through invisible tears. Safe, warm worlds under cold silken sheets equals, Dream. Cur...

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Dream on

Could I be a poet?

I thought I'd write a poem, I imagine it can't be hard, A few words that ebb and flow. Something avant-garde. Should it be a story? Write about a war? Something quite original, That's not been done before? What about a work of peace? In praise of friends,...

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Young man hopes are inspired by sight of lovely lady

If I could write a poem, I’d celebrate her style How roses blush in envy, At the radiance of her smile. As I sit in awe, just watching Her form, aglow in silken white. Now she waits, in peace and loveliness For her chosen, loving knight If I could write a...

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Happy First Birthday

The days are long but the weeks short.

Snips and snailsAnd puppy-dogs’ tails.Asleep, compliant,Momentarily silent. Dreaming of nips?Or plates of chips,Plus yogurt drops,And paddle pops? Defined. Ironic, dudeYou love sweet food;Sugar and spice,And all that's nice. That grin, your grin,Happy in...