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Ambidextrous writer, typist, human computer. So many words, movies and songs known verbatim. Little girl programmed by her mother, unknown and unknown to all. Speaking French, German, Spanish, English, a little bit of Russian. * No one knows her silent wo...

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Honour all that have been taken by Cancer.

My heart is stone My heart is empty Not a single crack Nothing will ever grow No more pain to endure Never another wake No more loss to bear My heart been turned to stone

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The whiskey and rye bring back memories. When we were but ghosts living among mortals. As documented in your memoir. We lived in dreams, now the past lives in me. You were a translucent glass-winged butterfly, and I was the twine as we danced in shadows....

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I'm not afraid of dying, letting the invisible screws in my body just rust and break that kept me running. They won't be repaired anymore, nor shall I speak of unheard promises that fall upon deaf ears. If I die tonight there won't be a reciting of any re...

In dark's adrenaline of your hari-kiri dripping from the cold moon's bleary touched by twilight's pulse weary in the nave of the gloom's presbytery feeling the breath of death's theory tasting blood on the tip of your query in shadows cast of Caron's ferr...

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Truth and Beauty Can Be Boring

Sometimes the cutesy stuff is o.k.?

Regarding Truth and Beautypeople often get too snootysince achieving them in art is overblown!For we who like to writeabout stuff that’s mundane and lightour poems lack both and so they mostly stay unknown!But there is nothing wrongabout side-stepping Fal...

So, you want to put your fists up to me and fight? I have no problem fighting you, but perhaps you should know That my fists will never tire and I will make you bleed. You believe your male superiority is the only weapon needed. * But I am made of lava an...

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My heart aches a moment's breath ready to break but the stars smile the moon winks with a kiss as my sun rest

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He stands at the stoplight in his long black coat, no matter the weather. So proud and dignified, holding his sign, a beautiful soul without a home. Every time I see I wish him well and give prayers and hopes of miracles and sometimes have given him money...

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In dreams I sleep crossing over the rye of archives listening to verses of the living spirit cry tasting tears of salt hanging on to the mast of my salivation one world away crossing over the rye

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Troubled veteran

We sit here as one, just myself and my gun,in a state of confusion and doubt –alone in my lair, in profound disrepair.with no obvious way to get out. No windows, no doors, and no carpeted floors,not a picture that hangs on the wall –no map to express any...

Lost in verse as twilight descendsnight falling between the windsand echoes of a shadow's breathrising I walk the valley of deathhaving died once I won't die again

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I am no longer your atlas, holding up your privileged world. My arms are tired and weary, I can no longer hold it. My feet have fused with the ground, having been in perpetual motion. I don't have the energy or desire to hold it up and I am tired of you a...

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Listening to the souls of the wind in my night cups of dreams harvesting dawn's seed with premonitions tiptoeing across the ivories playing keys of the rainbow where angels pirouette with cat paws on strings in my night cups of dreams

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